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eFootball 2023 Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Konami brings an exciting soccer simulation to PC with eFootball 2023. Arcade feeling is what you get with the competition. With eFootball 2023, realism is where it’s at. In the new “DreamTeam” mode, you create your dream team and take care of transfers, tactics, and player development.

In our eFootball 2023 tips and tricks, we’ll tell you which game modes are available, how contracts work, and how to get to the top with your team.

1) What game modes are available in eFootball 2023?

Those who know the series will be surprised with new game modes when they start eFootball 2023. For one, there’s the “Authentic Team.” As the name suggests, here you play with real teams like Bayern Munich or Barcelona. The players’ stats are up to date and are constantly updated with patches. You have the choice of playing online against other players or offline against the AI.

On the other hand, you can create your dream team in eFootball 2023 in the new “Dreamteam” mode. It’s a mixture of Fifa’s Ultimate Team and the Manager mode. So, you sign up players (cards) and coaches that fit your playstyle. Play either against the AI or face other dream teams in an online league with different divisions.

Unlike the “Authentic Team” mode, you can upgrade the skills of your Dreamteam players at any time. However, choose your professional soccer players and tactics wisely. Acquiring new players costs resources. We’ll show you later what these resources are and how to unlock them.

2) eFootball 2023 tips and tricks: Contracts

For now, let’s take a look at how the “Dreamteam” mode is structured. One important point is contracts. There are two of them in the game: the Chance Deal and the Nominating Contract.

The Chance Deal in eFootball 2023 allows you to sign a random player from a changing offer. If you’re lucky, you’ll even unlock legendary cards. However, it’s more likely that you’ll get “featured” players, standard cards, or standard cards with a glossy look.

The Nominating Contract is a similar item. Which players you can unlock varies depending on the deal. However, unlike the Chance Deal, you get to choose the available players yourself. This makes the Nominating Contract comparable to a transfer market. However, in the player list, you will only find cards that are currently “trending.” These are players who have recently achieved an outstanding performance for their real club.

3) Player development and team efficiency

In the beginning of eFootball 2023, you won’t have many top players in your squad, so you’ll have to resort to standard players. But that’s not a problem: with a little micromanagement, your inferior protégés will quickly rise in their level. There are two ways you can upgrade a player.

To level up a player, he must play a certain number of games. Or you can use “level training programs” that you receive as event rewards, for example.

For each level up the player gets development points. With them, you can upgrade him according to your wishes. On the one hand, invest the points in his player values (shooting, dribbling, defending …). If you are not sure which player values are important, use the recommendation function. Then the points will be assigned automatically.

On the other hand, you can put development points into the team playstyle proficiency of the footballer as well. “Team playstyle” describes the tactics of your team. Under the menu item [Strategy], you can select your preferred style.

There are five playstyles in total:

  • Possession Game
  • Quick Counter
  • Long Ball Counter
  • Out Wide
  • Long ball

Your protégés in eFootball 2023 behave according to your chosen tactics. For example, if you choose the quick counter, your players will press hard and sprint forward when they win the ball. Each style has strengths and weaknesses.

Note, however, that a player’s team playstyle proficiency score is very important. If your player has a score below 50, he plays worse overall because he can’t develop his potential. With a score of 70, the player lives up to his potential. Every point above that makes him better and thus increases your success!

So, invest your development points not only in the player values but also in team playstyle proficiency. Aim for a score of 70 with your favorite players to make them perform at their best.

4) eFootball 2023: Currencies

Let’s take a look at the in-game currencies in eFootball 2023. There are three of them: eFootball Coins, GP, and eFootball Points.

With eFootball coins, you can sign players directly. So, you don’t necessarily need a contract. The only bummer is that the card is randomly selected from a changing list. You have the chance to get legendary cards, “featured” cards and standard cards. You also buy coaches and other game items with eFootball coins. You can get coins by completing daily tasks or for real money in the store.

With GP you can buy standard cards and their glossy versions. The choice is not left to chance but is entirely up to you. You also hire soccer coaches with GP in addition to coins. You get this currency when you win matches, earn daily rewards, and complete in-game tasks.

eFootball points are a valuable currency. You can use them to add legendary players and “featured” cards from a list to your team. You earn the points less while playing, but more during campaigns outside the game. This can be watching a stream, for example. For this, however, your game account must be linked to a Konami ID.

