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10 Resident Evil 4 Tips For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

The Resident Evil 4 remake is another long-awaited remake of a classic. The game is suitable for fans of Capcom’s original series as well as new players with a fondness for survival horror games. We’ll give you the most important Resident Evil 4 tips and tricks in our guide to help you make your way through a game world full of horror and suspense.

1) Pay attention to the durability of the knife

In the remake of the classic, a lot of emphasis is placed on realism and the gameplay is somewhat more difficult. As a result, there are some differences from the original version. For example, the knife wears out in melee combat and has limited durability. However, it’s possible to have the knife repaired at your trusted merchant. However, you’ll have to spend quite a lot of money on that.

Should your blade ever become dull, a good old-fashioned kitchen knife can come to the rescue – and keep an unpleasant opponent or two at bay. However, you should visit a merchant as soon as possible to avoid being left without a knife and unable to parry attacks.

2) Complete orders for the merchant

The merchant isn’t only your first choice when it comes to buying, selling, and repairing items. He also offers you lucrative side jobs. You’ll be rewarded with spinels. Certain items in the game can only be purchased using this form of currency.

These items are often of the highest quality, making your quests with the merchant all the more rewarding. You can buy useful items such as treasure maps for the village, castle, and island, weapons, and yellow herbs. You’ll need the herb to make a potion that will give you more max health. The additional health points can make the start of the game much easier for you.

3) How to conserve ammunition

Even though you should pay attention to the durability of your knife, melee attacks are essential, especially at the beginning of the game. Ammunition is especially scarce at this point. Combined with headshots, you should be on the safe side. Only after a successful headshot should you enter melee combat. This is the perfect opportunity to use Leon’s powerful kick and hit your opponent with a targeted roundhouse kick.

You can knock several enemies down with one kick, as long as they are near the target of your attack. If you can’t always aim, parrying with your knife will work just as well as a headshot. This tactic is especially useful in the beginning, as it saves a lot of ammo.

4) Only level up certain weapons

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, the gameplay isn’t only more challenging but also more user-friendly. So it’s no big deal if you level up the wrong weapon. If you sell it to the merchant, you can get most of your money back.

However, you should be careful when leveling up your weapons. Many new weapons will be added as the game progresses. If you level only one weapon of each type, you’ll save a lot of pesetas. The best pistols in the game are – like in the original – the Red9 and the Blacktail. The Red9 has the advantage of being available early in the game.

5) Resident Evil 4 tips: Use traps in combat

The gameplay in the Resident Evil 4 remake becomes especially difficult when you have to deal with masses of enemies at once. This is where you’ll need some tactics and traps. It’s important that you pay close attention to your surroundings and make the best use of them. Also, consider the routes the enemies have to take to fall into the traps. If the trick maneuver is successful, you can easily eliminate the enemies afterward.

Bear traps are good for keeping enemies in the same place. Explosive barrels and booby traps allow you to take out multiple enemies at once. If you’re using the latter option, make sure you keep a reasonable distance from the booby traps so you don’t get blown up at the same time. If possible, don’t fire at the explosives until you can hit several enemies at once.

6) Tips for Stealth Attacks

Since stealth attacks are necessary, you should always be calm and cautious. Watch your target and be aware of your surroundings. If you stay out of sight during the attack, it’s the ideal time to steal. To do this, sneak up and move on silent heels. If you like to play stealth, you can often use this method of attack in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

The perfect tool for the survival horror assassin is the bolt thrower. It’s not exactly cheap, but it has a wonderful advantage: You can kill enemies silently with this weapon – perfect for a stealth kill. However, this only works on enemies with enough damage to knock them out. Make sure you hit their weak spots. Another advantage is that you can pick up the bolts afterward, so you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo.

7) Treasure tips

In our Resident Evil 4 tips for beginners, we also want to give you some hints about treasures. After all, what’s a game without proper loot? The combination of treasures is a bit different from the original. The combination menu will help you determine which combinations are the most valuable. It’s not only a matter of color uniformity. The value also differs according to the color of the gems.

However, before you start combining gems, you should always upgrade them before selling them – provided that the appropriate slots are available. Since the game offers you enough sparkling gems, it’s always worth the wait. You’ll then receive significantly more pesetas for the sale, which will bring you much closer to your material goals in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

8) Extend your health bar

You can extend your health bar by making your own potions in Resident Evil 4. You can do this by combining different herbs. Initially, a mixture of red and yellow herbs will give you a useful health boost. You can get the most out of a combination of red, yellow, and green herbs.

9) Use flash grenades on mutated enemies

Flash grenades are your strongest ally against mutated enemies in the Resident Evil 4 remake. The grenades can be used to take out heaps of mutated villagers at once. The best way to do this is to gather as many mutants as possible into a pile and then throw a flash grenade. Resident Evil veterans will have learned to appreciate the functionality of this extremely useful item.

Flash grenades become an almost indispensable tool, especially in more difficult areas such as the castle. Use them strategically and only against mutated enemies. By the way, later in the game, you’ll be able to make your own stun grenades.

10) Save grenades for large enemies

You should save all other grenades for big enemies. They can take much more damage and are much harder to kill. Grenades and heavy weapons with high damage are very helpful here. If you use them, you’ll use your ammo much more efficiently.

Unlike the original, you won’t run into bosses in the Resident Evil 4 remake. If you’re lacking in hard fights, you’ll have the opportunity to look for them in confrontations with large enemies. Killing these enemies is always worth it, as they usually drop valuable loot.

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