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Easter Eggs in Games: Uncovering Hidden Treasures

  • from PLITCH
  • 11.06.2024

Welcome to our blog where we delve deep into the hidden treasures of the gaming world – Easter Eggs! These little secrets always add an extra layer of excitement to a game. But what exactly are they, and where do they come from? Join us as we take a look at their evolution throughout gaming history. Plus, we reveal our top 5 favorite Easter Eggs in games you need to know about!

What are Easter Eggs in gaming?

Have you ever spent hours combing every nook and cranny of your favorite video game, deciphering cryptic clues, and bumping into unexpected surprises like mysterious rooms, hidden messages, or hilarious references? Then you’ve stumbled upon an Easter Egg – a secret message, image, or feature that developers have hidden for highly discerning players to discover.

The Origin of Easter Eggs in Games

The concept of Easter eggs in games dates back to the early days of pixels and joysticks. Around 1979, Atari’s Adventure was a pioneer with the inclusion of a secret message from its creator, Warren Robinett. Frustrated by a lack of recognition for his work, Robinett ingeniously embedded his signature into the game, laying the groundwork for developers to come.

Easter Eggs in Games: Atari's Adventure
Atari’s Adventure (1979)

So why do developers hide these gems? For some, like Warren Robinett, it’s a way to make themselves memorable. He risked everything to put his name on the game he programmed. For others, like the creators of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, it’s a playful nod to players that says, “We see you.”

Warren Robinett’s signature in Adventure

From unlocking secret levels to stumbling across inside jokes, Easter eggs add layers of intrigue to the gaming experience. More than that, they create a bond between creators and players, like a silent dialogue.

So the next time you jump into your favorite game, keep your eyes open and your ears perked up. Who knows what hidden treasures are waiting for you?

Our Top 5 Gaming Easter Eggs

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Dead Space

This first Easter Egg is probably known by a lot of gamers but it still sends chills down our spines. The horror classic Dead Space puts you into the shoes of Isaac Clarke, who embarks on a harrowing journey to uncover the truth behind the haunted spaceship Ishimura. As you navigate its terrifying corridors, Isaac’s girlfriend Nicole is urging you forward on his quest.

In a haunting twist, we find out that Nicole has died prior to the events of the game and Isaac has simply been hallucinating her presence. However, if you’ve paid close attention, you may have caught on to this much earlier. By piecing together the first letter of each of the game’s 13 chapters, a grim message emerges: “NICOLE IS DEAD.”

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red’s RPG masterpiece Cyberpunk 2077 is so full of Easter Eggs, that we had a hard time choosing just one. Most of you probably know that you can find Hideo Kojima, developer of games like the Metal Gear series and Death Stranding, in the game. But did you know that you can also find the Bridge Baby from Death Stranding?

When you embark on River Ward’s questline, a side mission called “The Hunt” will lead you to a medical clinic. In one of the rooms, you will find the eerie artificial womb containing the Bridge Baby. Let’s just say we’re glad we didn’t have to carry it all the way across Night City.

The Witcher 3

Another one of our favorite games that comes from the brilliant minds at CD Projekt Red is The Witcher 3. While there are some Witcher references in Cyberpunk 2077, like the new Dogtown area faction “The Barghest” which shares a name with the green dog monsters in Witcher, there are also hints of Cyberpunk in The Witcher 3.

Long before the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the developers planted a clever Easter Egg in The Witcher 3. During a pivotal moment in the main quest, Geralt’s adoptive daughter Ciri recounts her travels through various dimensions. She describes a world where “People there had metal in their heads, waged war from a distance, using things similar to megascopes. And there were no horses, everyone had their own flying ships instead.” This has led fans to believe that Ciri probably spent some time in Night City.

Borderlands 2

Known for its abundance of pop culture references and Easter eggs, Borderlands 2 offers a treasure trove of hidden gems to discover. While some of its humor may evoke a sense of nostalgia for the era of its release, there’s one timeless reference to Minecraft.

As you enter the depths of Caustic Caverns, you’ll stumble upon a hidden cave in the northwest corner of the map. After breaking blocks reminiscent of Minecraft terrain, you’ll be greeted by Creepers!

Silent Hill 2

Not many Easter Eggs are as iconic as the dog ending in the survival horror game Silent Hill 2. Unlocking this ending isn’t easy. You have to navigate a certain path in the Lakeview Hotel with a special key, watch a strange videotape, and then make your way to the observation room on the third floor.

What awaits you in this secret ending is a revelation that is both absurd and extremely funny. Meet Mira, the mischievous Shiba Inu whose antics seem to have orchestrated the events of Silent Hill 2. While the dog ending may seem out of place in a game known for its chilling atmosphere and psychological depth, its inclusion speaks to the versatility and creativity of the developers. Let’s hope that the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake will include it as well!

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Happy Easter Egg hunting and happy gaming!