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8 One Piece Odyssey tips & tricks for beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

We had to wait a quarter of a century before our straw hats finally got a proper JRPG with an epic story and complex battles. Nothing against World Seeker or the Pirate Warriors series, but their approach was simply different. In our One Piece Odyssey tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to hold your own against bosses and make Waford your new adopted home.

1) Get to know the Power Triangle

The turn-based battle system in One Piece Odyssey has similarities to Pokémon and works on the rock-paper-scissors principle. Characters and their attacks can be assigned to one of three power types. Power, Speed, and Technique. Power attacks are superior to Speed, but at a disadvantage when they hit a Technique character. Speed, on the other hand, is effective against technique.

In addition, there is the standard attack, which is neutral and knocks each of your enemies back with a certain probability; regardless of which category of the Power Triangle they belong to. And, as in any JRPG, your turn can also be spent on using various items. You can use them to either strengthen yourself, give yourself a buff, or trigger effects.

2) One Piece Odyssey tips: Listen to your crew

Your Straw Hats aren’t just eager to fight, they’re also in a chatty mood every now and then. And you shouldn’t ignore these chats or dismiss them as small talk. As you move through the world, your crew will give you hints about the area you’re in. Nami, for example, will tell you where the best place to find gold is, and Sanji knows where you can get cooking ingredients.

Nico’s hints are also helpful. He helps you uncover archaeological finds. In this context, it is pleasing that One Piece Odyssey has voice acting almost throughout (not a given for a JRPG).

3) Dramatic scenes give you XP

At the end of each battle in One Piece Odyssey, you get experience points as well as money. To give the value a boost, we recommend you complete the additional challenges of dramatic scenes. Although these objectives are optional, they will help you avoid grinding and generate a considerable amount of XP even with just a few fights.

The challenge can consist of winning the fight against one of the enemies with a certain character or giving them a buff. One-shotting an enemy can also be one of the goals. Of course, for you to succeed in this, you need to know which of your abilities will be most effective against them.

4) Familiarize yourself with the different types of opponents

To know what’s effective and causes the most damage, you should familiarize yourself with the types of opponents. Keep in mind that you can only perform one action with one of your characters per turn. In addition, the battlefield is divided into different sectors that require strategic consideration.

Therefore, use the skills and abilities of the Straw Hat Pirates to get an advantage at the beginning of the battle, for example, which will affect the whole game. For instance, your craftable trick balls can allow you to damage an opponent with a type of attack to which they’re actually immune. Basically, you should switch characters in One Piece Odyssey to be able to choose the most effective attack type in the Rock-Paper-Scissors system.

5) Exploit your opponents’ weaknesses

Probably the most important point of our One Piece Odyssey tips and tricks on combat concerns the weaknesses of your opponents. Not only do you have to know them, but you also have to take advantage of them or even amplify them. In addition to the Power Triangle, monsters also have secondary weaknesses and strengths. The power triangle remains central to any battle but if you combine the two, you’ll become practically overpowered.

Our main character, Monkey D. Luffy – whose name is Ruffy in the original, by the way – is a Power type. If you use him against a Technique enemy, then even an exploit of their secondary weakness will do relatively little damage. However, if you use Usopp against the same enemy and target the enemy’s secondary weakness with his abilities, then nothing will stand in the way of a one-shot. You’ll also get more XP and save healing items.

6) How to improve your abilities

In One Piece Odyssey, the cube with your crew’s abilities is stolen and scattered in fragments all over the island. You’ll have to find these cube fragments to both recover your abilities and improve them. The good thing is that you can remove already used cube fragments and use them elsewhere. This gives you a lot of room for experimentation.

You’ll get cube fragments as rewards for missions and battles, and as found objects in the open game world. They are always assigned to a specific character. To improve an ability, three fragments are needed at a time.

7) Eliminate weak enemies first

Boss fights in One Piece Odyssey can be complex and demanding, but they are also the most fun. They act like a gating mechanism that tests your abilities and requires a certain strategy from you. However, one thing remains the same across all of them: you’ll have the best chances if you defeat the boss’s minions first, and only then turn your attention to the big one.

Finally, due to the turn-based approach, a large number of enemies on the battlefield means a large number of attacks that can be performed on you per turn. The more enemies you defeat at the beginning of the battle, the fewer attacks you’ll have to take overall.

8) Explore the open world

Even though the new One Piece adventure isn’t a huge open-world game á la The Witcher 3 or Skyrim, it’s still worth exploring everything thoroughly and looking into every nook and cranny. The gameplay is indeed relatively linear, and you’re told where to go next at every point with the help of the red exclamation points. But on the way to the story missions, we recommend that you leave the beaten path.

Because off the beaten path you’ll often find useful loot, rewarding fights, and cube fragments. Besides, the world is designed with a lot of attention to detail, and there are interesting Easter Eggs to discover, especially for fans of the manga and anime.

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While the gameplay in World Seeker was the biggest weakness, the latest anime adaptation shows in the best JRPG manner how it should be done. Thanks to our One Piece Odyssey tips and tricks, it should be easy for you to get started on the island of Waford and Hakuba, Pica, Kuzan & Co. won’t be able to harm you.

But to avoid the typical grind of Japanese role-playing games, PLITCH’s One Piece Odyssey cheats will help you. Get cube fragments at the push of a button without having to search for them or treat yourself to a higher XP multiplier. You can also adjust your running speed and jumping distance for a more comfortable movement.

Happy Gaming!