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Bloons TD 6 Tier List: Monkey Towers & Heroes

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In Bloons TD 6, the sixth installment of the popular tower defense series, powerful heroes join the familiar Monkey Towers. They bring powerful abilities and unique game mechanics to the strategy game.

We at PLITCH provide you with a Bloons TD 6 tier list that introduces you to all the monkey towers as well as heroes and reveals which skill sets and combinations are the best.

1) Bloons TD 6 Tier List

Bloons TD 6 heroes need, like normal towers, experience points (XP). What’s special about heroes is that you don’t have to spend any extra money to level them up. Their level increases automatically and they improve continually. The combination of heroes and monkeys brings a new, more complex level of strategy to the game.

To withstand the later rounds, a good composition on the map is very important. After all, not every hero is a guarantee of success. And some monkeys are rather sluggish banana peelers than effective Bloons destroyers. For the entry-level and the hard C.H.I.M.P. difficulty level, the right combination is the key to victory.

2) Bloons TD 6 Tier List: Monkey Towers

Of the 22 monkeys, many should be familiar to you from the previous titles. They differ in cost, range, damage, effectiveness against certain types of Bloons, and, of course, in their abilities and skill trees.

We’ll show you all the Monkey Towers you can use in Bloons TD 6. And rate them based on their price-performance ratio, upgrades, and end-game performance. The common rating scale ranges from A (very good) to D (weak). The strongest units are rated S (overpowered).


Dart Monkey

  • The first and cheapest unit in the game. Overall, this is an average tower, in the end-game, it can only be used as an ultra juggernaut.
  • Recommended Path: Top
  • Rating: C-

Boomerang Monkey

  • Throws a boomerang that comes back. Good damage and range make it a very good pick throughout.
  • Recommended Path: Middle
  • Rating: A

Bomb Shooter

  • Shoots bombs with slow attack speed, but lots of area damage. Effective against Lead Bloons. Incredibly powerful in almost any combination.
  • Recommended Path: Middle
  • Rating: S

Tack Shooter

  • Spreads tacks in eight directions in its nearby vicinity. Lots of DPS against MOABs. A solid pick for some combos.
  • Recommended Path: Bottom
  • Rating: B

Ice Monkey

  • This cool primate can freeze enemies for a short period. However, it has a very short range and is ineffective against some Bloons. Therefore, they’re only mediocre.
  • Recommended Path: Bottom
  • Rating: B

Glue Gunner

  • Whatever it shoots – it’s pretty darn good. Its glue slows Bloons down massively. Effective upgrades make it a top tower.
  • Recommended Path: Bottom
  • Rating: A


Sniper Monkey

  • The Sniper in Bloons TD 6 can hit all Bloons on the map if it has a clear view. Despite its ability to hit Lead and Ice Bloons quite early, it is rather moderately good.
  • Recommended Path: Top
  • Rating: C

Monkey Sub

  • When water is present on the map, the Monkey Sub is usually considered a must-have. Hard to top in the classic 2-0-5 skill set.
  • Recommended Path: Bottom
  • Rating: S

Monkey Buccaneer

  • Can also only be placed on water. Significantly inferior compared to the submarine – less damage, utility, and useless in the end-game.
  • Recommended Path: Top
  • Rating: D+

Monkey Ace

  • Passable all-rounder. With a 3-0-0 skill set, it is good in the early-game due to very high damage values.
  • Recommended Path: Top or Middle
  • Rating: C+

Heli Pilot

  • Always recommended in combination with the Alchemist. Some players also consider it OP.
  • Recommended Path: Middle
  • Rating: A+

Mortar Monkey

  • Was added later. Secures one of the best spots in many top lists due to a great deal of damage, though.
  • Recommended Path: Top
  • Rating: S

Dartling Gunner

  • Shoots where you point your mouse – doesn’t appeal to everyone.
  • Recommended Path: Middle
  • Rating: C


Wizard Monkey

  • Wizard Lord Phoenix for damage and Monkey Sense to hit invisible Bloons is okay. Prince of Darkness is also useful in certain combos.
  • Recommended Path: Middle or Bottom
  • Rating: C

Super Monkey

  • At $2,500, the most expensive monkey in the game. However, that doesn’t make him the best tower.
  • Recommended Path: Top
  • Rating: B+

Ninja Monkey

  • The trusty old ninja turns up the heat in some combos. Crow’s feet are always a must.
  • Recommended Path: Middle
  • Rating: S+


  • Buffs other monkeys as with the strong acid mix. Is therefore dependent on a good combo.
  • Recommended Path: Top
  • Rating: B+


  • Very versatile – can do everything, but nothing properly.
  • Recommended Path: Down
  • Rating: D+


