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PLITCH 2022 Recap – What’s New?

  • from PLITCH
  • 26.04.2023

2022 has been a great year for PLITCH. Not only were there a lot of amazing new game releases like ELDEN RING or Cult of the Lamb for which our trainer makers were excited to create codes, but we also improved our client, added new languages, and so much more! Keep reading to find out everything that happened last year at PLITCH.

Client Improvements

Our tech team is constantly working on our client and software to make it even better for you. By now, our client boots 25 % faster than it did at the beginning of the year! Plus, it can now scan your PC for games that you’ve installed which are supported by PLITCH.

For that, simply open the client, and click on “Synchronize installed games”/ “Synchronize now” in the top right corner.

Patch Notes

We now have proper patch notes! From now on, we will inform you about major updates coming to PLITCH in the client. They will appear once you open it. If you ever wanna read the patch notes again, (which you should, because they will be awesome), you can reopen them by going to the settings and clicking on the version number.

New Languages and Currencies

Last year, we added several new languages to the client as well as the website! PLITCH is now available in Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.

Furthermore, we’ve introduced payment options in new currencies, namely Turkish Lira, Polish Zloty, Japanese Yen, Korean Won, and Brazilian Real.

Our new Support-System

We’ve added significant new features to the support system on our website. If you have any questions about using PLITCH, you can now browse our PLITCH help center or use the automatic PLITCH wizard to help you solve any problems regarding PLITCH in no time. The assistant bot can be found in the lower left corner of our website.

Just click on the question mark button and you will be connected automatically.

Of course, the ticket system is still available in case you need the help of a support staff member.

Minimizing PLITCH to the Windows tray

Have you ever accidentally closed our client and were annoyed because you had to reopen it? This can’t happen anymore! Now when you close the client via the X in the top right corner, it gets minimized to your tray and you have to right-click on the symbol to quit. No more closing PLITCH by mistake!

Newsletter – Stay up to date!

With our new newsletter, you’re always up to date with what’s happening at PLITCH – whether it’s new trainer releases, events, or blogs. Here’s an example of what the newsletter looks like:

If you want to subscribe to our (if we may say so) fabulous newsletter, you first have to go to your PLITCH account.

Then click on “I consent to receive news and updates about PLITCH,” save, and voilà – you won’t ever miss any cool updates again!

Campaigns & Surveys

Last year, we gave you several chances to win PLITCH Premium!

The first chance was our Spring Event which included a streaming marathon with our lovely streamers rawakahn and MrsChiNanami on our Twitch channel as well as a huge giveaway.

Furthermore, there was a summer survey in which you could participate to win one of five monthly PLITCH Premium memberships!

Moreover, we had our #PLITCHtoberfest challenge in October, where you could win PLITCH Premium by posting a picture that showed a connection between gaming and Oktoberfest.

Your last chance to win PLITCH Premium last year was our Winter Competition where you needed to spot hidden letters in our social media posts that would make up a word that you had to submit.

We’re happy that so many of you participated and are looking forward to future campaigns!

Monthly SumUp Videos

If you’re already subscribed to our YouTube channel (if not, it’s time to change that!), you’ve probably already seen our new Monthly Games SumUp videos where we thoroughly presented the top five PLITCHable games that were released in the respective month and go through the available cheat codes. So, check out the playliston our Youtube channel and stay tuned for monthly additions to the list.

This year, the SumUp videos will take on a different form and we have many more exciting things planned for our YouTube channel, so don’t miss out!

Last but not least: TikTok!

PLITCH is now on TikTok! Follow us there for exciting insights into what you can do with PLITCH, gaming facts and Easter Eggs you probably didn’t know about as well as gaming news!

Now you’re up to date with everything that happened in 2022! We have more exciting things planned for this year, so make sure that you won’t miss them.

Happy Gaming!