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14 Important Scorn Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In the first-person horror adventure from Ebb Software, you dive into a bizarre world that seems like a nightmare come true. Our Scorn tips and tricks will help you wake up from this nightmare. After all, there is no tutorial in the game. We’ll show you how to stand your ground against enemies and solve puzzles.

1) Always keep an eye on your surroundings

Only when you know what’s around you can you solve the puzzles of a room correctly. Interactions are possible with many objects but you can’t tell that right away. While in other games the outlines of objects are highlighted, this is not the case in Scorn. In a sense, they remain an “organic” part of the environment.

So, look carefully at which objects interact with others and thus influence the puzzles. In doing so, it can’t hurt to try out everywhere to see if something can be changed. Even off the beaten path, you’ll find interesting possibilities in the game world that will help you, such as the elevator on the second floor in the first act.

2) Explore the entire environment

In Scorn, there is no map, dialogs, texts, or an overflowing HUD. You have to figure everything out from context. On the one hand, this makes the game very immersive and creates a unique atmosphere, but on the other hand, it also forces you to explore your surroundings completely so that you don’t miss anything.

Instead of clicking on markers on a map, you’ll have to take a good look at each place and memorize it. Therefore, don’t miss any corner. Explorers are rewarded in Scorn, and besides, each area is so creatively and surreally designed that it’s a morbid pleasure to look at everything.

3) Use the environment to hide

Every creature in the game poses a danger and you definitely shouldn’t be hasty in messing with monsters you don’t know yet. Therefore, take advantage of the winding world to hide and get to safety. Besides, it’s almost impossible to replenish HP in a fight. After all, the animation when using blood bags takes a lot of time. So, it’s better to hide during the healing process.

Instead of running wildly at an enemy, you’ll stay alive longer if you act thoughtfully and with a cool head. Therefore, watch your enemies from a safe distance and study their behavior from your hiding place. Especially in the third act, after you’ve turned on the fan and thus cut the vines, small monsters emerge against whom it’s not worth fighting. Hide from them and save ammunition and life energy.

4) Pay attention to sounds

The acoustics in Scorn can sound very ghastly and terrifying at times. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to it. This way you can spot approaching enemies in time and take cover before they notice you. After all, your enemies specialize in ranged combat, so they can attack you directly when you come into their field of vision.

Besides, sounds often tell you what objects your character can use or modify. Thus, if anything makes a sound, it could be important. The distinctive sound design also leads you to navigate well in the dark once you learn to tell the sounds apart and classify them.

5) Scorn tips and tricks: Watch your HP

Unlike many other games, your energy does not regenerate on its own. You can only replenish your orbs by using blood bags or healing orbs that you get from donors. However, as mentioned above, when you use the bags, there’s an animation during which you’ll be vulnerable and unable to defend yourself.

By the way, you won’t encounter healing items until the second chapter. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to fight in the first act either, so that’s not a problem. But especially from the third to the fifth act, it’s enormously important that you manage your energy.

6) Don’t hesitate to flee

Escape is the best defense in many cases and nothing to be ashamed of. The game has been specially designed by the developers so that you can’t win every fight and sometimes it can be very close. However, this is what makes the experience so intense and a sense of achievement all the sweeter.

Since the world is designed like a labyrinth, you have many opportunities to shake off your pursuers and escape the horror. The AI is designed in such a way that your presence disappears from the enemies’ consciousness when you sprint past them and leave their field of vision.

7) Watch your items

The reality in Scorn could be straight out of a painting by H. R. Giger, who, among other things, designed the alien in Ridley Scott’s film of the same name. The items are correspondingly strange and wacky. The “Parasitic Utility Tail,” for example, functions as a universal tool onto which you can attach various attachments. It’s also a weapon at the same time.

Your inventory and equipment are easy to overlook. To check how much ammo and life energy you have left, you need to aim the camera down. The “stock spider” will show you how many orbs of energy you have left, and in the center, your pistol and shotgun supply will shine yellow.