Banana Farm

  • Generates money instead of actively destroying Bloons.
  • Insider tip: The Engineer can boost the Monkey Bank, which then generates more money.
  • Recommended path: Middle
  • Rating: B

Spike Factory

  • The upper path is very popular, and rightly so. As a back-up, the Spike Factory is always a must-have.
  • Recommended Path: Top
  • Rating: S+

Monkey Village

  • Similar to the Alchemist, the Monkey Village enhances surrounding towers. Jungle Drums are a dream.
  • Recommended Path: Top and Middle
  • Rating: A+

Engineer Monkey

  • He makes his equipment work for him. And it could use some oiling.
  • Recommended Path: Mid
  • Rating: D

3) Bloons TD 6 Tier List: Heroes

There are 13 heroes in the strategy game Bloons TD 6 that are essential for your defense. Each of them is good and can perform at the C.H.I.M.P. difficulty level. So, above all, you should play the hero you want to play.

If you want to know which heroes currently bring the most benefits, check out our Bloons TD 6 Hero Tier List.



Arguably the strongest hero in the end-game at the moment. Adora can see through walls, but doesn’t detect Camo Bloons. As an offensive hero, she is therefore very dependent on supporters.

With her ability, she can sacrifice towers for XP and a good attack buff. This is also much needed, since she shines with massive damage only late in the game.

But: In coop mode and on C.H.I.M.P. difficulty, she is hardly usable, as less or shared XP respectively shifts her power spike significantly down.


Sauda is highly recommended for beginners. She brings invisibility detection, deals a lot of damage early on, and has a fast attack speed. Her weakness is short range, which makes her pretty useless on some maps. Therefore, an Alchemist should always be built to compensate for her disadvantage.

Obyn Greenfoot

The nature lover has been partially nerfed. Nevertheless, he is still considered a strong hero. Due to his ability to give +1 damage to all druids very early on, he is a good backup in the early and mid-game.



Also a good rookie pick is Benjamin. Thanks to his money and health generation, he is very forgiving when it comes to mispurchases and slips. Pros, however, criticize his offensive skills.

Pat Fusty

At level 3, Pat already unlocks the ‘Rallying Roar’ ability, which buffs all surrounding units. Add to that his stuns and knockbacks, which effectively slow down the Bloons.


She can do pretty much everything. A good all-rounder, but she is outclassed by other heroes in every category. Even in her strong end-game, she doesn’t top any damage lists.


Captain Churchill

The tank driver is the most expensive hero and needs more XP to level up. The only thing he can do is deal damage. And that with peak values. But since he doesn’t do much besides DPS, he only makes it into the B tier.

Admiral Brickell

She has also been frequently nerfed. Nevertheless, her abilities prove to be extremely helpful in many situations. But unfortunately, she can only be placed on water, which limits her options.

Striker Jones

Only became useful due to the many buffs he received. Recommended as a backup in late-game and especially in C.H.I.M.P. difficulty.



At level 10 and the UCAV, Etienne reaches his power spike, which scales well until the final rounds. Before that, he is unfortunately very weak.


He too can see through walls and can be used anywhere on the map. His support abilities don’t completely make up for his low damage.



Similar to Gwendolin – can do everything, but nothing perfectly. However, his stats are still far below Gwendolin’s, making him a worse pick.


Some pros put her in the top tier. No question: She is Meta. But only in certain combos and very late from level 20, when she takes airships from the sky.

4) Combo tips

Ninja Monkey, Alchemist and Spike Factory

Currently the most popular meta. The Alchemist strengthens the Ninja with his buffs, which is very versatile in itself. Secured by the Spike Factory, nothing can go wrong. Sauda and the Super Monkey complete the combo.

  • Ninja Monkey: 4-0-2
  • Alchemist: 4-0-1
  • Super Monkey: 3-0-2
  • SpikeFactory: 0-2-5

Adora and Ninja Monkey

Together they become unbeatable from level 30. Adora and the Ninja Monkey complement each other perfectly. And: You can’t get into the late-game any cheaper.

  • Ninja Monkey: 4-0-2

Spike Factory and Ice Monkey

A self-explanatory combination that should not be missing in any Bloons TD 6 tier list: The powerful slowdown of both towers effectively stops every wave. Can be expanded with all DPS towers.

  • Spike Factory: 0-0-5
  • Ice Monkey: 0-0-5

Wizard Monkey and Mortar Monkey

Expensive, but effective. Skilled correctly, this combination does incredible damage in the late-game. To get them to round 80, pick a supporting Bloons TD 6 hero.

  • Wizard Monkey: 0-0-5
  • Mortar Monkey: 5-0-0

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