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A Plague Tale: Requiem Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Once again, the developers of A Plague Tale: Requiem take you to 14th-century France where you’ll continue the dark saga revolving around Amicia de Rune and her brother Hugo.

However, this emotional adventure is a real challenge, which is why we’re bringing you our A Plague Tale: Requiem tips and tricks. These will make it easier for you to get started with the stealth game.

1) Choose the appropriate difficulty level

The first decision that will have a great impact on your gameplay and experience is the difficulty level. You have three options to choose from:

  • Narrative mode
  • Normal mode
  • Hard mode

With the choice of difficulty, however, you not only determine the strength of the enemies and their number. You also influence how easy or difficult it is for them to detect you while sneaking, or what types of them you’ll encounter in the course of the game.

Moreover, the difficulty level you choose will influence how many resources you’ll find on your way through the eerily beautiful story.

Consequently, the developers take your decision very seriously. If you want a hard gaming experience, you should prepare yourself for some frustration.

2) Fight only if you have to

A Plague Tale: Requiem comes with some action sequences and stressful passages, just like its predecessor, but it’s primarily a stealth experience. Thus, you’ll do well to avoid direct confrontations and fights and consider alternative options.

Although Amicia now has more equipment and abilities to defend herself against attackers, combat is always your last option. Both bolts for the crossbow and blades for knives aren’t found very often in the game world.

Moreover, a fight always means attention from others, which leads to further problems. So, similar to The Last of Us, stealth is your best weapon in the fight against guards, rats, and co.

Tip: In general, Amicia is not powerless against adversaries as a young woman with combat experience; however, she also reaches her limits when she has to deal with several enemies. Especially at the beginning of your journey in A Plague Tale: Requiem, you should keep this in mind.

3) A Plague Tale: Requiem Tips on weapons and armor

As mentioned earlier, Amicia has some new abilities and equipment in A Plague Tale: Requiem. On your way through the desolate and brutal world, you’ll find some tools as well as parts to upgrade your weapons and equipment at workbenches. In general, there are five categories to choose from:

  • Alchemy
  • Crossbow
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Slingshot

Moreover, each of these categories has three upgrade levels, which become more and more expensive accordingly. When choosing upgrades, you should mainly focus on a combination that suits your playstyle.

As an example, upgrading your equipment will bring you the option to carry another item in A Plague Tale: Requiem, which makes sense given the sparse resources. But likewise, improving the attack power of your slingshot can be worthwhile.

Especially important at the beginning are the equipment upgrades and those for alchemy and tools. For the equipment upgrade, you get another item slot, for the alchemy one you get a bag for alchemical ammunition and after the tool upgrade you can use the recycling tool to dismantle more useful resources.

Pay attention to the use of your bolts

In the beginning, you’ll have to rely on your slingshot to quickly take out enemies without helmets. In chapter 5, you’ll additionally get the crossbow, which is the strongest way to defeat guards. In combination with the alchemical reactions Ignifer (fire), Exstinguis (water; generates vision-blocking clouds), Tar (oil; slows enemies) as well as Odoris (gas; attracts rats to a targeted point), you’ll be able to paralyze even the strongest opponents with it.

However, there are only a few bolts for your crossbow in the game world. Consequently, you’ll have to think carefully about when to use it. If there are alternative ways or you can take out archers and soldiers without head protection with the slingshot, you should choose this option and save your ammo for the really tough enemies.

Tip: Stones for the slingshot are available indefinitely and alchemy can also be used with it. In addition, you can use it to distract enemies and set all sorts of things on fire. This makes the weapon your most important companion.

Don’t use knives carelessly

Besides using your fists and the slingshot, the use of knives is also possible for Amicia right from the beginning. They serve you in an emergency to kill your opponent immediately in distress or to execute an assassination attack. However, knives break after that and new blades aren’t available too often.

The real reason you should pay attention to your use of knives, however, are the special chests you can find. You can only open them with a knife. They contain important items and you can upgrade your equipment. If you don’t have a knife with you, you will miss them.

4) Master the art of Alchemy

While you are on your way with Amicia and Hugo, Amicia gets more and more access to alchemy. Through this, you get the possibility to use concoctions as well as projectiles. With various reactions from the aforementioned Ignifer, Exstinguis, Tar, and Odoris, there are interesting possibilities without getting too far ahead of yourself.

However, it’s important that you master the use of the quick selection. Because all your options are quickly available via the control pad. There you’ll find everything that can help in stressful situations. In addition, time slows down when you open the quick selection. This gives you space to think about your decisions in peace.

Survive in A Plague Tale: Requiem with PLITCH!

As in the first part of Amicia and Hugo’s epic journey, you can expect an intense gaming experience that offers a lot of room for free decisions. Since not all of them lead to the goal, there are moments of frustration despite ingenious gameplay, when passages simply can’t be completed or enemies are too strong. However, with the A Plague Tale: Requiem tips and tricks from PLITCH, you should be well equipped to start the game.

If you still feel like you’re having a hard time or simply don’t have enough time to play, then simply use PLITCH’s A Plague Tale: Requiem cheats and codes. With them, you can get unlimited throwables, switch on stealth mode, or activate our Godmode. In short: with PLITCH you can create your own A Plague Tale: Requiem gaming experience.

Happy Gaming!