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10 Forspoken Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

The first big PC role-playing game of 2023 comes from Square Enix and parts of the development team have even worked on Final Fantasy XV. So JRPG know-how was there. And to increase your know-how for the game, our Forspoken tips and tricks will show you how to find your way around the world of Athia without any problems.

1) Use your agility

Movement is the key to success in Forspoken. If you just stand still during your attacks, you’ll be an easy target for your opponents and get hit much more often. The combat system in Forspoken thrives on dynamics, not only in the selection of attacks themselves but also in how you combine them with your movements. Thus, some spells become even more effective and can cause more damage if you fire them while running or jumping in the air.

The best way to defeat monsters is to circle them and dance around them. This is because not only Frey’s speed, but also that of your enemies is quite high, and even distant enemies can engage you in close combat in no time. On top of that, you’ll take a lot of damage when you get hit and you’ll usually be outclassed in purely physical confrontations. So use jumps, dashes, and sprints to dodge and keep the upper hand in combat.

2) What types of magic and spells are there?

Red magic

Red magic in Forspoken – also called Sila’s magic – is fire-based. With it you get a parkour ability that serves you as a grappling hook, so to speak. In terms of attack spells, you have the Arc Slice, Rage Slice, and Blast Slice at your disposal.

Supporting spells are Aegis, Bombardier, Firetrap, and Crucible. But the Charge, Fusillade, and Legion are also part of the red magic defensive spells. In addition, there are the spells Conflagration 1 to 3, which let you shoot magma, and the Soar ability, which lets you perform a direct jump. Last but not least, Sila’s magic increases the magic bonus of your cloak.

Blue magic

Blue magic – also called Prav’s magic – is based on water. It gives you the magic surfboard, with which you can move across the cool water. As far as attack spells are concerned, it’s all about bolts. You can use fan bolts, chain bolts, and cluster bolts. Supporting spells include Maelstrom, which creates a pillar of water, Naedre, which poisons your opponents, and Inundation, which sharpens your senses.

In total, Prav’s magic in Forspoken offers eight support spells, of which the Cataract is available in three strengths. In addition, there’s Alb (damage reduction), Fortify (defense boost), and Up and Away, which lets you perform attacks at great heights. In addition to the surfboard, you also have the Float parkour ability, which mitigates your falls.

Purple magic

Purple magic – also called Frey’s magic – is earth-based. Her attack spells consist of stone shots, such as the shield shot, the volley shot, or the burst shot. For the support spells, plants are used. These include the Tendril that whips your opponents, the Ties that incapacitates them, or the Implant that deals permanent damage in the form of seeds.

Purple parkour spells in Forspoken are Shimmy and Flow, both of which increase your speed, the Leap, which lets you climb higher, and the teleportation, which allows you to warp without taking damage. In addition, there are other spells such as Genesis, Rarify, or Vivify.

Green magic

Green magic – also called Ola’s magic – is based on light. Attack spells with her are based on lightning and thunder, such as the Seeker Dart, the Pulse Dart, or the Storm Dart. Ola’s support spells include Distortion, which confuses your opponents, Aggression, which marks them, or Displacement, which creates a copy of Frey and thus distracts the enemy.

In terms of parkour, green magic offers the spells Scale, Spoof, and High and Seek. In addition, there is Suppression, which erases all traces of the user, and Diversify, through which you add a fourth ability to a necklace.

3) Marking enemies – yes or no?

By marking, you focus on a specific enemy, which allows the camera to follow them and you to focus your attacks on them. This focus remains even during quick dash and jump combos, and can be a great help in certain situations. For example, when you’re dealing with one of the more powerful opponents, it’s useful to keep a close eye on their actions.

However, you can’t mark an enemy in Forspoken when you are in the process of charging a spell. So you should use it beforehand. Also, in areas where you need to hide or can quickly lose track of what you’re doing, it’s sometimes a hindrance to have marking enabled.

After all, it won’t let you hide behind rocks during fights to avoid dangerous ranged attacks. Besides, there is a risk of maneuvering yourself into unfavorable positions in a small area, where your movement is limited and you are too easy a target.

