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FIFA 22 Career Mode Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In FIFA 22 you get another decent soccer package, which particularly stands out due to the licenses and atmosphere. The central component is still the extremely popular career mode.

Accordingly, EA has updated the FIFA 22 career mode. In our FIFA 22 career mode tips and tricks, we’ll show you what those updates are and how you can be more successful as a club manager.

1) New features of the FIFA 22 career mode

Create your own club

In this FIFA game, EA offers a feature in the new career mode, which hasn’t been available since FIFA 07: The possibility to create your own club. With “Create a Team” you create your own team with all the details and train it afterward.

Various team customizations

When you create your individual team, you don’t just define the name. You also design jerseys, build the stadium and make specifications for the team. For example, you decide the average age, the transfer budget or the overall rating of the team. 

Locker room atmosphere

In addition to the previous scenes of interviews before and after the match, the FIFA 22 career mode now also offers atmospheric sequences from the locker room.

Here, the players reflect on performances, and discuss or show their emotions. In addition, EA delivers a lot of new footage that makes the soccer in FIFA 22 even more authentic.

2) Level up and earn XP

Apart from the regular FIFA 22 career mode, in which you manage the entire team, EA also offers innovations in the pure player career with the current offshoot. By the way, these are more extensive than in the coaching career.

Game bonuses

Your player now receives a rating after each game, which is rewarded with experience points. With these points, you can unlock various skills in a skill tree. You also get player experience points through the training sessions.

Different archetypes can be activated via the skill tree. These offer you an even greater bonus for your player.


As already mentioned, your player gets experience points in the individual training units, which you can then spend on skills. However, this system is limited by the number of available training units. You only have 3 units per week. This means that you need to be patient to improve your talent in the FIFA 22 career mode.

Optimized game tasks

In addition, the game objectives have been optimized. Now you have certain dynamic goals in the game with your character, depending on which position you play.

These are also influenced by which formation the coach chooses or which goals have been set. If you meet these targets, you will receive points that you can use to improve your character. 

Advantages are unlocked when leveling up

Another new feature is the perk system. These advantages are automatically unlocked when you level up your player and provide a performance boost. They are linked to conditions and provide an advantage not only to you, but also to other team members.

However, only three of the perks can be taken into a match. The advantage effects are indicated in the game by an icon above your star’s head.

3) Fifa 22 career mode tips: The skill tree

Even though the player’s career now feels much more gripping and offers more than in previous years, the whole thing is not entirely new. For instance, the skill tree seems to be a new feature at first glance; in fact, it already existed in Pro Clubs. Thus, this feature is not a new creation, but rather an adaptation for the player career mode.

Skill points can be used freely

Nevertheless, you can be happy about the skill tree in the FIFA 22 career mode, which has clearly been updated. Now you have more freedom about how you develop your attributes. Up to now, they were assigned passively and you had only minimal influence on the skills your player developed.

Which skills are most useful?

The question of which skills are most useful for your player can’t be answered general terms. They’re divided into:

  • Physical
  • Defending
  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Pace
  • Goalkeeping

Depending on the position played, there are then various advantages that you can use for your pro. For example, an archetype from the Defense or Physical category is more important for a central defender than one from the Shooting category.

As an offensive midfielder, on the other hand, passing, dribbling, and shooting might be more important than defending.

The fact is, with the new skill tree you can adapt your playing style exactly to your wishes over time. Thus, FIFA 22 provides you with great innovations, especially in the player career, which offer you a better and more effective gaming experience.

4) Transfer budget – How do I use it best?

In-game cash injection

No matter if you want to lure top stars to your club, strengthen your own club selectively, promote the youth academy or sign the best talents of the national team as well as the leagues worldwide – for everything you need money.

You can freely choose this budget when creating your club. This gives you financial freedom for transfers and scouting up to a certain point.

Young talents

An essential point for your success in the FIFA 22 career mode are – at least at the beginning – young talents. These “stars of tomorrow” can be found in almost all the leagues of the world.

What you need to discover them are suitable and capable scouts. In FIFA 22 it makes sense to use not only one scout but at least two. They don’t work for free, so finding special talents requires an adequate budget.

Release and transfer fee

The purchase of new players – no matter if young talent, experienced team player, or superstar – is linked to several factors. Players who play for a top club in Europe will be less convinced to play for an “unknown” club.

However, a transfer can be made palatable with the necessary budget. In addition, many top stars have agreed to sums with which they can be bought out of their current contract.

The fact is that you need the appropriate budget to be able to afford superstars like Neymar, Mbappé, Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski, and co. It doesn’t stop there. You also have to pay them an appropriate salary.

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