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9 Important Grounded Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

The tall grass of Grounded is teeming with crawling dangers. At the beginning of the game, you have to collect plenty of resources, craft, and avoid dangers. We’ll tell you the most important Grounded tips and tricks tricks that will help you survive as a tiny creature.

1) Beware of insects

In Grounded, you should beware of any confrontation with insects at the beginning of the game. Anything that crawls, buzzes, or whirs is potentially dangerous. You’ll have to be on guard at all times and avoid dangers. Spiders in particular promise a creeping and silent death if you’re not careful.

To stand a chance against the little meanies, you first need the right gear and enough experience. You’ll get both much later in the game. Against single ants, you can still defend yourself with the spear without any problems. However, it gets particularly nasty when you encounter crawling enemies in hordes.

2) Collect and analyze everything

As in every classic survival game, you must first diligently collect resources. After that, you can easily craft what you need. In Grounded, it’s a bit more complex and realistically structured than in some other titles. For example, you’ll have to bring the resources to the analysis lab and thereby unlock new blueprints.

3) Grounded tips: Build tools and equip yourself

You won’t get far in Grounded without tools. Therefore, crafting the most important tools and weapons should be a priority. The most important tools are axe, hammer, and spear.

You need the axe for mining resources like plants. You use the hammer to crush stones but you can also use it to fight insects. The spear is primarily intended as a weapon. You can fight single ants and mosquitoes with it.

To create your tools at the start of the game, you’ll first have to go in search of resources. For this, you’ll have to collect plant fibers and stones and then analyze them in the laboratory. From this, you’ll get the resources you need to craft your first axe, hammer, and spear.

Pebblet Axe

  • Sprig (3x)
  • Pebblet (2x)
  • Crude Rope (1x, made from 3 plant fibers).

Pebblet Hammer

  • Sprig (3x)
  • Pebblet (4x)
  • Crude Rope (1x)

Pebblet Spear

  • Sprig (2x)
  • Pebblet (1x)
  • Plant Fiber (3x)

As the game progresses, you’ll need to upgrade your tools. With the Pebblet Axe and Pebblet Hammer, you can only mine certain plants and stones of a certain size. To craft a level 2 hammer and axe, you need new resources and a workbench.

For the upgraded insect axe in Grounded, you need a ladybug head. These are dropped randomly by ladybugs after you finish them off. Once you’ve got this not-so-delicate item, analyze it in the lab as usual. In addition to the ladybug head, you’ll need Bombardier Parts (3x) and Silk Ropes (4x). The silk ropes are made of web fiber (4x).

The counterpart to the insect axe is the insect hammer. You can get the blueprint from a Bombardier Part. For crafting, you’ll need Stinkbug Parts (4x), Boiling Glands (1x), and Berry Leather (4x). You can get the berry leather from berry chunks (12x).

As you fight your way through the bushes and grasses of your garden against the (to you) giant crawling creatures, you’ll need two things above all: a bow and arrow. You can get them by killing and looting a gnat. The gnat will drop an item called “Gnat Fuzz.” This unlocks the blueprint for the Spring Bow. To craft it, you need:

  • Gnat Fuzz (4x)
  • Sprig (3x)
  • Crude Rope (2x)

For 10 arrows you need Mite Fuzz (2x) and Thistle Needles (5x).

4) How can you defeat spiders?

In Grounded, you are shrunk to an insanely tiny size, where even ants become terrifying creatures. Therefore, spiders are all the more monstrous and dangerous for you. You only stand a chance against them in ranged combat, as they have a lot of HP. For this, you need a bow and arrow. The best way to fight them is from high ground.

Even from a distance, a spider can be dangerous for you. Therefore, you must dodge their web attacks. However, if you do get closer to the spider than you’d like, interrupt its attacks. You can do this by throwing stones or spears at it.

If the fight becomes too difficult for you, you always have the option to flee.

5) Hungry and thirsty?

The safest and easiest source of food in Grounded is mushrooms. You can find them in large quantities. Besides, you don’t need to memorize a mushroom dictionary to know which mushrooms are harmful. You’ll find only edible varieties without consequences for your health.

One source of protein is flies. It doesn’t sound too delicious, but in Grounded the menu looks rather sparse. You should never eat fly meat raw, otherwise, you’ll suffer from food poisoning. So, prepare it at the campfire first before eating it.

Stay hydrated: In Grounded, it is equally important to drink. But be careful when choosing your refreshment. Never drink from puddles, as this can, unfortunately, be fatal for your character.

Much better is water from blades of grass, which turns out to be pure and clear. Especially delicious as well as practical is nectar. It not only fills up your thirst bar but also satisfies your hunger. If you’re looking for something with a bit of flavor, look no further than beverage cans. Here you can get one or two sips of soda or juice, which is already a lot given your size.

In order not to be constantly thirsty in the search for water, you can build a Dew Collector. This collects dew water on a spider web. To build it, you will need 5 crude ropes, 6 weed stems, 8 pebblets, and 5 silk ropes.

6) Build a base

Danger also lurks in the dark in Grounded. So, you need a shelter that guarantees your safety at night. It also protects your valuable supplies, which ants otherwise like to steal away into the night. Therefore, be sure to build protective walls that serve as your first refuge.

Your bed also serves as a respawn point to which you return after each death.

Your base should also have a workbench and a grill. You need the workbench to make tools and other equipment. The grill is used to roast gnats, which you can easily eat afterward. However, ants are also attracted to the fragrant smell of the prepared food. So, you should be careful at all times.

The choice of location for your base also plays an important role in Grounded. The best place is the High Ground, which protects you from many enemy crawlers. It’s best to have your base near a water and food source and away from spiders.

7) Mark important landmarks

In order to keep an overview, it’s useful to mark important points on the lawn. For this, you need colored markers, which you have to make beforehand. Mark your base in any case, so that you can always find your way back home. You should also mark analysis labs, food, water, and sources of danger.

8) Afraid of spiders? – Use the Arachnophobia function

To make Grounded playable for arachnophobes, there is an Arachnophobia Mode. You can activate it in the settings menu under “Accessibility.” You can use the slider to adjust how the spiders are displayed in the game. To give you an exact idea, you get a preview of all settings. There are five levels in total:

  • Level 1 reduces the number of spiders’ legs to four.
  • At level 2, the spiders appear legless, eliminating their typical crawling motion. Often this is one of the fear-inducing factors in arachnophobics.
  • Their mandibles, or biting tools, are also removed at level 3 – one less creepy factor.
  • At level 4, spiders almost seem cute. The head becomes rounder and larger, making it seem far less threatening. Thus, the digital spiders are more reminiscent of childlike animations.
  • Level 5 finally ensures that the surface texture of the spider disappears completely. What remains is a flying pair of eyes.

9) Search for your items after you die

Similar to other survival games like Valheim, your items remain at the place of your demise. So, you have to return there if you want to recover your painstakingly captured belongings. On the way there, however, you should be especially careful. Because if you die before you get your backpack back, you can say goodbye to your items for good.

Survive in your garden with PLITCH!

Grounded is a thoroughly unusual survival game that lets you experience the game world in a completely new way. By changing the perspective, simple insects become monstrous and dangerous creatures. With our tips, getting into the game should be easy. The game invites you to explore for hours – provided you have the necessary time.

You have neither time nor patience? Then simply speed up the game with PLITCH’s Grounded cheats! If you don’t feel like constantly watching your thirst or hunger bar, you can simply deactivate them. Your character will never be thirsty or hungry. You can survive fights more easily if you simply refill your life bar when needed. Also, you can use the cheats to generate infinite stamina, oxygen, and item durability.

Happy Gaming!