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Dinkum Farming, Crafting, and Animal Husbandry

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

To advance in Dinkum, it’s necessary to master the art of farming. This consists of collecting seeds, sowing them, and taking care of their development until they reach maturity. Farming is a complicated process, especially if you are a beginner.

But don’t worry, with our Dinkum farming, crafting, and animal husbandry tips and tricks, you’ll make fast progress.

1) Dinkum farming tips: the best way to start

To farm in Dinkum, it’s best to collect different seeds. You can find them scattered around the map on fruit trees and in bushes. However, there is another, easier way how you can collect seeds with better quality.

NPC Rayne, who is regularly in the visitors’ tent, sells the best seeds. Although she doesn’t carry a set inventory of her products/seeds, she generally has a sufficient amount. She also sells hoes and watering cans needed to plant the seeds and care for them.

Now that you have received the seeds, go to your farmland and use a hoe to plow a piece of land. Then use the left mouse button to plant the seed on prepared soil and make sure to water the seed daily with the watering can to make it grow even faster. After the crop is fully grown, you can harvest it along with the rewards.

Other farming tips

Many crops can only be harvested if certain conditions are met and some only with certain tools. For this reason, it’s important to read the description of your desired seed before buying it from Rayne. This description will also inform you about how much time each plant needs to grow fully.

2) Dinkum crafting tips

Which workbenches do you need first?

To craft anything in Dinkum, you’ll need different workbenches. Each workbench has its own function and can only craft one type of item. Unlike many other survival games, you can’t make anything with your own hands in Dinkum. Thus, sooner or later you’ll have to buy each workbench if you want to craft all the available items in the game.

  • Crafting Bench

In Dinkum, you use the Crafting Bench to craft items that you can then process using other crafting benches. You can also use the Crafting Bench to create decorative items. However, to create decorative items, you need recipes. You can get the recipes either from Franklyn or by completing tasks or favors.

  • Smelter

In the Smelter, you can melt ores into ingots. If you put Tin Ore in the furnace, you will get Tin Bars out of it. Copper ore (Copper Ore) is processed into Copper Bars and Iron Ore (Iron Ore) is into Iron Bars. The bars are used for other recipes, so the smelter should be one of your first workbenches in Dinkum.

  • Table Saw

The table saw is useful if you want to make boards out of wood. When buying many recipes, you’ll need the boards that you can make with the Table Saw. Therefore, the Table Saw should be on your list.

  • Cooking Stations

There are numerous Cooking Stations that you unlock as you play through Dinkum’s story, acquiring them with Fletch’s licenses. At Cooking Stations, you cook food that restores energy and health. At the first Cooking Stations in Dinkum’s Campfire, you’ll only need one ingredient to cook.

While other Cooking Stations require additional ingredients to prepare an edible dish, the final product is more nutritious and lets you regenerate health and energy faster.

How do you get recipes for weapons?

Life on the island is usually less peaceful than it seems. Besides harmless insects, hungry predators lurk on the island. Finally, you need weapons to defend yourself against aggressive creatures. You can’t buy such weapons or equipment anywhere; you can only make them. For this, you need a recipe.

For the recipes, you need a level 1 hunting license, which can be purchased for 250 permit points. Having purchased that, you can then buy new recipes from Franklyn, namely ones for a hammer, a club, and a spear. Therefore, collect all the necessary resources so that the tools can be made at the crafting station.

As you progress through the game, the creatures become more powerful and much harder to defeat with the minimum number of weapons. Once you reach level 2, you can buy a second-level hunting license for 1,000 permit points. Follow the same procedure with the third license and then unlock the better iron weapons.

3) Dinkum animal husbandry and resources

There are also animals in Dinkum that are not aggressive. You should keep these as farm animals so that you have new resources every day.


With a laying hen, for example, you’ll get eggs every day. For this, all you have to do is get acquainted with Irwin. At some point, he’ll decide to stay on the island and will offer you the opportunity to raise fowl. For the chickens, you need the Handling License 1, which you can buy for 250 permit points.


Vombats in Dinkum are like cows in real life. They have to retreat somewhere to sleep, where there is an enclosure fence. They start producing resources only after a few days of acclimation.

When they are fully grown, they produce milk continuously. Just hold the milking bucket in your hands while interacting with a Vombat. You can purchase the milking bucket from Irwin. For the Vombats, you will need the Handling License 2, which you can purchase for 1,000 Permit Points.


Pleeps are a mix of sheep and a platypus that settle in the Animal Dense area. Use a shear to obtain wool, which you turn into a garment by spinning it on a spinning wheel. You can obtain a shear by purchasing it from Irwin. You’ll get the recipe for the spinning wheel after completing a request or at Franklyn’s Lab. For the Pleeps you need the Handling License 3 which costs 3,000 Permit Points.

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