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9 Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Tips & Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

The new ghost shooter not only features the original voice of Ray from the movies but also has a gameplay loop that is motivating and fun. In our Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to protect your rifts as a ghost or how to bust ghosts as a hunter.

1) Tips for ghostbusters

How to collect experience points

XP is the currency in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed. You use them to level up and unlock new items and abilities. Almost every action earns you XP, and they will be counted at the end of each match. The better the ghost hunt went for you, the more points you get.

Don’t miss out on the mold, spore, and fungus samples. They will give you an additional 10,000 XP once you reach a certain threshold. However, you’ll have to examine your surroundings well, because they are not easy to find.

Each destroyed rift and the successful capturing of the ghost brings the most, of course. But you’ll also increase your score by calming down NPCs and hits with your proton beam.

In addition, there are side quests and daily and weekly challenges. By performing certain activities and completing mini-goals, you’ll get a nice bonus.

Don’t forget the location of your equipment truck

Your equipment truck is your base in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed. You should always keep its location in mind so that you can quickly return to it at any time. After all, it’s your source for new traps and secondary gadgets. Since the ghost can not only escape your laid traps but also destroy them, supplies will be needed from time to time.

Especially on a large map, it’s important to memorize your position well. In addition, each ghost has a different play style and can change it during the hunt. To adapt to this, it’s necessary to get exactly the gadgets from the equipment car that are effective at the moment.

Complete side quests

Some gadgets can also be useful for side quests. To activate a side quest in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, interact with the book on the left of the table in the fire station before the match and pick the mission you want to complete next. Unlike the daily and weekly challenges, the side quests consist of several sub-goals that add up to a good amount of XP.

You don’t have to complete a side quest to earn experience points. Just completing one or more sub-objectives will earn you points. However, completing them all will give you an XP boost and sometimes even additional cosmetic upgrades.

Try to calm the NPCs

In Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, the enemy ghost can scare the NPCs on the map. If their level of fear reaches a critical point, they will even flee the area and you’ll get a hefty XP deduction. To counteract this, you can calm frightened people down by interacting with them. Unfortunately, the process is very tedious and costs you valuable seconds. It’s handled via Quick Time Event.

So, think about whether it makes sense to reduce the fear of the NPCs or rather to hunt the ghost. During the ghost hunt itself, you should also be careful not to unnecessarily scare civilians that are standing around. It’s best to chase the ghost to places where nothing is going on and activate your trap and your weapon’s protons there.

Search for rifts

For the game to end successfully for you, you need to take away the ghost’s three lives and capture it. With every rift you destroy, the ghost loses one of its lives. The same is true if it falls into your trap. However, trapping it is not that easy in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, since you have to manually set and activate the traps, and the ghost has several ways to escape.

So, your first goal is to find the rifts and shoot them with protons. The ghost can’t kill you in the process, but it can put slime on you like in the movies. In the middle of the screen, you’ll see the slime level. As soon as it reaches maximum, you’ll be immobilized and have to clean yourself up. So, between the collisions, make sure to de-slime yourself so that this doesn’t happen.

You can find rifts by searching for them with your P.K.E. meter. P.K.E. stands for “psychokinetic energies,” i.e., ghostly apparitions. However, the ghost can haunt various objects on the map, so your P.K.E. meter will react to them as well. They don’t count as rifts, of course, but they increase the haunting factor and should be disenchanted by you.

For the ghost, the rifts serve as respawn opportunities, so to speak. However, they don’t stand around freely in the environment but are located as colored cracks in objects and items. Together with the three AI bots, you bundle your firepower and bombard them with your proton beam. Try to avoid the ghost’s attacks without hitting civilians.

Once a rift is destroyed, interrupt the action to calm down eyewitnesses. Of course, you shouldn’t take too long with this. But to get the best score possible in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, it’s advisable to normalize those who are about to flee from the map. Then grab your P.K.E. meter again and look for the next rift.

One more note on this: switching between the proton beam and radar takes time. Also, you can’t shoot while holding the P.K.E. meter in your hand. So, one of our most important Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed tips and tricks is to use the device only sporadically to set your aim and then switch back to your gun to be prepared. Only switch back to the meter if you need to readjust your route.

2) Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed tips for ghosts

Pay attention to your surroundings

When you’re playing as a ghost in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, your tasks are of course completely different than when you are one of the ghostbusters. In a way, they’re exactly the opposite. Your task is to haunt as long and as much as you can until the house meter is at maximum and you can escape without losing your three lives first. In terms of strategy, the game gives you a lot of freedom.

The fastest way to haunt a house is to concentrate on individual rooms and to cause a lot of mischief in a few rather of them. The more a room is haunted by you, the higher the bonus will be. So, analyze your surroundings and find places where you can enchant as many items and scare NPCs as possible.

By putting a curse on an object, you increase the haunting factor of the room and also confuse the ghostbusters’ P.K.E. meter. This has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantage: It will be harder to find your rifts because the meter can’t distinguish between rifts and enchanted items. Disadvantage: You’ll draw attention to yourself.

The higher the haunting factor in the room in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, the more likely you are to be found. If that happens, you should take flight and avoid the traps and proton beams of your enemies. On your way to other rooms, it’s best to scare away any civilians that cross your path.

Protect the Rifts

However, if the ghostbusters have found not only you, but one of your rifts, then you have to protect it. Because a few focused beams from their proton beam are enough to destroy it.

To fight back, you can put slime on your opponents in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, taking away their ability to move. Another option is to scare the NPCs in the room so much that they leave the building.

Since this means a decent deduction of points for the busters, they will probably interrupt the attack on your rift and calm down badly spooked passersby. Also, you can use this to draw the attack away from your rift and change the busters’ strategy. They will then no longer attack your rift, but try to capture you.

Don’t let them discover you

Since you’re in an inferior position as a ghost in combat situations (after all, there are four busters and only one of you), your primary goal is to not be discovered. This depends strongly on the map.

In Rock Island Prison, for example, you can use the height of the central corridor to your advantage and fly toward the ceiling. This will make it difficult to spot you or to shoot you.

In the Whitestone Museum in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, the winding architecture is your advantage. The area offers many opportunities to take cover quickly. Also, the ghostbusters’ P.K.E. meter is designed to point in only one direction, but not tell them what floor or wall you’re on or behind. So, if you keep moving around the museum, you’ll make it extra hard for them.

At Hudson Canyon Lodge, it’s best to walk from room to room. If no one is on your tail, you usually have enough time to raise the haunting level. However, if you’re discovered, you should definitely flee. After all, the rooms are quite small and it’s easy to hit you there with the proton beam.

In the Clock Tower Brewery & Pub in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, you can make use of the inventory. Hide behind crates and furnishings. The tanks can also be a good cover in case of emergency. The map is cut a bit awkwardly for ghosts. So be especially attentive here and always have a potential hiding place in sight.

The RMS Artemisia is not only a beautiful ship but also a map where there are many opportunities to confuse ghostbusters. The spacious main area invites you to hide in the ceiling, and the cabins are good targets to increase the haunting level. Again, keep moving constantly and scare as many passengers as possible.

Deactivate the proton packs

For all maps in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, however, protecting your rifts is most important. To at least temporarily disable your enemies, you need to disable their proton packs. The best way to do that, of course, is to put slime on them. But besides that, each ghost has its own special abilities.

Basher, for example, isn’t the fastest, but it has increased object damage and shorter stun duration. Familiarize yourself with the properties of each avatar and use their advantages. You’ll indeed have to unlock them gradually. But once you reach level 50, you’ll be able to play all of them.

Win as a ghost or ghostbuster with PLITCH!

With our Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed tips and tricks, you should have no trouble getting started in the game as either a buster or a ghost. Since you can take on both roles, you’ll be as familiar with your enemy’s goals as you are with your own. Thus, to anticipate your opponent’s strategies, you only need to think about what you would do if the situation were reversed.

To level up faster and get the good gadgets without the grind, PLITCH’s Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed cheats will help you. Just increase your XP and get the better proton beam or a new ghost right now without having to repeat the same mission all the time. You can also turn off the overheating of your weapon or adjust the building haunt.

Happy Gaming!