5) With these six beginner tips you’ll become a pro

Get a coach based on the tactical skills of your players

When building your team in eFootball 2023, you should already have a playstyle selected. If you are unsure which tactic suits you, test it in a few games first. Or you can use your favorite player as an example. Look at his team playstyle proficiency scores. Beckenbauer, for example, inspires with possession tactics. Before you buy other players, make sure they also prefer the same playstyle.

The same applies to the coach. They also have different playstyle values. The higher this is, the better your club plays. So, in our Beckenbauer example, Xavi with a 95 rating on possession tactics would be the ideal manager.

Pay attention to the “Goals” section

There are typical tasks or quests in eFootball 2023 called “objectives.” These are challenges like “score 4 goals.” By completing them, you get different rewards. First of all, of course, you get GP and coins. With the latter, you buy “premium objectives” from the store. These are more difficult to complete but come with better rewards.

Objectives are an important source of income and a fundamental part of the game. Some are achieved along the way, as you reach milestones in your career. However, there are new tasks every week. Always try to complete them by the end of the week to not miss any coins or GP.

Now and then, Konami surprises its players with time-limited campaigns that promise a lot of loot. So, check the “Objectives” menu regularly to make sure you don’t miss a quest!

Improve your standard players

When you start eFootball 2023 in “Dreamteam” mode, your squad consists of 23 original players. Their stats and therefore their performances are pretty bad. That you want to replace this standard squad with your favorite kickers is obvious and makes sense. But there are two problems.

First, you don’t have enough money to afford all the top players at the beginning. Second, contracts with legendary cards are limited to 60 days. This means that your Beckenbauer will leave your team after only two months. Standard cards, on the other hand, stay with you for 365 days. To extend the contract of legendary cards you need extension tickets. And they are pricey! You have to pay 25,000 eFootball points in the store to extend a contract.

That’s why you should stick to a fixed core of five to six legendary players and only extend them regularly. Standard cards fill the gaps. For this reason, you should also pay enough attention to these protégés and constantly upgrade them. After some time, they will also reach top values.

Get rid of all duplicates and unwanted players from your squad

In the predecessor eFootball 2021, you traded duplicates of one card for another. This is no longer possible in the 2022 version. Instead, you now release duplicates and receive development points in return. We told you above what you can use them for.

You should also let duplicate legendary cards go. Because trading in such rare cards is rewarded with a valuable contract extension! And don’t get confused by different designs of a player’s card: Legendary cards of a player come in several versions. But their values are always the same. So, the decision of which card you trade in is up to your taste.

Resource management (coins, points, tickets for contract renewal)

Resources in eFootball 2023 are limited. We have already told you how to use the in-game currency: Use the standard players, complete the daily and weekly goals, and don’t miss out on exclusive events. Trading in duplicate cards is also part of it.

In a direct comparison, eFootball coins are the most valuable. They are followed by points and finally GP. Buy legendary cards with the coins only when the team of your choice is featured. After all, you are still dependent on chance. The points are best exchanged for items like the contract extension. Save GP for the coach purchase after you’ve stocked up your squad with stable standard cards.

Fix the stamina problem of your players

We’ve all been there – shortly after the second half starts, your players are already out of breath. Standard players suffer particularly badly from stamina problems. To still win the game, change the tired players. But note that in eFootball 2023 only three substitutions are allowed.

If you are completely dissatisfied with your players’ stamina, then you need to improve their endurance and lower body strength in the player development. No one likes to do that, because it leaves fewer points available for the more important stats. But what good is the most powerful shot if the opposing defenders are always faster?

How can PLITCH improve your eFootball 2023 experience?

It’s fun to get into this football game. It is complex and offers the long-term motivation to always stay on top of things. With our eFootball 2023 tips and tricks, your dream team will surely make it to the top. And if the stamina problem annoys you as much as us, we have a little bonus for you.

PLITCH offers you two eFootball 2023 cheats, among them the “Infinite Stamina” code. For free! Just download PLITCH and activate the cheat code. Your players won’t get tired and you can improve them freely according to your ideas. However, this only works when playing against the AI, so cheating in multiplayer is not possible (and let’s be honest – also really uncool).

Happy Gaming!