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Football Manager 2022 Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 27.06.2024

The ever-popular soccer simulation game Football Manager 2022 (FM 2022 for short) from developer Sports Interactive is back. The game looks better than ever and features a revamped match engine.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of managing teams like Manchester United or Schalke 04 and are a big tactics fan, then you’ve come to the right place. We give you some important Football Manager 2022 tips and tricks for a good start.

1) Tips on transfers

When you start your first season in Football Manager 2022, you should skip or disable the first transfer window. To do this, simply set your transfer budget to zero when you create your account/save point. Now you can’t sign players for a fixed transfer fee, but players without a club or players on loan will be moved between the clubs.

This allows you to really get to know your players in the first season. In addition, there are often talented players from the youth department or second tier of the team that you can give a chance.

Then, in the winter transfer window or after the summer season, you have the opportunity to improve your team by signing new players.

2) Football Manager 2022 Tips on players and teams

Get the players on your side

Above all, being successful convinces your players of your abilities as a coach. However, if you also talk to them outside of games and training sessions, pay them fairly and let them play in important games if they perform well, this will also have a positive influence on their opinion of you.

Team-building pays off

If the team chemistry in Football Manager 2022 is pleasant, games against supposedly stronger opponents can also be won. Therefore, you should organize a team-building event every week. The cohesion of the group is also increased by game analysis and social engagement. Additional motivation for your players is provided by the attributes of dedication, determination, and teamwork.

Players should not play their strongest roles

If you have several players with similar characteristics, not all of them should focus on the same task. For example, not all playmakers should focus on setting up the play, but the strongest in tackling should act as a central midfielder or the strongest in running should act as a box-to-box player.

This distribution of roles strengthens the overall team construct while preserving the player’s other attributes.

Find reasonable reinforcements for your team

Reinforce your team in Football Manager 2022 with new additions to address your previously identified problems as effectively as possible. Put more emphasis on quality than on quantity, i.e., sign really necessary players rather than dispensable players in well-occupied positions.

The average rating for the completed season helps to examine the team for weaknesses. A 7.0 rating is considered good – if your rating is below that, you should find out why.

Have a look at the youth department

Now and then, you should take a look at the youth department in Football Manager 2022 and pay attention to the talents of the second team or the youth teams. During pre-season, for example, such players may be playing in official games or loaned out to other clubs to gain match practice.

If a place is available in the team or squad, these players can also be used and promoted immediately. Thus, youth development plays an important role in the selection of coaches in the youth sector to discover great talents and possible reinforcements for the team as early as possible.

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With the given Football Manager 2022 tips and tricks, you should be off to an optimal start. It’s also a lot of fun to explore the game yourself and keep improving. Are you currently too busy to play, too impatient or is the game too difficult? Then simply use PLITCH’s Football Manager 2022 cheats!

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Happy Gaming!