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11 Important God of War Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In God of War, you enter the world of Norse mythology with Kratos and Atreus. To make the start and further gameplay as easy as possible, we have some important God of War tips and tricks for you.

1) Always look up

In God of War, you shouldn’t just run straight ahead, but you can look up at the sky from time to time. There, however, you shouldn’t look for the gods themselves, but for valuable loot.

This is the only way to make sure you don’t miss the thick money bags dangling from the ceiling – sometimes you’ll find other containers or lanterns instead of bags. These contain plenty of hacksilver. A precise throw with the axe is enough to bestow you with new wealth.

All good things come from above – this may be true for you, but not for your enemies. Because you can hit them on the head with the hanging goods by letting them fall on them.

2) Tips on Atreus

Some companions tend to bother you with endless tirades that you soon stop listening to. Atreus, however, isn’t one of them. He gives you all kinds of useful hints during the game. These can help you track down puzzles, tell you the level exit, or make sure you don’t miss items. So definitely listen to him carefully.

Also, in the common fight, he points out dangers to you in time, which can be easily overlooked in the heat of the moment. Atreus is also a good fighter who won’t disappoint his father. He supports you in the common fight and gives you the necessary time to charge up heavy attacks.

Another strength of Atreus is that he has an infinite supply of arrows. The regeneration time is extremely short, so you can spam the arrow key for all it’s worth without any problems. This way, you can focus on strong enemies while Atreus keeps the weaker ones under fire.

His arrows also interrupt enemy attacks and weaken enemies in various ways. In addition to purely physical damage, enemies suffer damage from stuns. You also have a good chance to perform finishing moves faster due to the hail of arrows. Atreus is the perfect support when you have to deal with a whole group of enemies. Therefore, it’s advisable to regularly invest in upgrades of his abilities.

3) God of War tips on fighting

Practice makes perfect – try different attacks

In God of War, Kratos and Atreus face off against creatures and gods from Norse mythology. Especially in the beginning, you should try different attacks and experiment where you can.

Especially throwing your axe offers you different possibilities. You can freeze enemies with the Leviathan Axe or let the axe slide from the hit enemies back into your hands like Thor’s Hammer.

However, this option is only available to you later, when you have unlocked the corresponding skills for it. Through this axe throw, you can do more damage to the enemies or get other bonuses. At the beginning of the game, however, the axe is merely thrust into the air.

Dodge, Parry, and Block

Especially as the game progresses, the art of parrying and dodging will be required. If you excel at this, you save yourself a lot of stress and don’t have to fear for your life as much in God of War. If you parry at the right moment, you can counterattack and cause a lot of damage.

Skillful blocking will protect you from most attacks. Be careful, however, when a yellow warning circle appears – in this case, you must either parry or dodge. In the case of red warning circles, your only option is to roll to the side.

Wombo Combo

You should not only practice your attacks in God of War but also diligently practice combos. As long as abilities are added to your existing arsenal, you should always stay on the ball. If you haven’t mastered the previous ones, it’ll be difficult to keep track of the ever-increasing number of combos. Use what the skill tree offers you and draw on Kratos and Atreus’ entire martial power.

Use the game environment

In general, you should use all the possibilities that the game offers you. This includes the game environment, which changes throughout the game. So always take a good look at the environment. Examine it for ways to use your abilities and knock down enemies in the most effective way.

As mentioned above, you’ll find containers on the ceiling that you can rain down on your enemies with an axe throw. Explosive pots in particular do a lot of damage which benefits you, especially with heavier calibers.

If your enemies bounce off the wall due to your attacks, their vulnerability to finishers increases. Abysses also offer excellent opportunities to inflict devastating damage. You can push your enemies into them and enjoy a quickly finished fight. Easy.

Runic attacks are powerful

 An essential part of the combat system in God of War is the rune attacks, which can be divided into light and heavy attacks. These are almost OP, as they are powerful and at the same time have a short cooldown. The rune attacks have different bonuses. Depending on the enemy type and number, you should go for different attacks.

Become the Hulk

Always take a look at your rage bar. This way you can plan your attacks better. Use a full bar for strong opponents and let your rage run free. The bar will then gradually recharge.

In the scenes where Kratos wrestles with the enemy, you can even regenerate the rage bar during the fight. You never have to waste precious rage energy unnecessarily. Once you have eliminated all enemies, you can conveniently exit the rage mode at any time.

4) Mark inaccessible places

Throughout the game, you’ll come across places that you can’t access yet. These will be blocked in different ways. In addition to overgrown paths, you’ll encounter chests and chambers that can’t be opened – at least not yet. Remember such places and treasure chests for later. To progress there, you must first unlock certain abilities. In some cases, you have to solve a puzzle first.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to return to these locations later, once you fulfill the requirements. If you prefer a more fluid playthrough, you can set out to check all the locations and chests for treasures and secrets after completing the story.

5) Open all Nornir Chests

Of course, you shouldn’t leave any chest you pass unopened. However, the nornir chests are of special importance. You’ll recognize them by the three blue rune symbols on the front of the chests.

To open them, you’ll have to locate the rune symbols depicted there in the game environment. Then you have to hit them with a well-aimed axe throw. If you hit all three seals, you can open the nornir chest.

From these special treasure chests, you can get an Idunn Apple or a Horn with Blood Mead. These are of some use to you in the long run, as three apples will increase your maximum health. Three horns will increase your maximum rage.

6) Collect the Dew from the Tree of Life

What would a Norse mythology world be without Yggdrasil, the world tree? You’ll encounter its dew at various locations in God of War, which is revealed in a neon blue glow on branches. You can reach it by boat. Yggdrasil’s dew can be picked by Atreus. This is an extremely valuable item that can permanently increase one of Kratos’ stats at a time.

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Happy Gaming!