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F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

You can’t wait to leave your opponents in the dust and fight your way to the top of the season with your team in F1® Manager 2022? To do this, you need a few F1 Manager 2022 tips and tricks, which we don’t want to deprive you of in our article.

For those who are in a hurry and want to be among the fastest in the game, we also have a shortcut that will exceed the effectiveness of any pit stop.

1) Start developing immediately

Even though it’s tempting to immediately jump into the racing gear in F1 Manager 2022, speed across the asphalt, and fight for first place on the victory stairs, you should first make some preparations. A visit to your team’s development department is highly recommended. Here you can commission the creation of your first designs.

You should focus on the most important parts of your race car, which influence various attributes. To achieve optimal results, you should plan enough test time. You can neglect the shock absorber at the beginning. After you have completed your first race, you will receive a new car part that you can install directly.

2) Upgrade your facilities

At the beginning of F1 Manager 2022, you’ll experience what it means to be responsible for the success of a team in Formula 1. Every decision you make has an impact on your team’s success.

First, focus on your factory and your design center. These are two of the most important facilities that you should upgrade as soon as possible. The upgrades will allow you to produce more car parts simultaneously – drastically increasing the production speed. At the same time, this will allow you to hire more engineers – and they are another core element for your game progress.

3) F1 Manager 2022 tips: test drives

Test drives in F1 Manager 2022 are not necessarily among the most exciting game content, but they are important for your driver. Just like in real-life Formula 1, they allow him to get used to the new track and gain experience with the car configuration. This in turn allows him to give you essential feedback so that you can work on improvements.

If the test drives in free practice are successful, your driver will also receive bonus points for the next race. It’s advisable to play at least one practice session manually to achieve optimal results. With the help of the feedback you’ll receive, you’ll adjust the parts of the setup that need improvement.

4) Aggressive start settings

Especially the start is important to gain an advantage. So, set the driver’s setting to full aggression. With some skill and luck, you can secure a good position for your driver.

5) Push mode

You should save restraint for other occasions. In the race in F1 Manager 2022, it’s all about pushing. You don’t have to take any losses into account – not even when it comes to the fuel gauge. Your speed makes you lighter, which is important for the rest of the race. You’ll save fuel later anyway when the DRS is active.

6) Change your strategy

You should be ready to change your strategy at any time. F1 Manager 2022 is very realistic, so unforeseen things happen like accidents requiring safety cars, changes on the tracks due to rain, or other difficulties. Depending on where you are in the race, changing tires can be appropriate and give you new advantages.

However, the advised pit stop is not always the right strategy. Always judge the situation: Is gaining a position more important and can you gain an advantage by not pitting?

Rain offers you a good opportunity to make up places. If there’s a safety car, don’t forget to turn on the battery charging mode and make sure you preserve your tires and fuel.

7) Familiarize yourself with your rivals

Whether you’re playing a shooter, MOBA, or racing simulator, you should always keep an eye on your opponent. After all, it’s you who wants to win. Therefore, always try to keep track of the data. Especially important here are the tires and lap times of your nearest competitors.

Make use of the information (such as the tire wear of your fellow drivers) that the game gives you! You’ll draw important conclusions about your opponents’ strategy and other aspects including pit stops.

8) Keep a cool head and your goal in mind

The action of a race is pure thrill. Even if the asphalt is blazing, you still have to keep a cool head and act strategically. Use the options that F1 Manager 2022 offers you and pause the race – a luxury that the teams in Formula 1, unfortunately, don’t have. This will give you time to analyze and compare data.

Afterward, you’ll be able to adjust your strategy and get important advantages. Consider all the options and choose the best one. Will a pit stop get you further? How will the rest of the race play out if you continue? While you’re pausing, time is on your side.

So calmly consider the options, always keeping your goal in mind. Don’t let your emotions distract you from the essentials. Pay attention to your rivals (not only those in front and behind you) and don’t pass just because you don’t like Lewis Hamilton.

9) Budget tips

  • Pay attention to the budget cap in F1 Manager 2022: this is 142.4 million US dollars in 2022. While that sounds like a lot of cash, don’t disregard how much money it costs to develop your cars, top engineers, and top-class mechanics in the world of Formula 1. So be as smart as possible with the funds at your disposal.
  • Your ranking at the halfway point of the season is important because it affects how much time you need in the development department. The better your ranking, the less time you have to plan there. If you do worse, you can make up for it by spending more time in the department.
  • Don’t forget the shareholders: every team is different and has different goals. At the beginning of the season, you choose your favorite and thus head towards a certain goal for the coming season.
  • Take optional sponsor goals: At the beginning of each race, you can accept optional goals. These offer you several bonuses for completing them. However, you should only accept them if there’s a good chance that you can achieve the respective goals. For this, you should have a strong team on your side. If you fail to meet targets, you’ll be penalized.
  • The best staff: Recruiting young racers offers you new opportunities, as they are much cheaper than old-established F1 superstars. Note, however, that they sometimes cause accidents that can cost you a lot. You always can encourage a driver to terminate his contract with a bonus.
  • Keep track of contract terms: Employees are the heart of your team. Therefore, regularly check the current contract duration of your employees and whether a contract renewal is pending.

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With the help of our tips, you should be able to get to the finish line as easily as possible. However, the scope and complexity of the game should not be underestimated. To succeed, you’ll have to stay alert on many levels, act strategically, and be willing to invest a lot of time in the game.

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