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11 Important Company of Heroes 3 Tips & Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Action-packed battles, massive battlefields, and a variety of tactical tricks make Company of Heroes 3 a worthy sequel to the series from Relic Entertainment and Sega. As in the previous installments, however, there are some special features that give you significantly more tactical options. In our Company of Heroes 3 tips and tricks, we’ll briefly and concisely go over the most important points to prepare you for the next battle.

1) Tips on the cover indicator

With Company of Heroes 3, developer Relic Entertainment, led by David Littman, has impressively continued the series. Especially interesting is the cover indicator. It shows how well your men are hiding behind something. To give you a good overview, the indicator works with colors. If your troops are hiding as well as possible, you’ll see a green cover indicator.

So you can see right away if your squad that just took cover behind something is also significantly harder to hit. Taller walls, sandbags, vehicles, tank barriers, boulders, rocks, and tanks provide extra protection. So finding a strategic spot with solid cover will greatly increase your chances of survival.

Note: The cover indicator may glow green, but even the best protection is useless if you’re ambushed or attacked from the side.

A white cover indicator in Company of Heroes 3, as opposed to a green one, informs you that your squad doesn’t receive a cover bonus. For example, if they’re in an open field. However, this position also has a strategic advantage if used. Unlike the formation behind a cover, your men are further apart. Therefore, grenades or artillery fire can hurt them less.

A yellow cover indicator, on the other hand, indicates that your troops have light cover. This can be behind fences, trees, explosion craters, or other low objects. Again, the incoming damage is somewhat reduced. However, light cover is also destroyed more quickly and is considered a bad option when artillery shells are flying around.

Of course, the best cover for you and your men is inside buildings. However, you won’t see a separate indicator for this. So you can always enjoy the advantages of being inside a building. However, the disadvantages of grenades, artillery fire, or tanks that have targeted the object also apply here.

2) Build a force from multiple unit types

As in life, variety is the spice of life in Company of Heroes 3. If you stoically build your troops with only one type of unit, you’ll quickly suffer heavy losses or even fail to win missions. You’ll need to mix and match your troops to counter enemy forces.

For example, you can best counter enemy bazookas attacking your tank squad by complementing it with a squad of riflemen. If you combine this setup with, say, engineers, the hit vehicles can be repaired at the same time.

In any case, it’s important to know the quick function of your important squads. The easiest way to do this is to use the selection frame. Select the units you want to combine and place them on the corresponding number using the CTRL + digit key. It’s possible to use the numbers 1 to 9 as well as 0.

Once pressed, the selected troops will be activated. Double-click on the number to activate the unit and center the camera on it. You can also use this option to easily coordinate your special troops such as repair vehicles or snipers.

3) Company of Heroes 3 tips and tricks: The best tanks

One of the best tanks in our Company of Heroes 3 tips and tricks is currently the Wirbelwind Flakpanzer It’s an extremely effective vehicle, especially against infantry and light vehicles. In addition, this tank is protected like a medium tank.

Against infrastructure, the Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär is extremely strong. It does much more damage to buildings and other fixed objects than any other vehicle. The same goes for infantry, which is entrenched and immobile.

The third in the group is the Stug-III-D Assault Gun. This tank is considered the most powerful anti-tank in the game. With it, you’ll be able to stand up to even the strongest tank brigades.

4) The best infantry

The infantry in Company of Heroes 3 is dominated by the fighter squad. Equipped with G43 rifles, they have a long range. However, they are also interesting for you thanks to the “Tank Scare” weapon upgrade. Thanks to it, you have a good chance against strong tanks. Their ability to “camouflage” also comes in handy. This is always effective when using ambush tactics.

The Assault Squad will help you against enemy units. It’s also equipped with G43 rifles. However, the squad is complemented by an MG-42. This makes it easy to take out enemy units.

