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10 Atomic Heart Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In Atomic Heart, you’ll be immersed in the Soviet Union of an alternate timeline where the machines have won the battle against the humans. It’s about the destruction of a utopia. The dystopian world of the game is an alien place that has never been seen before in any game and will present you with numerous challenges.

We have 10 important Atomic Heart tips and tricks for you so that you don’t get lost in the action-packed whirlwind of the game.

1) Conserve your ammo

In Atomic Heart, you should always have a fresh load of ammo with you to keep angry enemies at bay. Use your ammo sparingly and only use it when it’s really necessary. Especially early in the game, you’ll only have a limited amount of ammo for your weapons, and you’ll need to replenish it as you go.

Use your skills as best you can. Use melee weapons only when necessary, and never to conserve ammunition. After all, whatever you lose in health, you’ll need to replenish with the equally scarce medipacks. These are actually more valuable than ammo. So try to keep the enemy at bay and take as little damage as possible. Avoid shooting around unnecessarily and you’ll be safe. A good aim will work to your advantage.

2) Use NORA to upgrade, store, and craft

More than just a talking AI machine, NORA plays an important role in Atomic Heart. This has less to do with the obscene pick-up lines NORA throws at you throughout the game – although they are as entertaining as they are strange. In addition to various upgrades, the flirtatious robot fridge offers you a crucial advantage: it can be used to store equipment and weapons, thus freeing up space in your inventory. You can also craft weapons and ammo here, as well as disassemble loot.

The best thing about NORA is that when the inventory is full, the excess loot is automatically sent to the strange AI. So it’s worth checking regularly to see what your inventory has in store for you. You should also keep an eye out for possible upgrades. It’s easy to lose track of the Neuropolymers you’ve collected over the course of the game. Learning new skills is essential in the game. They will increase your chances of survival in the mechanical, robot-ruled world of Atomic Heart.

3) Search for yellow objects

As you explore the dystopian world of Atomic Heart, you’ll notice objects with a yellowish hue. These indicate hidden places where new resources and blueprints can be found. So keep an eye out for the yellow objects and test your climbing skills. The only catch is that you’ll often have to get through some platform passages. But the rewards in the end are usually worth it.

4) Atomic Heart tips and tricks: Scan your surroundings

Scanning plays a key role in Atomic Heart. It allows you to find objects and enemies hidden behind walls and obstacles. This will ensure that you don’t miss any loot. You’ll also avoid surprise encounters with enemies this way. Our tip: Be sure to scan your surroundings thoroughly before moving on. Otherwise, you might miss important information, as the scanner sometimes needs some time to capture everything.

5) Weapon Tips

Among the most important Atomic Heart tricks, weapon tips should not be missing. It’s good to know that weapons don’t cost you anything in the game – except fresh ammo. If you don’t want to keep an eye on your ammo budget, the electric or dominator gun is a good choice. Both automatically reload with new energy.

While these weapons are good as a base, you should have a few more in your arsenal. That way, you’ll be able to deal with any enemy that comes your way. Since you’ll be dealing with advanced AI enemies and mutants, it’s better to avoid melee weapons.

6) Best skills to start with

Even though Atomic Heart focuses on gunplay, it’s not just about shooting. The various abilities also play an important role in the gameplay. The only drawback is that you can only equip two abilities at a time. You should therefore think carefully about which skills best suit your individual play style. You can change your skills in NORA. You’ll always need polymers to unlock them. In our Atomic Heart Tips and Tricks, we’ll introduce you to the best skills.

A good combination is Frostbite and Polymeric Jet. Frostbite gives you CC because you can freeze enemies. Polymeric Jet increases the damage you deal with your skills. This makes it a great skill to combine with other skills. Mass Telekinesis is also a good alternative to Frostbite, as you can use it to lift nearby enemies.

7) Turn off the cameras

The dystopian world of Atomic Heart is built on a mass surveillance system that could have been penned by George Orwell. The cameras are part of the Hawk security system. They’ll alert your enemies to your presence, forcing them to run. You would be well advised to turn off the cameras if you want to explore the area in peace. The easiest way to do this is to use the Shok skill. The electromagnetic attack will temporarily disable the cameras. This gives you a chance to get past them quickly.

The cameras can also be destroyed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help much as drones will repair them afterward. The repair robots appear in the company of additional laser-armed drones that will attack you if you interfere. So it’s much easier to turn off the cameras and sneak by.

8) Practice dodging

While melee combat should always come last in Atomic Heart, you have no choice at the beginning of the game. Your starting weapon is an axe, which you can upgrade after a while. In melee combat, it’s important to keep moving. You should be diligent in dodging your opponent’s attacks. This way you’ll avoid taking too much damage.

Items such as medipacks are scarce, especially at the beginning of the game. You can tell when it’s time to dodge an attack by the orange circle that lights up on your opponent. Your reaction time should be on point here – with the fast-paced action of the game, there’s no time to sleep.

9) Craft healing potions and ammunition

Healing items and ammunition are not only obtained by looting in FPS games. Of course, free loot is always good – but crafting items won’t cost you much. Always carry enough items to heal yourself. The same goes for shotgun ammo. As soon as you run out of either, you should start stocking up.

In general, though, it’s a good idea to use both healing items and ammo sparingly and wisely. Crafting is not expensive, but it will cost you resources. And you’ll need them to craft the best equipment.

10) Watch your hands while climbing

Atomic Heart is a first-person shooter in the vein of Bioshock and Half-Life. So it’s not surprising that the main focus is on shooting. However, you’ll also have to overcome the occasional platforming hurdle. This can be quite challenging and requires a lot of patience.

If you pay attention to some of the subtleties of platforming, you’ll be able to make your life in Atomic Heart’s alternate reality much easier. Just watch Sergei’s hand and wait until he stretches it out. Look in the direction his hand is reaching: this point usually means a safe landing.

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Atomic Heart is an interesting open-world title that is graphically impressive across the board. It’s fun to explore the not-so-beautiful new world, the story behind it, as well as the details of the game from Mundfish. With our Atomic Heart tips and tricks, getting started in the game should be a breeze.

However, with constant resource management, difficult enemies, and challenging platforming, the game can also be nerve-wracking. That’s why you should use the PLITCH Atomic Heart cheats to get infinite polymer or shield energy! Missing the thrill? Increase the AI’s walk speed, fight with less max health and make the game a hardcore experience! Simply customize the game to suit your individual playstyle.

Happy Gaming!