So, depending on the enemy and the environment, weigh up whether marking just gives you advantages or disadvantages. For example, if you’re fighting a dragon in Forspoken, a free camera makes the most sense. If, on the other hand, your opponent is a powerful melee fighter, marking them will serve you well.

4) Forspoken tips and tricks: Collect mana

Unlike in a classic RPG, your spells don’t consume mana, but stamina or can only be used again after a cooldown. Nevertheless, mana is the most important resource in the game, because you use it to build your heroine’s skill tree. So collect as much of the magical substance as you can find in the open world.

In addition to the mana sources, which are distributed in the world in the form of blue glowing maelstroms, you’ll also get mana by completing challenges. However, one of our most important Forspoken tips and tricks is to focus on these only in the Late Game and complete the main storyline first. In between chapters, you’ll find enough mana along the way to be a match for any main story enemy.

5) Upgrade your skills

To make your skills more effective in Forspoken, you need to upgrade them. However, the upgrade can’t be done with a portion of mana but must be unlocked through spellcasting challenges. This type of challenge can only be activated in pilgrim refuges. These, along with the bell towers, serve as fast travel points.

When you find a refuge, go to the bookshelf and activate the challenge for the skill you want to upgrade. Usually, the challenge consists of either using the skill a certain number of times or eliminating several specific enemies. You may activate up to three such challenges simultaneously.

6) Escaping is not a disgrace

The leveling system of the enemies in Athia is similar to a Piranha Bytes game: you should rather avoid some monsters in the first hours of the game and only seek them out when you have the necessary skills and a correspondingly high level. If an enemy turns out to be a Bullet Sponge, it’s better to stop the attack before you waste a lot of healing potions or die.

Escaping is a valid option in Forspoken, and the feeling of later meeting and defeating an opponent who outranks you now can be very uplifting.

7) Search for Founts of Blessings

The easiest and most practical way to get new abilities in Forspoken is through Founts of Blessings. These are luminous pools of water in which you take a bath and thus get skills. So, exploring the open world can be very rewarding.

Therefore, regularly use the feisty bracelet Cuff to perform scans so that you don’t miss any of the sources. By the way, if Cuff’s chatter gets on your nerves, we have a tip that will save you from unnecessary frustration: in the options, you can turn down the frequency of its remarks. Frey and it will still argue, but it will comment on your actions much less often.

8) Increase your bag capacity

The further your adventure in Athia progresses, the more powerful the monsters, and especially the bosses become. As a result, you’ll need more and more healing potions for the battles. Therefore, regularly increase the capacity of your bags in Forspoken, especially the one for medicine. For this, as for the spell challenges, you need to visit a pilgrim’s refuge. In it, however, you won’t go to the bookshelf, but to a workbench.

With the help of metal nuggets and feathers, you can increase the number of items you can carry at the workbenches. The feathers and metal, in turn, can be found in the chests of the game world and as loot from killed enemies. By the way, at the workbench, you shouldn’t only upgrade your bags, but additionally, improve your capes and chains.

Upgrading your hit points, for example, will make you more resistant to physical attacks, which is especially useful in the first hours of the game. To get more crafting resources, you can also complete memories. If you complete them successfully, you’ll be rewarded with mana as well as flowers and stones, and besides, you’ll be able to repeat them as many times as you want. Thus, by grinding, there are no limits.

9) Explore all paths in locked labyrinths

The underground dungeons in Forspoken are real gold mines when it comes to boosting your mana, and finding crafting materials as well as healing potions. Besides, mastering the locked mazes is fun and a welcome change from the overworld tasks. However, the motto is: there is the most to find off the obvious paths.

Because there are many different paths available to you in the mazes and the main corridors usually lead relatively quickly to the boss enemy, you can miss out on valuable loot. So, before you jump into the final battle, we recommend that you explore all the nooks and crannies of the dungeon.

10) Upgrade the Charge skill

By charging, you’ll be able to summon a magical leash in Forspoken. With it, you’ll be able to swing through the air, pull on enemies and edges, and perform many practical moves that will let you maneuver faster and more flexibly. Since this will greatly simplify both combat and exploration, we recommend that you upgrade this ability as early as possible.

Activate and complete the corresponding challenges to give your movement a boost that will not only give you a gameplay advantage, but also a lot of fun.

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