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God of War Skills and Weapon Tips

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

You should rely on the right skills to get the most out of your gameplay in God of War. In our God of War skills and weapon tips, we’ll explain which skills are best suited for the Leviathan Axe, the Guardian Shield, and Atreus’ Talon Bow.

1) Kratos’ trusty companion: The Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe was originally a gift from the dwarves Brok and Sindri to Faye, Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother. Since she is already deceased by the time of God of War, Kratos carries it in her honor. From then on, it becomes a legendary item that fits Kratos as well as Mjölnir fits Thor and Gungnir fits Odin.

The Leviathan Axe can be used in both close- and long-range combat. You should rely on the right skills to get the most out of the massive axe.

Melee skills

Let’s start with the God of War melee skills which will help you hit your enemies on the head as effectively as possible. You should focus on the following skills: Executioner’s Cleave, Pride of the Frost, Permafrost, and Evasive Storm.

  • Executioner’s Cleave

Executioner’s Cleave is one of the heavy attacks in God of War which are a bit slower but pack a punch. Staying true to its name, your opponent’s skull is split by the strong attack – if all conditions are fulfilled. For this, the attack must be executed undisturbed, moreover, the right enemy type must be in front of you.

Executioner’s Cleave works on most enemies you come across. However, the skull-splitting trick doesn’t work on heavier enemies. In any case, the skill provides hefty damage.

  • Pride of the Frost

Pride of the Frost doesn’t just sound epic, it turns out to be a powerful and useful skill. Kratos swings his Leviathan Axe far and wide, dealing a decent amount of damage with every hit he lands.

  • Permafrost

With Permafrost, it’s a good idea to bring out your best combat skills. You charge your Frost attacks with successful melee hits. You have to dodge attacks. When fully charged, you deal frost damage with every hit. Permafrost also allows you to freeze your opponents, rendering them harmless.

  • Evasive Storm

Last but not least, Evasive Storm is a must. To perform the skill, you have to extend your input for the normal attack until Kratos throws his axe and makes it return to him. This ability has several crucial advantages at once, which makes it one of the most useful melee skills in the game.

For one thing, Evasive Storm deals a good amount of damage – multiple times. It also allows you to stun your enemy. Finally, the ability has no recharge time, so you can spam it at will until your enemies die. Make sure to dodge all attacks as much as possible so that you can use the full potential of the skill.

Ranged combat skills

Ranged combat with the Leviathan Axe is, of course, done with a well-aimed axe throw. This is where you can dish out a mighty blow or two before your opponents get too close. The best ranged skills for the Leviathan Axe are the Heavy Throw and the Precision Throw combo.

  • Heavy Throw

Heavy Throw should not be missing from our tips on the best skills for beginners. You have access to this skill early on. Nevertheless, the skill proves to be enormously useful. The name says it all – Kratos throws the Leviathan Axe at the opponent with a lot of force, freezing them and causing a lot of damage.

  • Precision Throw Combo

The Precision Throw Combo is especially good for snipers who rarely miss their target. It’s relatively obvious that you do a lot of damage when you hit a weak point. However, with the right skill, you can also do frost damage on a second hit.

2) Old friend in a new guise: the Guardian Shield

Kratos, the spirit of Sparta, counts the shield among his oldest friends. The protective weapon has a corresponding significance in God of War. There, the shield not only serves you as a defensive tool but also makes targeted attacks possible. A distinction is made between rage combat skills and shield combat skills.

God of War skills: Rage combat

The best rage combat skills include Guardian Sweep and Raging Smash.

  • Guardian Sweep

Guardian Sweep deals stun damage and is good for fighting against multiple enemies. The ability keeps your enemies on the ground, so you can finish them off one by one.

  • Raging Smash

Raging Smash is useful for Rage combat, especially at the beginning of the game. With this skill, you can knock down a whole pack of monsters until they see stars.

Shield Combat

For shield combat, it’s best to skill the following abilities: Block Break, Countering Blast, and Countering Strike.

  • Block Break

Block Break is one of the best skills to start with. If you bludgeon your opponent in vain, you can interrupt his block with this skill. With Block Break, you’ll quickly emerge victorious from the shield vs. shield battle.

  • Countering Blast

Countering Blast is useful in the fight against enemies who rely on ranged projectiles. With this skill, you intercept the projectiles with the Guardian Shield and redirect them to a new target which you can choose freely.

  • Countering Strike

Countering Strike is the perfect combination of defense and attack. After you have successfully blocked an attack, you can counterattack with the shield. This in turn cannot be blocked by your enemies.

In addition, Countering Strike also deflects the opponent’s actually unblockable attacks. However, this requires some practice, as the timing has to be right.

3) Team Player: Atreus’ Claw Bow

Like father, like son: Atreus can also dish out a lot with his Talon Bow so that Papa Kratos beams with pride. Atreus’ role in battle shouldn’t be underestimated. With the right skills, you can form perfect teamwork and take the gameplay to a new level. For this, you should skill Teamwork, Acrobatics, and Ferocity.

  • Teamwork

This ensures that Atreus targets the enemies that Kratos has already wounded. The father does the groundwork, the boy gives the enemy another one on top. This way you can focus on stronger enemies and knock them out one by one.

  • Acrobatics

The Acrobatics skill works as follows: When Atreus jumps on the enemy and chokes him, it’s the perfect opportunity to lunge for the attack as well. If the enemy is thrown into the air, Atreus will hit them again.

  • Ferocity

Ferocity is another important skill for Atreus. This one lets Atreus rampage and stun the opponent with punches and kicks. The stun gives you the perfect opportunity to go for a finisher.

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