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13 Important Hi-Fi RUSH Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Who would have thought that the developers of The Evil Within aren’t only good at horror but also have rhythm in their developer blood? The new game from Bethesda is a colorful music game with a chic comic look. In our guide, you’ll learn the most important Hi-Fi RUSH tips and tricks, so that you have a good start into the action game.

1) Fight to the beat of the music

Almost everything in the game is designed to be performed to the beat of the music. This applies to both the jumping passages and the fights. In the latter, it’s even more important, since outside the beat you’ll hardly do any damage and won’t be able to build up combos. That’s why you should get to grips with the game elements that dictate the rhythm right from the start.

On the one hand, there are the songs themselves, of course. However, you don’t have to be a musical genius and determine meter signatures like in school lessons. Because Hi-Fi RUSH gives you some help. For example, everything in the game world also moves to a rhythm. So you can derive the beat from the movements of the NPCs and tubes. 808 also gives you hints. Once you get to know the robot cat, you’ll see when the ambient light gets weaker, so you can better assess the timing.

Button mashing would be the worst possible strategy in Hi-Fi RUSH and will be punished by the game. Your goal is to make few but accurate inputs. If you still find it difficult to get in time, you can reduce the difficulty level in the options to increase the time window for your attacks. You can find the selection in the gameplay options under “Other settings.”

2) Use the Beat Visualizer if you need help

Besides a lower difficulty level, there is another tool you can use to better recognize and master the beats: the Beat Visualizer. This acts like a rhythm assistant, displaying a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows you exactly when to make your attacks. You open the visualizer in Hi-Fi RUSH on your PC by simply pressing the tab key.

By the way, the assistant can be activated at any time in the game and can also be turned off again at will. When you change the difficulty level, it’s different: you’ll be set back to the last checkpoint.

3) Look out for items

Chai can be improved by items and collectibles. So it’s important that you collect everything you can get your hands on. Therefore, explore each level carefully and don’t miss anything. The items can be scattered all over the map, sometimes obvious and sometimes a bit hidden. The cartoon look will help you identify special items from afar. For example, you can recognize collectibles by their shiny glow and border highlight.

There are numerous objects to find in each of the 12 tracks in Hi-Fi RUSH, from graffiti paintings and Vandelay parts to Armstrong Circuits and Life Gauge Pieces.

4) Collect gears, energy, and health

Gears are the in-game currency in Hi-Fi RUSH that you can use to buy passive abilities, more life energy, combos, and attacks for your character. Every robot you kill drops a few of them. But even without a fight, you’ll find some scattered around the game world. The rule of thumb is: the better an area is hidden, the more gears there are to get. In the areas that can be easily overlooked, there are often containers with large quantities.

To replenish your health, green boxes are good indicators. They hide medipacks, which you can get to if you give the crates a hearty blow. Other colored crates can also contain gears. So it’s best to smash everything that can be destroyed.

And speaking of destroying: If you pass a vending machine in Hi-Fi RUSH, the same applies. You can keep hitting it until its screen shatters. With every blow, there’s a chance it’ll drop gears or energy. It’s best to keep beating it until its screen turns to mush and then grab the loot. Again, pay attention to the sound and place your hits in time with the music.

5) Explore all rooms and corridors

The most important point of our Hi-Fi RUSH tips and tricks is to explore everything. Go into every room, enter every corridor, and look into every corner. Explorers are rewarded in the game, and especially in a challenging boss fight, every upgrade you unlock through exploration will come in handy.

In the beginning, however, you won’t be able to reach every area of a track. Some parts are secured by doors or fire. Therefore, return to the level later, when you have collected allies that will help you get to the corresponding parts.

6) Hi-Fi RUSH tips and tricks: Master dodging

Dodging is one of the most important game mechanics in Hi-Hi RUSH, and you’ll definitely need to master it to play through. The obvious reason for this is the battles. Because by dodging, of course, you’ll be able to avoid your opponent’s attacks. But there are other situations in which dodging will help you.

For example, if you don’t succeed in a jump and are in danger of falling, you can correct your movement by dodging. This will often be necessary, especially in the platform passages that require a certain amount of skill from you. Even long distances are no problem due to the combination of double jump and dodging. In addition, you can generally move faster through the world by pressing the dodge key.

By the way, up to three dodgings can be chained together in battle if you perform them exactly in time with the music. This brings a lot of action to the fight and ensures that you take out your enemies at lightning speed without taking damage even once.

