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Contraband Police Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Contraband Police puts you in the role of a border patrol officer, searching vehicles and passengers for contraband, drugs, weapons, and other illegal items. Your decisions have a significant impact on the course of the game, so you need to be strategic. In our guide, we’ll tell you the most important Contraband Police tips and tricks to help you become the best border patrol officer in no time.

1) What should you invest in?

By hiring a prison guard in Contraband Police, you can prevent prisoners from escaping and avoid financial losses at the same time. You should also invest in upgrading your vehicle. With a fast car, you can avoid robberies and at the same time, you can store contraband in the vehicle.

2) Bribe?!

Smugglers will try to bribe you until you approach them and pretend to accept their request. If you then walk away, they’ll stop offering the bribe and you can easily confiscate more items. So always unload the cargo, cut the package, and grab all the contraband by avoiding the bribe.

3) Combat and weapon tips

Never stand unprotected in an open field without cover in Contraband Police, as this makes you especially vulnerable to attack. You can take cover by ducking, for example. Also, always carry an axe and a rifle for self-protection. These are the most useful items if you leave your post and encounter enemies, or if a fallen tree or other obstacle blocks your path.

In addition, you should always buy new weapons to be well-equipped for conflicts with enemies. The starting weapon is far from enough, especially if you have to deal with several villains.

4) How not to lose money

To make the most money without losing much, always make sure you have all the contraband and don’t miss any hidden loot. To do this, stop and take out any sneaky criminals right away. This will give you extra ammo and money. If you transport the prisoners and their goods yourself instead of using the police transport, you’ll save 450 of the in-game currency.

To earn even more money in Contraband Police, you can complete various side missions that require your urgent attention and aren’t part of the main story. Also, don’t do too many upgrades, especially at the beginning of the game, as this can easily lead to money problems.

5) Tips on contraband

When looking for contraband, arrest criminals if you’re sure they’ll not bribe you. Criminals may also hide their goods in animal dummies, which you can identify by their stiff posture and the damage to the animal’s body. Also, use your crowbar to get to the hidden drugs in Contraband Police.

6) More Contraband Police Tips

Check the bulletin board every morning before you check the cab. Pay attention to any clues posted on the bulletin board, as they’re especially important to your job.

Also, when checking for contraband, be careful not to damage the citizens’ cars. You’ll have to pay for this damage yourself, which is an unnecessary expense.

You’ll also have to pay for repairs to your own car in Contraband Police. Such a repair will cost you 50 of the in-game currency. By pressing the door, you can easily leave your car in case criminals try to escape.

Your track record as a border patrol officer plays a big role in how the public perceives you. So don’t make too many mistakes, and if possible, don’t set criminals free to avoid disciplinary action. Being too heavy-handed in your searches can also have negative consequences.

You should also always be on the lookout for corrupt employees in Contraband Police, as not every police officer is honest and truthful. Don’t hesitate to report these suspicious colleagues to your supervisor.

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With the useful Contraband Police tips and tricks you’ve received in this article, getting started in the game shouldn’t be too difficult anymore. Use PLITCH’s Contraband Police cheats to customize the game to your liking.

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Happy Gaming!