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Dead Island 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

After almost twelve years of waiting, the long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular survival horror games is finally here. In our Dead Island 2 tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to fight the zombies in HELL-A, how to earn money, and how to use your weapons in the best way.

1) Dead Island 2 characters and special abilities

Jacob has high health and stamina. He’s in the middle of the pack when it comes to toughness. The damage he deals isn’t a lot at first but can be increased with additional abilities. All in all, he’s a good all-rounder.

Bruno has very little health and very little tenacity. As a result, he goes down quickly when hit. On the other hand, he’s very agile and can deal a lot of damage.

Carla has the highest resistances. She also has good health and high tenacity. This makes her a good choice if you want to play defensively. However, she can’t deal much critical damage. Her tenacity increases when there are multiple enemies nearby. All in all, we recommend Carla for beginners.

Dani also has high health and is a good defensive character. Her tenacity is in the middle range, and each of her strong attacks results in an explosion. Her greatest strength is her above-average stamina.

Ryan is the most average character. Almost all of his stats are in the mid-range. Only in tenacity does he trump all the others. Zombies you kill will replenish your HP. Ryan’s talents make your hits more powerful after a successful block.

Like Bruno, Amy’s weaknesses are her health and tenacity. This makes her more suited to a cautious and tactical style of play. Her weaknesses are compensated for by very good mobility and high critical damage. The bottom line is that we recommend Amy to any professional looking for a challenge.

2) Dead Island 2 weapons tips and tricks

Dead Island 2 offers a wide variety of weapons. With some of them, it’s clear what they do and what they’re for. With others, it depends on the subtleties. Every weapon has different values in the following disciplines:

  • general damage
  • speed
  • strength
  • max. durability
  • damage to limbs
  • critical damage multiplier

At the workbenches, you can use free slots for improvements to upgrade your items. In addition to standard equipment, there are many legendary weapons available in the open world. These range from firearms like the Raven and Peggy to melee weapons like the Zomb-Ex and Wildstyle. Legendary items are often obtained as side quest rewards or found in hidden locations.

The following applies to all weapons: The heavier they are, the more damage they do, but the more stamina they consume. The number of upgrade slots depends on the rarity of the weapon. Each weapon also has a passive talent in addition to its active abilities. By the way, metal items have the highest durability.

3) Dead Island 2 tips on combat

The combat system of Dead Island 2 is different from its predecessor. Since the zombies have different characteristics, you’ll have to adapt your strategy to the enemy. If you encounter hordes of different enemies, it’s a good idea to eliminate the weaker ones first and then focus on the heavier hunks.

Your choice of weapon also plays an important role. Against slow undead, such as the Crusher, strong attacks, and heavy attacks are your best bet. However, if you’re dealing with agile and fast enemies, a sword or katana is your best bet.

How you finish off your opponent will affect the amount of XP you receive. Simple attacks will only result in a single multiplier. However, if you perform a finishing move after a stun, you’ll receive triple the experience points.

The last point of our Dead Island 2 tips and tricks on fights concerns the character selection at the beginning of the game. This has a significant impact on how the fights go. Always keep the status effect of your talents in mind and think about your strengths and weaknesses. Half of the avatars are good at dodging, and the other half are good at blocking. This is especially important in melee combat against the undead.

4) Make use of your surroundings

The environment in Dead Island 2 can be used to your advantage and as a weapon. Electricity, fire, water, gasoline, and acid can be used to create chain reactions that allow you to take out multiple enemies at once. For example, throw a car battery into a pool of bathing zombies to electrocute them. Make sure you’re not standing in the water.

The same goes for generators and pools of oil. Make sure you don’t become a victim of your own attacks, and keep the necessary distance. With that in mind, environmental objects are your most powerful ally. Use them to trap even the largest and most resistant zombies. Start fires, kick hydrants, pipes, and barrels, and spill the contents of canisters.

The choices are vast and each area has different uses. Get creative and be amazed by the game’s authentic physics effects. Electricity can be conducted through hanging cables or batteries, or distributed through modified weapons. Throw your electrified machete into the water and you’ll be able to pick up the zombies without hesitation.

Water can be used to put out fires and clean up acid residue. It can also be used to bypass electrical systems. Acid, on the other hand, eats away at your enemies, and gasoline combined with fire makes for violent and devastating explosions.

5) How to earn money in Dead Island 2

Looting zombies and safes

Managing your money is everything in Dead Island 2. After all, the merchants want to see your coins ringing before they’ll give you their weapons and items. So loot every zombie you kill and let the dollars flow from their pockets into yours. There are also plenty of safes in the buildings of the game world just waiting to be raided by you.

After all, the Golden State doesn’t get its nickname for nothing. This is where the rich and beautiful lived before the apocalypse. The supplies you can find in HELL-A are accordingly large. Search every house and room to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Selling Weapons and Equipment

Selling weapons you no longer need is a convenient source of income. The same goes for equipment. You can only carry 99 copies of each item. So keep your inventory at a level where you can always collect new items and not reach the limit.

Also, unlike you, weapons don’t level up. If an item no longer suits your skill, it’s better to sell it. Keep your inventory well organized and only carry enough to heal yourself, craft materials, and fight back.

Completing Challenges

In addition to Skill Cards and permanent effects, completing challenges is another good way to earn money. The nice thing about them is that you can complete them while doing side quests or following the main storyline. There are six different types of challenges in Dead Island 2:

  • Blueprints
  • Exploration
  • Battles
  • Survival
  • Zombies
  • Weapons

For example, hit 100 times with heavy attacks or get 200 headshots. The challenges are varied and offer a good variety.

6) What should you buy from merchants?

Don’t be stingy with the merchants in HELL-A. Buy every medkit you can get, especially in the beginning, and stock up on fuses and crafting ingredients. Some merchants will even give you stuff for free. For example, Carlos in Bel-Air will give you the blueprint for the health kit and free meat bait.

Dougie, Ezekiel, and Todd will upgrade your ammo, and WO Rodriguez in Venice Beach will give you better weapons and blueprints for fuses. You can buy consumables from any vendor.

7) What types of zombies are there?

There are seven types of zombies in Dead Island 2. Butchers are fast and strong, while Suiciders cause explosions. You should therefore keep them at a distance. Walkers are the most common type of zombie and luckily they move very slowly. Screamers attract other zombies by making noise. They should be eliminated first.

Shamblers are similar to walkers. Slobbers spit poisonous acid at you from their tumors. Crushers are particularly heavily armored. As their name implies, they are out to crush you.

Survive the zombie apocalypse with PLITCH!

Despite the change in developers, the zombie survival game has become just as fun as its predecessor, and thanks to our Dead Island 2 tips and tricks, getting started shouldn’t be difficult for you. With the help of PLITCH’s Dead Island 2 cheats, you can even refine the game and make it easier or harder.

Boost your money supply to go shopping at the merchants or give yourself an XP boost to level up faster. Stealth mode lets you explore the area undetected, and increased movement speed lets you dodge enemies in a flash.

Happy Gaming!