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Dinkum Money Making Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

With Dinkum, there’s a new game that’s similar to Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley. Inspired by Australia, the game lets you build a new life in the Outback. Accordingly, you’re quickly faced with all sorts of possibilities to build, explore and collect.

However, to get ahead, you’ll need Dinks. In this article, we’ll show you some Dinkum money making tips and tricks so you know how to obtain money in the game as quickly as possible.

1) How to earn money in Dinkum as a beginner

As in other games of this genre, you won’t get far in Dinkum without money. To obtain this quickly for your character, there are various options. So, with PLITCH’s tips & tricks on how to earn money in Dinkum, you’ll quickly get dinks to afford the metal detector and much more.

Sell shells, fish, and insects

The first tip for earning dinks quickly is to walk along the coast and look for shells. You can then sell them to John in the store.

You also have the option to catch a variety of fish and insects. You can sell them, similar to the shells, directly at John’s. Overall, you won’t get too many dinks for this. Nevertheless, especially at the beginning of Dinkum, these opportunities help flush some money into your empty pockets.

Note: Always keep a version of your collected things, as there’s also a museum. You’ll still need them for this one.

Harvest and sell the Bottle Brush Flower

This plant grows wherever there are darker green areas on the map. You can simply harvest it by hand. Besides the resource itself, you also get the seeds for the Bottle Brush Flower.

While you can sell it for some dinks at the beginning of Dinkum, it will also help you make a brew later. With 10 of the flowers you get from harvesting them, you can make a Bottle Brush brew. Not only does this regenerate 25 health points over 60 seconds, but it also earns you a lot more money when you sell it.

Important: By the way, note that you can buy licenses from Fletch. With these, you not only open up more opportunities to earn dinks but also increase your earnings at the same time.

Do the NPCs in the village favors

Another reliable way to earn some money in Dinkum is to do favors for the residents, i.e. the NPCs in the village. They are not only grateful but also pay you well. In addition, you will find tasks on the bulletin board in the village. If you fulfill some of them, you’ll open up another method of earning money.

Sell your harvest

Apart from those already mentioned, you can also sell anything that is no longer needed. Consequently, you can exchange surplus wood as well as unused ingots for some dinks.

2) Dinkum money making tips for advanced players


The tips & tricks on making money mentioned below are not so much for beginners but rather for already advanced players. Because you can buy a Metal Detecting License (among many others) for 550 Dinks from Fletch a little later in the game. At first, only the first of two license levels are interesting.

Once you’ve got that, the only thing missing for your happiness is John’s metal detector. This costs 6,600 dinks. You also need a shovel for 900 dinks. After you’ve got that, equip the detector so that you can start searching.

Afterward, you’ll have the opportunity to search the paths you walk for treasures and other things. With the help of ripples, beeps, and a little attention, you’ll be able to spot interesting things. Equipped with the shovel, you’ll quickly dip up what is hidden.

With the level two license, you’ll be able to find more valuable items. These include the Old Contraption, which can bring you 15,090 dinks, or an Old Wheel for 1,320 dinks. Apart from that, you can also dig up special things like the Old Key. You can sell it for 4,080 dinks or use it to open locked doors in the mines.


You can find amber while digging. You can’t miss it. Amber is a large, yellow chunk. It’s so big that you can’t carry it in your inventory, but you have to carry it on your head. In return, you will receive between 30,000 and 60,000 dinks for finding such a chunk.

The amount of money you get for the amber depends on its weight. To weigh it, you put it on the scale at John’s store.


When cutting trees, beehives can fall down. These, like many other things, can be sold at John’s. However, you get relatively few dinks for this. It makes more sense to break open the hive to catch a queen bee. You can then use it to start your own hive and benefit from a steady flow of honey.

Break shiny rocks

When you are mining ores, now and then you’ll find a shiny rock. If you put it in the stone mill, you’ll usually get three random ores. However, with a bit of luck, there’s a blue sapphire-like stone inside. You can sell this for quite a lot of dinks in the store.

Catch and sell animals

In Dinkum, there are an incredible number of licenses, all of which must be purchased separately. One of them is the Trapping License for 500 dinks. It becomes available when the Hunting License is purchased. With this license, you can catch bigger animals to sell them. For example, you can get 4,800 dinks for a turkey and 6,400 dinks for a kangaroo.

Note: To be able to catch the animals in Dinkum at all, you need an Animal Collection Point and the Simple Animal Trap.

Sell the Kangaroo Shield

As the last point of our Dinkum money making tips, we want to mention the yellow signs with the kangaroo on them. You can find them everywhere in the wilderness. If you take them down and bring them to John in the store, you’ll receive a five-digit sum of dinks.

By the way, you can offer all rare items for sale at John’s shop. This way you can not only earn a lot of money in Dinkum but also identify your items at the same time.

How can you earn money even faster in Dinkum?

The game provides you with a lot of variety and a lively, colorful game world with many possibilities and a lot of things that can be collected, processed, and sold. With our tips on how to earn money in Dinkum, progress should be much easier for you.

However, grinding can be time-consuming. Especially if there’s little time after school, work, or otherwise. If the game is too challenging for you in the current phase and you want to make progress faster, you can simply fall back on PLITCH’s Dinkum cheats.

Simply install PLITCH and quickly add dinks to your virtual wallet. This way, your farm will quickly become a digital reality. You’ll also have more time to explore the game and deal with more interesting things. After all, you’ll also spend a lot of time discovering the big game world apart from earning money.

Happy Gaming!