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Evil West Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Red Dead Redemption proved that the Wild West setting has great potential. So it’s no surprise that the new game from Polish developer Flying Wild Hog hits like a well-polished revolver. In our Evil West tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to use the combat system to your advantage, manage your equipment effectively, and survive in the rough, unforgiving world of the shooter.

1) Evil West combat tips

Dodging is not always the best option

Evil West puts your reflexes to the test as combat is fast, yet tactical. Dodging during the vampire hunt is indeed a good way to move quickly in combat. However, unlike in ELDEN RING or the Souls games, you’re only invulnerable for a short time during the animation. The I-frames end as soon as your legs touch the ground again. This means that even the best-timed roll will be ineffective if it ends up on an enemy blade.

Therefore, instead of dodging, it’s sometimes better to disable the vampires’ attacks. Your zapper is a handy tool for this. You can use it to stun your enemies, fling them away, or draw them to you for melee. You can also interrupt attacks with your Shotgun, Quake Punch, or Kick-Off.

Flinging the Enemy

The many possible combinations in combat are what make Evil West so fast-paced and action-packed. The most important part of your combos should be a fling. You can do this with your zapper, your electric glove, a melee attack, or a firearm, depending on what works best in the situation.

If the enemy is close to you, you’ll want to give them a powerful blow or push them away with the shotgun. If they’re a bit further away, use the zapper or pull them into the air with the electric glove. Each throw will be followed by another attack. It’s important to keep moving and string together moves and attacks. The game is designed to let you experiment a lot to find your favorite style.

Don’t take your eyes off your opponent

Keep your eyes on your enemies and don’t let them get behind you. The worst thing that can happen to you is to have a crowd of enemies behind you. Because of the camera work in Evil West, you’ll take a lot of damage and be an easy target. Keep an eye out for new vampires and follow their movements. With clever combos, you’ll make sure that the monsters are always exactly where you want them to be.

Evil West combat tips: Exploit weak points

Almost every enemy has a weak spot. When you hit them, you do significantly more damage than with regular attacks. They will show up as small circles on your opponent’s body during battle. As soon as you see them, target them.

In addition to the increased damage, hitting a weak spot will also give you a health boost. Especially in a boss fight, this can be the difference between victory and defeat. Over time, you’ll get a feel for where and when the circles appear, and you’ll be able to anticipate their appearance to fight faster and more effectively.

Prioritizing the right enemies

As mentioned before, despite all the speed, the battles are tactical. And one of the most important tactics of our Evil West tips and tricks is not to attack your enemies randomly, but with a system. First, eliminate all enemies that come at you with explosives. Otherwise, they can become quite annoying and bring you screen death faster than you’d like.

Next are the fast and small vampires and the ranged fighters. Only at the end do you concentrate on the big, slow, and lumbering hunks.

Use combos often

The combat system in Evil West is clearly based on combos. Short single attacks do little damage and make you easier to attack. So combo as much as possible, alternating attacks, dodging and throwing, and adding spikes and explosives to your shots. As you progress in the game, you’ll also unlock more movement options to incorporate into your style.

Change your fighting style

Many vampire hunters tend to use the same technique over and over again. This is convenient if you’ve found one that works well and you’re comfortable with it. But in the long run, you won’t be successful if you don’t vary your style.

Every time you upgrade your weapons or zapper, and every time you have a new dodge option, you should try new combos and work out more complex strategies. Evil West isn’t a walk in the park, it requires a certain amount of skill.

Don’t kill all the minions

The next tip may seem strange, but it makes sense: always leave some weak enemies alive during fights. They give you two benefits. Firstly, they will serve as a source of health when you need it quickly. And second, they help you escape. After all, your character moves rather slowly, and the dodge roll isn’t always the best way to move.

The solution: Use the zapper to pull yourself up to distant enemies to quickly bridge large entrances. This can save your life in critical situations.

Use your environment

Last but not least, we recommend that you use your environment as well as your weapons in combat. The Wild West means dynamite. Lure your enemies near TNT barrels and detonate them at the right moment with a well-aimed shot to cause a lot of damage.

Barbed wire can also come in handy. Punch the vampires to knock them into it.

2) Upgrade your equipment

Upgrades in Evil West are expensive, but worth it. Therefore, pick up all the money bags you can to be able to afford them. Apart from the Wild West setting, the shooter also has steampunk elements that you shouldn’t miss. For example, the energy upgrades of your weapons, which add charged shots and chain lightning.

The third upgrade for your revolver is both extremely useful and fun: the blaster. It’ll cost you a whopping 5,000 credits, but you’ll be able to unleash a real thunderstorm with your weapon. It also makes bullets bounce off enemies, allowing you to hit multiple enemies at once.

3) Upgrades are reversible

There are two skill trees in Evil West: perks and upgrades. While the former can be unlocked by leveling up, the latter can be purchased with the necessary number of credits. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which upgrade to buy. However, unlike other action RPGs, you won’t run the risk of getting stuck.

From the fourth chapter onward, you can reset upgrades and perks you have already chosen, allowing you to switch to a different – preferably better – build while the game is still running. Resetting doesn’t cost any money either, but it can only be done in the Hub. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to reset between missions.

So if you’re really unsure about a perk or upgrade, whether you want to use it or wait for another, you might want to wait. The game is designed in such a way that you’ll be able to complete any level on your own, without any powerful upgrades.

4) Watch out for silver necklaces

Evil West is not an open-world game, it’s very linear. To know where you have to go to get to the next level, you have to look out for the silver chains hanging around the game world. They provide information about your route and are often indicators of collectibles such as chests, scrolls, or advantage points.

While you should search your entire environment for collectibles, you’ll usually find the most in places where silver chains shine. Skins and wads of money can also be hidden among them.

5) Evil West tips and tricks: Look up

At the beginning of the game, the “hidden” items are not really hidden but placed in plain sight. From mission to mission, however, they become harder to find and require more exploration. Always look up. From time to time, chains, ropes, and hanging corpses can be shot down and drop valuable items.

6) Violence is a solution

One particular trait is especially important in Evil West, and if you want to succeed in combat, you should definitely use it and drive it to ecstasy: Brutality. Almost every situation in the game can be solved with pure violence, your fists, your revolver, your shotgun, or your zapper.

If you fail a level, it’s usually because you were too cautious and not violent enough. The next time you try, make your fists even harder, your weapons even more brutal, and slash and hack your way through the hordes of enemies. Restraint is a weakness in the Wild West, and a winner’s motto is: shoot first and ask questions later.

You don’t have to farm levels to defeat certain enemies like in an Assassin’s Creed game, but every enemy can be eliminated by sheer skill.

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Our Evil West tips and tricks are a good start to get your skills up to speed and make your entry into the game easier. However, the shooter is still a tough experience that, in the worst case, will make you repeat the same level dozens of times until you have mastered the mechanics.

If this takes too long, causes too much frustration or you just want to have fun shooting, our PLITCH Evil West cheats will help you. Thanks to unlimited armor or Godmode, the vampires can’t hurt you anymore, and the cheat that makes reloading unnecessary provides an almost intoxicating spectacle.

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Happy Gaming!