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Floodland Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

A tsunami flooded the world and it now lies in ruins. You’re the person who will rebuild it and make it shine in new splendor. In our Floodland tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to get the necessary resources, manage your clans and optimally expand your skill tree.

1) Collect and loot everything you can

At the beginning of the game, resources are scarce. Your first goal in Floodland is to collect as many materials and supplies as possible. To do this, you give your group of survivors orders to collect things, the radius of which you determine through the Search & Explore menu. You can’t give orders to individual people. All people who aren’t tied up in production operations always go to work.

Collect all flotsam that washes ashore from the sea. Small piles of garbage can be recycled immediately and for larger ones, you need to set up a collection and sorting station. The same goes for other large objects like cars or trees. Some items also require tools to take them apart.

A good source of resources are buildings. They often contain many different materials. However, most buildings are secured by locks, which you must first break open with a lockpick. However, watch out for pathogens in heavily decayed places. These can infect your squad and bring dangerous plagues into the community.

And speaking of the community, it can even grow by exploring buildings. Because some of them are inhabited by people who will only join you willingly after you’ve freed them. An inhabited water tower can be useful to you in three ways:

  1. It’s a source of drinking water.
  2. Valuable metal can be extracted from it.
  3. Your troop will grow thanks to new members.

By the way, your inventory in Floodland is managed globally. This means that when you find resources in one place, they’ll be available to you in all others. This is especially relevant when you inhabit several islands.

2) Finding food and water in Floodland

The world in Floodland is flooded, but before your survivors can drink the cool water, it must be filtered. In addition to the supplies you find in water towers, you need to ensure a permanent supply. To do this, you place filtering units in the shallow water and staff them with one, or at best even two people. After all, they can get dirty and need to be maintained and cleaned regularly.

To ensure that your settlement not only has something to drink, but also solid food, you must send your clan out to gather, hunt, and fish. You can find mushrooms and berries almost everywhere in the game world and they’ll ensure your survival even in the short term. For a regular supply of fresh fish, build fishing docks in the coastal area. Later, you can also build an insect farm to provide larger quantities of food.

3) Floodland tips on technology and learning


Mankind’s digital knowledge has been lost in Floodland due to climate change and the resulting great flood. To rebuild civilization and rediscover some of the old technologies, books must now be studied and artifacts examined. You decipher and catalog the remains of the previous age in the so-called Study, a rudimentary university.

The knowledge gained for your clan will be entered into the collective memory and can be used by everyone in your society. A total of five abilities can be acquired in this area – the Academy mode. In normal mode, on the other hand, you build up research points that you can use in the associated menu to reach new levels. Thus, your people will first go to the garbage level and can work their way up to the concrete level.

Each new level gives you the possibility to unlock new buildings and abilities. Once you’ve found all the Old-World relics on your island, you should explore the radio tower. With it, you’ll send specific radio messages that will reveal new areas of the map. You then send an exploration squad to these areas. This way you’ll discover new sources of medicine and resources and you’ll find more clans or people that you can integrate into your own.

Focus on the right skills

To avoid a technological dead end, one of our most important Floodland tips and tricks is to focus. The research tree is huge and can be very intimidating at first glance. It also doesn’t do you any good to build up all the elements equally. Then you’ll end up with all relics being used up and you can’t build up any more research points.

So first get an overview of the conditions on your island and think about where you want to go next. Based on this, you’ll then choose the research thread that makes the most sense for you. There are four different ones:

  • Growth
  • Survival
  • Exploration
  • Well-Being

From experience, it’s best to focus on Survival first to ensure a steady food supply. Then you expand the Exploration path to be able to move to new islands. You can complete the other strands in the late-game when your civilization is on a more or less secure footing.

4) Explore and discover your environment

There’s one point in the growth section that you should unlock right at the beginning. Directly after you’ve built the research station, you invest in recycling plants. Without them, the further expansion of the research strands will be difficult. In addition, you should unlock the diving suit in the exploration section as early as possible. It allows you to recover raw materials and treasures in sunken ruins.

At the beginning of Floodland, many areas of the map will still be foggy. The best thing to do is to continuously form exploration squads in order to uncover everything as quickly as possible, open up sources of raw materials and get an overview of the island. Also, be sure to give your squads new orders when resource sources run dry. The game doesn’t alert you to all the events. You’ll have to keep your eyes open yourself.

5) Build houses near the workplace

To keep the distances in your city short, tents should be placed near workplaces. This way, commuters won’t have to travel long distances. Unlike in a building game like Anno or Age of Empires, there are frequent changes of location in Floodland. New tents must be set up so that these don’t create unnecessary routes and save you time.

6) Floodland tips on clans


In Floodland, there are four different clans, which have different needs and characteristics. Which one you meet in a newly discovered house is randomly generated, by the way.

Good Neighbours

The Good Neighbours stand for freedom and represent the values of the Old World. The plumber as a leader increases the production speed of water production buildings by 20%. And “Workaholics” increases the working time by 35% by adding a night shift. However, the trait also has consequences, such as increased restlessness and a 75% overwork on the extra shift.

Oakhill Survivors

The second clan in Floodland is the Oakhill Survivors. They are focused on the Old World and stand for unity. Their ambition is to rebuild Old America in the New World. They survived the disaster by hiding in shelters as preppers. Their leader (Fair) reduces crime effects by 50%. Their resilience increases the time it takes for a disease to become fatal during an epidemic by 150%.


The Firebrigade stands for freedom. Their worldview is focused on the future and they celebrate tolerance and diversity. In terms of traits, the leader Drill Sergeant increases the running speed of your survivors by 25%. They also consume half as much food as other clans due to the Ascetic trait. In the past, they were the crew of a fire station. However, in order to save as many people as possible, they accepted anyone who needed help into their clan and thus grew into a diverse community.

Berkut III

Last but not least, there’s the Berkut III. Like the Firebrigade, they hold the New World worldview but don’t want freedom, but unity. Their leader, the Quality Inspector, increases the level of Precision Specialization for all clans by 1. In addition, the Explorers trait increases the rate at which resources are found and mined by 50%. Incidentally, their name is derived from an oil rig that survived the tsunami, of which they were once the crew.

Clan Management

Every end is also a new beginning. That is the idea of Floodland and accordingly, it’s your task to pass new laws and set up guidelines about the coexistence of the clans. Due to the different world views, there are of course enormous tensions between the groups, which you have to defuse and negotiate between. Some of your decisions will be unpopular, but necessary. After all, the raised sea level forces compromise on all parties involved.

For example, you can censor the press in Floodland to change the opinion of the population or even introduce a monarchy in society. Political opponents can be pilloried and if you play as a vegetarian, even a general ban on meat is possible. However, some laws are mutually exclusive and incompatible. For example, you have to decide whether you want to expand reading or rather allow alcohol.

You also have to consider the order. Before you can build gyms, for example, a pillory is mandatory. Unfortunately, the connections aren’t always intuitive and some things can only be figured out through trial and error. The fact that you can allow same-sex marriages is also something you have to figure out for yourself since the game doesn’t point out that there is such a thing as weddings in the New World.

Apart from the fact that certain laws prevent the introduction of others, each decree brings both bonuses and disadvantages that you should weigh against each other. To avoid unrest, it’s important to maintain a certain balance.

Survive in Floodland with PLITCH!

The strategy game brings a breath of fresh air to the survival genre, and with our Floodland tips and tricks, you should have an easy time getting started in the New World. As already mentioned, the research tree is extremely extensive, so not all elements can be unlocked in a normal playthrough.

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