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12 Important WILD HEARTS Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Electronic Arts and Omega Force bring their variant of a monster hunter action RPG, which is supposed to conquer the hearts of new as well as die-hard gamers. The game even dares to compete against Monster Hunter, and its gameplay mechanics are quite convincing. However, the game can be quite difficult in the beginning. That’s why we’ve summarized everything you need to know in our WILD HEARTS tips and tricks.

1) Familiarize yourself with the Kemono

WILD HEARTS is all about the Kemono. The different monsters come with a variety of different strengths and weaknesses. To keep track of them, the in-game encyclopedia will help you. In it, you can see exactly which attacks are the most effective and what physical attributes the monster has. With this knowledge, you can prepare yourself for the upcoming challenge with equipment and food.

2) Pet the Kemono

Although you’re not the most predestined hunter from the beginning, your task is to hunt and kill the Kemono. However, the tutorial suggests a certain game mechanic but doesn’t explain it enough. Because to get materials, you don’t necessarily have to behave like a bull in a China shop in every game situation. Because the smaller monsters in Azuma are happy to have a cuddle session with you.

So if you approach a small Kemono in a crouched position, you can pet them with the corresponding button press. For this, the little animal creatures reward you with materials. While the grind isn’t too hard in WILD HEARTS, this is still a pleasant alternative to grab your next piece of armor.

3) Use the Hunter’s Arm

Another mechanic that is insufficiently explained to you in the game, but must be an integral part of our WILD HEARTS tips and tricks: the Hunter’s Arm. Because with it, you grab a lot of materials and weaken your prey massively. Considering your Karakuri and their material consumption in battle, it’s exactly what you need.

In battle, watch out for the glowing spots on the Kemono. Cling to those spots and press the corresponding button. Your Hunter’s Arm will then leach heaps of material. At the same time, it makes your opponent weaker.

4) WILD HEARTS tips: Don’t forget to eat

Food is essential in WILD HEARTS. Because it gives you not important bonuses. Since the game isn’t exactly easy anyway, you should always make sure that your stomach is well-filled. This will bring you various advantages. For example, food provides you with different resistances, increases your health, or grants you certain advantages against one of the Kemono.

Before a fight, make sure that you eat enough herbs, roots, and meat. You can also process the individual food. The ingredients can be fermented, pickled, or dried. To do this, you need to set up the necessary Karakuri in your camp.

5) Try different traps and weapons

Each Kemono in WILD HEARTS has different skills, strengths, and weaknesses. There are some subtypes but these mimic the abilities of the big bosses. Anyway, you should be familiar with your traps and weapons and use the appropriate Karakuri or arsenal against a particular enemy.

The important thing is to experiment and then later find the Karakuri Fusions. They can be obtained from certain Kemono when you’ve equipped the basic Karakuri. Should you need a hint on how to unlock them, the skill tree will help you.

6) Craft new weapons and armor

As you progress in the game world and defeat monsters in WILD HEARTS, you’ll get new opportunities to upgrade your armor as well as your weapons. In the beginning, you’ll have just three types of weapons to fall back on. As you advance, five more will be added. You can easily make the basic version of the weapons. However, the better your weapon is supposed to become, the more difficult it is to get the material for it.

The same applies to your armor. You should always keep it as up-to-date as possible. You may have to mix and match armor sets to defeat the various Kemono – even if that means roaming around Azuma looking pretty strange.

7) Learn more about the blacksmith system

To get a good overview of the weapons and the forges in WILD HEARTS, it’s a good idea to first look at the skill tree of the weapons. This is the same for every weapon. At the forge itself, you can make all weapons with just a few materials. This allows you to quickly try out the basic levels of the different hunting tools.

Since the weapons all use the same skill tree, it’s a simple matter to change them. So you can swap your umbrella for the katana without any problems. Upgrades you’ve already bought can be reversed at any time for a bit of gold. Of course, you’ll get back the materials you used.

8) How to get Karakuri Fusions

In the Karakuri skill tree, you can get a good overview of the different Karakuri which is important when it comes to the Karakuri Fusions. Because to get them in battle with certain monsters, you need to have the four right ones equipped.

You can find out which ones they are by looking at the aforementioned skill tree. If you see the picture of a certain monster there, you know that you have to take the Karakuri in question to keep your chance of having the flash of inspiration for the Karakuri Fusion.

9) Build camps

Camps are enormously important in WILD HEARTS. For one, they provide you with the option to get into the fray quickly when placed near battle locations. Especially if you should perish. It also makes sense to build them near a dragon’s maw. You can also improve them and place Dragon Karakuri.

Don’t forget to build a camp behind your house in Minato. There you can also process food or store found items.

10) Search for Tsukumos and Talismans

Tsukumos are small creatures that can be found all over Azuma. Shaped like a small ball, you can easily collect them. They increase your capacity for celestial threads and are an important tool for solo players to improve their AI companion. Use your hunter’s eye or the Karakuri hunting tower.

We’ve already told you about the blue glowing spots where you can farm materials when you fight Kemonos in WILD HEARTS. At the same time, you also have a chance to get powerful talismans here. You can align a maximum of five, which will give you bonuses and abilities.

11) Earning money through loot and quests

You’ll always need gold in WILD HEARTS. Not only to improve weapons and armor or to change your weapon skill tree; you’ll also buy food or useful items. To get gold, you can sell items that you have collected. All items marked with a coin symbol will provide you with a good income.

You also get gold when you go on quests. So, if you get missions, you can also get a whole bunch of gold on the side. You can accept a maximum of five quests at a time. However, such “orders” are not direct quests. Rather, they are about defeating a certain enemy or hunting a given amount of Kemonos.

12) Upgrade Minato and the bathhouse

Over your time in WILD HEARTS, you shape and change the village of Minato. But the bathhouse can also be upgraded. If you use it, you’ll get a health upgrade, which is permanent. So you should always pay attention to the ingredients that you need for the upgrade. Once collected, you can improve the bathhouse as well as Minator.

This will also unlock more regions. To get through them quickly and from place to place, you use Flying Vines. This is not only fast, but also looks pretty good.

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The action role-playing game from developer Omega Force provides a real alternative to Monster Hunter, even if the story might not be as good. Nevertheless, you can spend many hours on the captivating hunt for the Kemonos. With our WILD HEARTS tips and tricks, progress shouldn’t be too difficult.

In addition, PLITCH gives you access to WILD HEARTS cheats and codes. With these, you can replenish your health, and get materials or infinite stamina at the push of a button. Additionally, as a pro, you can make the game much more challenging. To do this, simply lower your health.

Happy Gaming!