8) Save Ammo

Ammo is a rare commodity. Therefore, one of the most important hints of our Scorn tips and tricks is to manage it well. Avoid wasting it on enemies you don’t necessarily need to eliminate, such as the aforementioned mini-monsters in the third act. Ammo for the standard weapons can be found at ammo stations, and these in turn are usually located near the place where you discovered your weapon.

However, this does not apply to the Bolt Rifle and the Grenade Launcher. For the latter, you only get something to reload by defeating boss enemies, and the Bolt Rifle is powered by stamina instead of bullets. For all the other weapons, be frugal and save your ammo well – the supply stations are not replenished after you loot them. This ensures that the number of bullets is always limited.

9) Every shot must hit

Not only should you think carefully about which enemy you attack, but also how you do it. Every shot has to hit. Similar to the Resident Evil games, accurate shooting is the way to success. Therefore, don’t shoot when you’re in unfavorable positions but change your position so you don’t waste precious bullets.

Also, try to hit your opponents in sensitive places. Identify their weak points or aim for the head to cause as much damage as possible with each shot.

10) Don’t forget to reload

Just like the animation for replenishing your life energy, reloading is also a time-consuming endeavor in Scorn. Whenever your character refills the ammunition, a few seconds will pass, during which you’ll be a perfect target for enemies. Therefore, our tip is to reload after every confrontation and always run around with a full magazine.

If you have to reload in a combat situation, you’ve already lost. This is where our previous tips intertwine: on the one hand, every shot has to be accurate so that you don’t have to insert new bullets during a confrontation, and on the other hand, you have to carry enough ammunition to keep a fully charged weapon on hand.

11) Change your weapons in Scorn

Unlike reloading, changing a weapon is done much faster. So, for example, if you run out of ammo with your pistol and your opponent is not yet defeated, you shouldn’t reload, but rather switch to the shotgun. This will save important seconds that can make the difference between life and death.

12) Tips for the Shotgun

You should use the pistol in Scorn instead of the shotgun for standard enemies and save the shotgun for bosses and big monsters. After all, shotgun ammo is very rare. Besides, the shotgun does enormous damage – too much to waste on small enemies. You can easily put them out of action with a well-aimed pistol shot.

Of course, things get dicey when several monsters attack you or the situation gets out of control. In such cases, you can, of course, make an exception, but otherwise, you should forbid yourself to use the shotgun. You would regret it later. One thing is for sure: the shotgun is a lot of fun. The fantastic hit feedback makes for satisfying gameplay.

By the way, the shotgun can also be helpful during an escape. You can use it to immobilize enemies. So, if an overpowered enemy is coming right at you, you’ll temporarily disable them with the shotgun and use the time to escape. Also, you can use the shotgun tactically in such a way that you stun an enemy with it first and use the stun to continue firing comfortably with the pistol.

13) Tips on the Bolt Rifle

The only weapon in the whole game that doesn’t consume ammo is the Bolt Rifle. So, you should master it as early as possible to save the ammo of the other weapons. However, the free ammo comes at a price: the rifle is slow, cumbersome, and requires a short cooldown after two shots.

However, some enemies are already defeated after two hits with the Bolt Rifle. So, it would be a waste to use another weapon on them. It’s important that you learn to estimate how far the bolts fly and get a feeling for when the cooldown is over. When these two things are second nature to you, the bolt gun is an extremely effective tool in Scorn.

A proven tactic, for example, is to find a hiding place that is far enough away from your enemies, but close enough for the bolt range. From there, fire two shots and then retreat for the cooldown. After no more than two repetitions, any enemy will be defeated, as even the strongest can only withstand six shots from the Bolt Rifle.

14) Are there different endings?

The short answer is: No. Although some puzzles can be solved in different ways and there are different exits for certain situations in the meantime, Scorn has only one end. Without spoiling anything, this can be interpreted in various ways, as it is relatively cryptic.

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