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10 Tunic Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In the isometric action-adventure game Tunic, a world full of secrets and treasures is waiting for you to explore. Together with your character, a little fox in a green tunic, you’ll gradually uncover the legends of his magical land. But this beautifully designed game with Souls-like elements is anything but easy. Let’s take a look at the most important Tunic tips and tricks to help you get started.

1) Get your sword and shield

To get started in Tunic, you’ll need a shield and a sword. At the beginning of the game, all you have is a small stick for defense. With this rather primitive tool, your steps won’t take you too far into the challenging world of Tunic.

Your first path should take you to the eastern forest. On this path, you can’t avoid using the branches in your hand. You’ll need them against the enemies and the first mini-boss you’ll encounter. The monsters here aren’t too challenging yet, so with a little tactical finesse, you should be able to defeat them relatively easily.

You can find the sword after opening the gate in the eastern forest. The corresponding shield can be found in the upper world in the old house. To access it, you first need the corresponding key. You’ll find the shield in a hidden room, to which a secret passage will lead you. Equipped with a sword and shield you can finally start.

2) Start in the East

The best place to start your adventure in Tunic is definitely the eastern forest. This is where you’ll first find the equipment you’ll need for the rest of the game. Since the level in this region is still quite low, you’ll have a chance to familiarize yourself with the game’s mechanics. At the windmill in the upper world, you can stock up on some more useful items.

3) Look around every corner

Because of the game’s camera angle, you’ll often come across blocked and hidden paths, and inaccessible corners. The game holds all sorts of secrets for you. It’s often worth taking a second look and changing your perspective.

If you don’t want to leave anything undiscovered, keep moving. Walk around the area of the map you can’t see. Look around every corner – there may be a hidden treasure or secret path.

4) Tunic tips and tricks: Use fast travel

If you want to move around the map faster than your little fox legs will allow, you’ll need to use fast travel. A keen fox’s eye will have noticed the golden platforms at the beginning of the game. These mark the fast-travel points in Tunic and must be tracked down one at a time. There are nine fast-track platforms in total. Some of them must be activated before you can use them. The fast travel begins as soon as you enter prayer mode on the platform.

5) The manual is your best friend

A tribute to the good old days: The game doesn’t just have a retro feel in terms of graphics. Tunic also features the classic manual – a lost relic of the 90s and 2000s. However, you can find it in digital form in Tunic.

The manual is a bit cryptic at first glance. You really have to read between the lines and symbols. Important details and solutions are hidden there. You’ll complete the manual only during the game. You have to find the missing pages scattered all over the world.

6) Combat tips

Your shield is important for preventing damage. But it’s best to avoid getting hit as much as possible. Each successful hit on your shield will cost you stamina. In Tunic, it’s important to stay on the move and one step ahead of your opponents. Evasive maneuvers should be well-planned. Take advantage of the fact that you’re invulnerable for the first third of your dodge roll.

7) Search for your body after you die

Tunic may seem like a classic action-adventure game at first glance, thanks to its isometric perspective and game design. It’s very reminiscent of 2D legends like Zelda, but on a gameplay level, it’s just as reminiscent of Dark Souls. In the foxy indie adventure with Souls-like elements, you lose coins when your character dies. Every coin you’ve collected since your last save point counts.

If you succumb to enemy creatures on your way through the colorful world, you’ll start from the last save point. This is called Bonfire in Tunic. However, you should be especially careful on your way. Your precious goods will be lost forever if you’re defeated again.

8) Experiment with items

In Tunic, it’s worth questioning the tried and true. The game has all kinds of wondrous items in store for you. It’s worth trying every single item and experimenting with them. But beware: some items are highly explosive, so be sure to position yourself safely beforehand.

Putting on new equipment is usually crucial. You’ll also be rewarded for trying out consumables in Tunic. However, the purpose of each item isn’t always immediately obvious. This cute action-adventure game is full of secrets and puzzles. Keep your eyes open for possible solutions.

9) Mana tips

The game has a health, stamina, and mana bar. You should always keep an eye on these to be able to successfully fight against cunning enemies. Many equipment items cost mana, which is not a bad thing as long as you keep an eye on your mana meter.

You can often gain mana by killing magical enemies. You can also restore small amounts of magic by consuming consumables such as blue fruit. You’ll always start with full health and mana when you respawn.

10) Everything happens for a reason

Everything in Tunic has a purpose, even if it isn’t always obvious. No matter how random something may seem at first glance, you’ll often just have to be patient and take your time. Rest assured, the time will come when you’ll be given the solution to the riddle.

Often, consulting the manual will help. The digital manual will help you understand the game better. Therefore, it’s important to collect all the missing pages. The handwritten notes in the booklet can be as promising as the smallest line.

This is how PLITCH can help you in Tunic!

It’s a lot of fun to explore the mysterious and cute world of Tunic. During the gameplay, you can see how much time, effort, and attention to detail the developers put into the game. Our Tunic tips and tricks should help you get started as easily as possible.

Still, the Souls-like elements can prove challenging and tricky. It’s not uncommon to wish for a way to simplify the gameplay. Have you been trotting around the same place for ages? With the PLITCH Tunic cheats you can refill your stamina in a matter of seconds. Dropped a bunch of loot on your last death and died right after? With the Easy Money (kill enemies) cheats you’ll get it back in no time.

Happy Gaming!