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Coral Island Tips, Tricks, and Earning Money

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

With Coral Island, developer Stairway Games delivers a new lively and extensive farming simulation that makes no secret of which other game served as inspiration. In our Coral Island tips and tricks on getting started and earning money, we’ll show you how to progress quickly in the game and avoid common mistakes.

1) General Coral Island tips

In general, Coral Island doesn’t reinvent the farming genre. If you’ve played a bit of Stardew Valley, you’ll be able to find your way around. After all, you can till your fields, grow seasonal crops, meet people and explore caves in this game as well. Nevertheless, we have a few Coral Island tips and tricks for you, which you should take to heart for a successful start.

Clear an area and start planting

In the beginning, it makes sense to quickly clear a small space in your yard. You can then immediately plant your first plants in this space. Once some land is cleared of debris and other materials, you can immediately start your farm life. Don’t forget to water your plants! This way you lay the foundation for your future income already on the first day.

Collect material for your house

To build farm buildings or to extend your house, you need materials like wood and stone. With these, you can order an improvement of your house from the carpenter.

Apart from more space inside, you’ll also get a TV with the next stage of expansion. As with other representatives of this genre, the TV will provide you with interesting information and inform you about the weather.

Introduce yourself to the residents

It’s also important to get to know the inhabitants of Coral Island early on. This has several advantages. For one thing, they will be noted on the map. It’s practical that if you’re looking for a certain person, you can easily find them via the map tool. On the other hand, you’ll receive tasks from the residents, for which you’ll receive various rewards.

Be home before midnight

Even on Coral Island, your character loses energy during all their activities. Especially at the beginning, your workday will be over quickly due to low stamina. You can use the time afterward to get to know people.

However, you should make sure that you get home before midnight. If you don’t, you’ll wake up in bed the next morning with a little less energy. However, nothing will be missing from your inventory.

Plan your daily routes

The map of Coral Island is quite extensive and the routes can be long. So, it makes sense to start the day already thinking about where you’re going and what you can do on the way there. In addition, the game is always saved at the transition to the next day. There is no manual saving.

2) How to earn money in Coral Island

As in other games of this genre, you need money to be able to afford other things besides seeds, animals, and tools. Especially the individualization of your house and your appearance costs a lot. However, with the following PLITCH Coral Island tips and tricks for earning money, you’ll quickly make money for your in-game account.

Sell items

In the world of Coral Island, you’ll find a variety of things that you can collect. These vary depending on the season but offer you opportunities to sell them. For example, in spring you can find daffodils or wasabi. You can sell these for 15 and 60 gold respectively.

To sell the collected things you want to get rid of, you can simply use the box at your house. When you sell them for the first time, you don’t know what they are worth. Only afterward will you see this as a result of the sale. It’s also interesting that you can improve many found objects, such as pine cones, via the crafting menu. Consequently, they will also yield significantly more profit.

Catch and sell fish

You get the fishing rod via a quest in the “Beach Shack.” Afterward, you can catch fish at all water points as well as at the ocean. Fish won’t spawn until they’re attracted to the float. Once pulled out of the water, you can also sell them via the box at your house.

However, caught fish serve you to make your own dishes. Furthermore, some villagers value certain fish as a good gift. How much gold you get for a fish depends on its size, but also its rarity. So, the rarer and bigger a fish is, the more income you can get from it.

Dig for insects and sell them

Currently, there are a little more than 30 insects in the Early Access Game. You can catch them with the landing net. You can also get this at the “Beach Shack.” However, two in-game days have to pass first.

After that, you can go hunting for insects. Once caught, you can of course sell them for some gold. But as with other representatives of the genre, it’s also possible to donate the caught insects to the museum.

Search for chests

With a little luck, you can find chests during your daily work. However, these are locked. However, for the “bargain” of 20 gold, the blacksmith is willing to take care of your find. The contents can vary greatly and are subject to certain probabilities. There is a wide range from trash to glass to artifacts.

Find and sell gems and artifacts

Finding artifacts can earn you a lot of money. These, however, are not to be found everywhere. The chances of finding a chest are currently highest at the bottom of the sea. However, you need a diving suit for this. You can get it by doing a quest for Ling.

Just like artifacts, you can find gems. They are commonly found in mines and are also a good opportunity to complete your collection in the museum. There are also geodes, which, like chests, can be opened and contain more valuable items.

Tip: Artifacts as well as gems should not be sold carelessly at the beginning. Even though they can bring you a lot of gold, you need them for the museum. Apart from the chests, you can also find artifacts in mines, in certain places while digging on the island, and by completing quests.

Grow plants and sell your harvest

An essential part of the Coral Island game experience is, of course, growing and harvesting crops. Each season offers you new opportunities to generate a lot of money with your crop yields. How “valuable” a plant is, is already decided by the quality level of the purchased seed. You can improve it by using fertilizer.

You can get seeds from Sam in the store. There you’ll always find the ones that you can currently plant. Be sure to water them every day and keep them safe from birds. You must also pay attention to the time of growth. After all, you don’t want your crops to die in the transition to the next season.

Animal husbandry and handicraft products

You can also earn good money with animal products and products made from them. So far, you have 10 animal species at your disposal, which provide you with various resources. You can either sell them directly or process them with the appropriate tools. How good the product of your farm animals is, depends on the hearts they receive through your interactions with them.

Make your island life even more relaxing with PLITCH

Farm life in Coral Island is great fun. Mainly because the basic principle of farm life, the social interactions with the villagers, and the lively virtual world work well. Accordingly, the comparison with Stardew Valley is obvious, but cannot be reduced to it alone. After all, the developer incorporates life into an environment that has to deal with environmental problems and also offers quite a bit more.

Still, the grind can be quite hard and if you simply don’t feel like spending your sparse free time collecting things for hours or being constantly thwarted by your own stamina, simply use PLITCH’s Coral Island cheats. With them, you can fill up your stamina, get more movement speed or ensure the best health. For the rest, our PLITCH Coral Island tips and tricks for starting and earning money should help you a lot.

Happy Gaming!