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8 Important Inkulinati Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Inkulinati is a turn-based strategy game set in medieval Europe and developed by Yaza Games. You create and control an army of beasts based on living ink and fight against other armies to conquer territories on the map. In this article, you’ll get eight important Inkulinati tips and tricks that will help you get started with this unique game.

1) Push to win

Pushing enemies in Inkulinati is a very effective method of moving them outside the battlefield. This is applicable both with your small Inkulinati and with the help of your various beasts.

If one of your enemies is outside the arena, they will die at that spot. Therefore, always pay special attention to which of your enemies you can push and which can push you. It’s best to set up paths for your beasts to push your enemies down one by one.

In some cases, it’s even enough to just push enemies instead of fighting them with a weapon. That means you should use this tactic of pushing as often as possible to save the time you would’ve needed for the tedious fighting of the beast. However, this requires that you can see the edges of the battlefield, or that you’re not far from those borders.

2) Build a good army

To always have a good army for your battles in Inkulinati, you should pay attention to the type of battle you are facing. For example, if you’re facing a battle against beasts without an Inkulinati master as a leader, it’s worth fighting with your strongest beasts regardless of the cost. The big advantage here is the fact that they’re not chosen randomly, but you have a choice of five beasts to start with as well.

You should also keep an eye on exactly which monsters you’re dealing with. Find out about the special abilities of each type of creature. Then, weigh up exactly which of your own beasts you’ll use against them and pay attention to exactly how the battlefield will look on which you’ll be competing.

It’s important to decide whether melee or ranged combat is the better option. Furthermore, you should think about a suitable strategy or battle tactics.

3) Inkulinati tips and tricks: Beware of boredom

After a skirmish with enemy units, your deployed creatures suffer boredom, which results in an increased cost for their living ink for the next skirmish. These costs increase steadily and make it difficult for you to use the same beasts repeatedly after some time.

However, you can mitigate this effect yourself by exchanging your most used or current creatures for other units. This way, their boredom will be reduced.

However, there are several other methods to mitigate this effect, such as following lessons in various special interactions.

In short, the boredom of beasts is increased by using them in battles and decreased by pausing them.

4) Inkulinati guide: Plan your moves

As mentioned briefly above, you should think about possible tactics or the smartest possible move before each attack or next move in a battle.

First of all, always ask yourself if your opponent is within striking range, so that you can push them off the battlefield and defeat them on the spot.

Before that, you could also deploy or position your beasts so that they bring the opponent into pushing range. Also, pay attention to whether your Tiny could be pushed right now and think about how you could prevent this.

It’s important not to lose your nerves in tricky and complicated situations and always think calmly about your next move. Handle emergencies rather with simple maneuvers, these are often the most effective, and remember to keep yourself safe as well.

5) Use the battlefield to your advantage

Thanks to the various components of the battlefield, you’re able to shield yourself against attacks from archers or block attacks from a swordsman. Moreover, you can summon allies or inflict further damage on enemy units.

Bean pots and other explosive obstacles destroy up to four beasts in one blow, and pushing enemies into the enemy gate sometimes does extra damage. This is especially effective when the beast passes a bonfire.

6) Synergy is the key

During your journey and after your successfully fought battles and other special activities, you gain more and more prestige. With this accumulated prestige, you in turn unlock new beasts, mechanics as well as abilities when you complete a journey, all of which together affect your equipment. So, if you have equipment with a lot of synergies, this is hugely beneficial.

For example, there are some beasts, abilities as well as mechanics that revolve around bestowing sanctuaries. If you combine these, you’ll thus upgrade your creatures. There are countless different combinations of these three categories and you can synergize them freely. However, pay attention to the effects as well as the individual functions and combine them as effectively as possible.

7) Fleeing is not a disgrace

After each lost battle, you can flee and thus avoid having to fight the enemy creatures again. While you won’t logically receive any reward for fleeing, it can be quite helpful to flee in some situations, such as when you catch an enemy that you just aren’t up to yet.

Escaping also saves you important quills that you need to resurrect when you lose a fight. Thus, if you feel that you don’t stand a chance against a strong opponent even on the second or third try, then take flight and strengthen yourself for the next fight.

8) Beware of the apocalypse

An apocalypse starts after a certain number of rounds and gradually changes the battle area. For example, it makes apocalyptic fire appear at the borders of the battlefield. Each round causes the fire to spread one square at a time. It kills every beast it touches, inevitably making the area for fighting scarcer and shifting the battle action to the center.

Each apocalypse is designed to end the battle or to shorten it initially. When an apocalypse begins, you have the opportunity to attack and thus put your enemy units in an unfavorable position. However, your opponent might have the same thing in mind, so you should always stay alert.

Master the living ink with PLITCH!

Now you know about the most important Inkulinati tips and tricks, so getting started shouldn’t be difficult. It’s also very fun to explore the game and improve yourself more and more. With PLITCH‘s Inkulinati cheats, you’ll have the possibility to customize the game according to your wishes and thus increase or decrease the difficulty level.

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Happy Gaming!