7) Learn to fend off attacks

And while we’re on the subject of combat. In the course of the game, you’ll learn another way to avoid your enemies’ attacks besides dodging: parrying. With it, you’ll be able to deflect attacks, so that you can directly start a counterattack. However, the system is very difficult to master, since the time window available for executing the parry is much shorter than that of the other time-sensitive moves.

To parry successfully in Hi-Fi RUSH, you’ll have to anticipate exactly the course of your opponent’s strike and press the parry button at the exact right moment. You can recognize the right moment by the golden star that forms around your enemy’s fist. As soon as it lights up, you start parrying.

However, the game helps you a bit. Because the parry system also works in time with the music. Each attack is therefore executed in rhythm, so even without the visual stimulus you can predict when the window of opportunity to parry will open.

8) Hi-Fi RUSH tips: Use your hideout

Your hideout in Hi-Fi RUSH is a good retreat in several ways. First of all, you can talk to Peppermint and do training there. Whenever you learn a new attack or combo, practice and master it first in the hideout before using it in the tracks and boss fights. This helps you internalize the rhythm and beats, as well as practice the parry mentioned earlier.

Another advantage of the hideout is that you can shop here, even if you need to get equipment quickly within a level. In this context, we want to show you an exploit: After each auto-save in Hi-Fi RUSH, the hideout is available to you without losing game progress. As soon as the save icon stops glowing, you end the track and go to the hideout. There you can shop in peace and then sit on the couch to spawn at the checkpoint again.

And one more tip on the checkpoints: If you want to make a perfect run, use the quick load function to reset yourself immediately when you get hit. This saves time and the hit won’t be counted.

9) Practice in the training room

Let’s talk about the training room in the hideout again. It’s not only useful when you’ve learned new moves, but also to internalize the game in general. For example, you can adjust the strength and the number of your opponents to slowly feel your way up and gradually improve your skills.

Especially if Hi-Fi RUSH is your first rhythm game and you haven’t gotten used to the gameplay yet, the battles can quickly become frustrating. After all, mistimed inputs will be punished. So take advantage of the training opportunities to get ready for the real battles.

10) Unlock new attacks

Many attacks can be bought just like that in Hi-Fi RUSH from Peppermint or Macaron in the store. But others must be unlocked first. This is done by collecting magazines that are scattered throughout the tracks. Usually, they are hidden similarly to the Vandelay pieces. However, the particular attack will not be awarded to you immediately. The magazine only allows you to buy it. So you still have to select it in the store first before you can use it.

11) Buy and sell moves

The selection of moves and abilities in Hi-Fi RUSH is large. Although the game shows you a short video for each one when you select it, it can still happen that you make a wrong purchase and aren’t satisfied with the move. If that’s the case, you can sell it again and choose another one. Note, however, that you won’t get back all the gears you put in, but only part of them.

This allows you to try out different things, but still, you shouldn’t buy indiscriminately. In addition, only moves are for sale. Items and chips stay in your inventory forever.

12) Vary your moves

Variety is your key to success in Hi-Fi RUSH. Because if you always use the same attacks and combos, you’ll get a hefty repetition penalty. This means that you’ll only get half of the points. However, you don’t have to worry about using each move only once per fight. A repetition only counts as such if the structure of the combo is the same.

So it’s best to mix up the attacks and string them together in a slightly different way each time. Be creative and surprise your opponents and boost your score.

13) Fight with friends

Over time, you’ll unlock allies in Hi-Fi RUSH who will be a real help in battle. For example, Peppermint can shoot and Macaron can perform a body slam. Especially when you encounter large groups of enemies or get involved in a challenging boss fight, you’ll need your friends’ abilities.

They can be used to stun enemies so that you can concentrate on your attacks in peace. Therefore, familiarize yourself with how to best use your friends as early as possible.

Keep in time with the beat with PLITCH!

The new Tango Gameworks game might have been the surprise of the year for many. Thanks to our Hi-Fi RUSH tips and tricks, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting started with this rhythm-based game. Nevertheless, the fights are very challenging even on a low difficulty level and it happens quickly that you get out of sync.

Our PLITCH Hi-Fi RUSH cheats can help you with that. Increase the number of gears on pickup or deal more damage with your attacks. You also have a Godmode at your disposal as well as the possibility to always have max charge.

Happy Gaming!