5) Fleeing is an option

You don’t have to reach your goals in Company of Heroes 3 at all costs. So if your tactics aren’t working, don’t be afraid to press the special retreat button. The retreating troops will then gather at the headquarters. This makes sense for unit cost reasons. It’s cheaper to increase the number of troops than to recruit a new one.

Note: If you let troops flee and they make it back to headquarters, they keep their bonus as veterans. So you don’t have to earn it again with a new troop.

6) Pause the game when you’re in a tight spot

This is a very handy tool that may not be very immersive, but it helps you to keep track of things. After all, many situations on the battlefield and individual fights get heated. So it makes sense to use the pause function to your advantage. You can click on the pause icon at any time during the game. Of course, it’s easier to use the spacebar.

Once activated, you can have a closer look at everything. Another interesting feature is the Tactical Pause. It allows you to give up to eight orders to your units. They will then execute them in the defined order.

Note: The pause mode works only in single-player mode. In multiplayer mode this option is disabled.

7) Observe the line of sight

The direct line of sight in Company of Heroes 3 offers tactical advantages and disadvantages. In both combat and exploration, you can only see what’s in your unit’s line of sight. This means that if enemies are hidden behind walls or buildings, you won’t be able to see them. The same goes for your units.

The remedy is scouts. They usually have a higher visual range. They can also fire flares. As a last resort to get a better view, you can simply shoot at buildings or walls until they collapse. Heavy tanks can also knock down some objects.

8) Severely wounded units shouldn’t fight anymore

In our Company of Heroes 3 tips and tricks, we already mentioned the option of letting units flee when they come under heavy fire or take heavy casualties. The reason for this option is that badly wounded units can still be saved. Therefore, your costs will be lower.

The problem is that your troops only have maximum power when they are healthy. So the lower the health of your unit, the weaker it is. In addition, you’ll lose the unit’s experience if it’s worn down in battle. Therefore, you should plan the way back depending on its condition.

If your troops can easily return to their headquarters without running into enemy units, you can leave them at the front with up to one-fifth of their energy. However, if they have to cross dangerous terrain, they should be ordered back much sooner.

Note: Don’t forget to have a hospital at the front. There should also be enough engineers in the troops with vehicles.

9) Repair your tanks

Whenever you get a break in the battles in Company of Heroes 3 and the world war raging around you takes a short pause, you should repair your tanks. This option will quickly decide victory or defeat in grueling battles. Engineers and sappers should be well distributed and then quickly sent to the repair mission.

10) Unlock veteran upgrades

The more experienced your units are, the more effective they will be in battle. Over time, you’ll unlock a veteran bonus for these units. This gives your more experienced troops passive bonuses or special abilities. However, these additional options must be used.

So always keep an eye on your experience and the new options it gives you. You can also gain experience by constructing buildings. With the right resources, you can have fun with pioneers with flamethrowers.

11) Find a good flank

We already talked about line of sight. Since units can’t see everything all the time, you often have the chance to flank your opponent. Once you’ve spotted the enemy’s positions, you can attack them from the side or even from behind. Not only will you catch them off guard, but they will also lose the bonus from any cover.

Tip: If you distract units in cover by firing at them with a smaller unit, you can often flank them with another squad.

Flanking works well with infantry, but also with tanks, other vehicles, bunkers, and machine-gun emplacements. So before you go head-to-head with enemy troops, see if you can use their flank to your advantage.

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The real-time strategy game that throws you into the middle of a world war impresses with its extensive strategic possibilities as well as its addictive gameplay. However, Company of Heroes 3 is extremely challenging and can quickly overwhelm beginners due to the wide range of possibilities. However, it is one of the best strategy games in the genre. With our Company of Heroes 3 tips and tricks, getting started shouldn’t be difficult.

Besides, you can always use our PLITCH Company of Heroes 3 cheats and codes to customize the game experience. For example, you can get new ammunition or fuel in the single-player mode. You can also activate Godmode or make the game much harder.

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