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11 Dave The Diver Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 20.12.2023

Immerse yourself in an extraordinary underwater adventure. Explore the mysterious depths of the ocean, solve intriguing puzzles, and meet fascinating sea creatures in Dave the Diver. Are you ready to embark on a journey that will test your skills? In our guide, you’ll learn some important Dave the Diver tips and tricks to get you ready for the game.

1) Don’t dive too deep in the beginning

In Dave the Diver, you shouldn’t dive too deep in the beginning, as your suit and oxygen supply will only take you down to a maximum depth of 131 feet.

As you progress, you’ll get new and better items that will allow you to dive deeper. However, it’s not only the depth and pressure that pose a danger, but also various hostile creatures such as reef sharks or poisonous fish.

2) How to make money

The main currency in Dave the Diver is gold, which you can use to upgrade your equipment. You earn gold mainly by selling the fish you catch during your dives. Therefore, make sure you bring the maximum number of fish to shore on each of your dives.

Once you’ve earned enough gold, you can use it to upgrade all of your equipment, assuming you can afford it. In any case, you should upgrade your equipment whenever you can, as this will allow you to dive further and have more chances of catching fish.

3) Upgrade your wetsuit and weapons

In addition to the wetsuit, you can also upgrade Dave’s weapons. With upgraded weapons, you can defend and protect yourself from underwater enemies. If you can dive longer and deeper with an upgraded suit, you’ll have a better chance of finding treasure chests and more profitable fish. These can then be exchanged for gold at Bancho Sushi.

dave the diver tips and tricks: upgrade your weapons

Especially for new players of Dave the Diver, it’s worth upgrading your equipment right from the start to progress much faster. In particular, the money you earn from running your restaurant, in the beginning, should be used to upgrade your scuba tank or harpoon.

 You’ll need help in your restaurant. However, be careful to hire only one employee in the beginning and only increase the number of employees if you’re not serving enough customers. Instead, keep investing your gold in your equipment so that you can bring in more gold.

4) Dave The Diver tips and tricks: Fish are important

To keep earning a lot of gold in Dave the Diver, you need to make sure that you always have enough fish. Fish are the most important resource in the game, which you can use to sell to your customers in the restaurant and to upgrade your equipment.

However, the most important thing about fish isn’t just selling them, but upgrading them with various items and resources. When you upgrade a fish, you can sell it in your sushi bar for more gold and thus accumulate more capital for your upgrades. For this reason, fish are a central aspect of Dave the Diver.

5) How to survive in the Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is an underwater cave that has its share of dangers but is also home to rare and valuable fish and treasures. To survive in this hostile environment, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

For one, you’ll definitely need an upgraded oxygen tank and your upgraded wetsuit to protect you from hostile creatures. You should also be able to control your character well so that you don’t get into dangerous situations too easily and can escape them.

6) What should you keep when you die?

When you die in Dave the Diver, you can only keep one item you found, the rest is lost. This makes it increasingly difficult to decide which item to keep.

Often, you’ll be faced with the choice between fish, which you can turn into food and sell in your restaurant, and treasures. It always depends on your choice or situation, so there’s no general answer to the question of what to keep.

7) Search for treasures

The blue hole will change at certain intervals. This change also applies to chests and boxes, so you should always check your surroundings for gray and yellow chests. However, if there is no visible change, you can reopen crates that have already been broken open after a short ascent and descent.

Yellow crates and weapon crates differ in their contents. Yellow boxes contain items such as underwater jet skis, tools, especially melee weapons, and oxygen supplies. The weapon crates contain items such as new weapons, bombs, and upgraded harpoon heads. If you find a weapon multiple times, you’ll be able to see the blueprint.

8) Use Dave’s cell phone

You can use Dave’s cell phone to contact his friends. They will help you by giving you hints and tips for certain tasks and objectives. Often you have to complete them on a certain day.

Other useful functions are e-mails and the to-do list. Here you can collect the most important facts and data about the different species of fish in the sea. After a while, you can also use the IDiver app to improve Dave’s equipment.

9) Get to know the drinks

You can also sell drinks in your restaurant. Especially green tea is a good way to earn extra gold. How much gold you get for a cup of green tea depends directly on how well you serve it.

The amount of tea in the cup determines your reward. If there is too much or too little green tea in the cup, you will receive significantly less gold. However, pouring it does not take much time and you can offer it on the side.

10) A varied menu is a must

If Bancho Sushi’s menu consists of several dishes and is therefore varied, Dave can earn much more money than with a monotonous offering. Therefore, you should be creative in your choice of dishes and make sure that you offer rare and heavy fish.

11) How do you build a good team?

Unlike at the beginning of the game, you’ll soon realize that you need several employees to run your restaurant properly. There are three categories of employees you can use in your sushi bar. For example, you can hire assistants to help you in the kitchen and help your chef cook the dishes.

This will increase your production and, with the help of your service staff, your sales. This type of employee will also bus tables and generally keep things running smoothly. Employees you don’t need at the moment can simply be left in the waiting room.

By placing advertisements, you’ll also receive applications for open positions. Applicants are characterized by the skills of service, acquisition, charm, and cooking. Depending on the kind of help you need, you can choose by skill.

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Now you have some of the most important Dave the Diver tips and tricks to help you get started with the game. With the Dave the Diver cheats from PLITCH you also can make the game easier or even more difficult to give yourself an extra challenge.

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Happy Gaming!