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Gotham Knights Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In Gotham Knights, you’ll take on the role of Batman’s successor. You’ll take care of keeping Gotham safe and play as Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, or Robin. Uncover secrets and fight against crime syndicates. In this guide, you’ll get important Gotham Knights tips and tricks for an optimal start in the game.

1) Tips on the Gotham Knights characters

In Gotham Knights, you have the choice between four different characters. These are Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Red Hood. They differ significantly in their play style and also have exclusive features and weapons. Once you have chosen a hero or heroine, this choice isn’t final. Instead, after the tutorial and prologue, you’ll have the possibility to change your character.

Once you’ve found your hiding place in Gotham’s old bell tower, you can switch between the four characters at any time. To do this, you just have to interact with the hero costume of your choice to the left of the Batcomputer. As a result, all heroes and heroines will be leveled up at the same time, not just the one you currently have selected.

However, you’ll have to complete some challenges with each character so that you can subsequently unlock their special skills as well as projects for the most valuable equipment items.

To help you get a better understanding of each hero or heroine and subsequently better assess which character suits you best, we’ll introduce all of them in detail.


Nightwing is a talented acrobat who can perform sleek combos and is especially proficient with Escrima sticks. If he skillfully dodges enemy attacks and attacks enemies from the air, he gets different bonuses for his skills.

If you play as Nightwing, keep pressing the dodge button and perform a rapid chain of backward jumps. This will partially restore your momentum.


Robin is a stealth expert as well as a tactical genius. One of his best weapons is the long stick. He puts special emphasis on being inconspicuous. Stealthily taking out enemies will increase your damage as well as your defense for a certain amount of time.

Besides, with Robin, you’ll have a short teleport and you’ll be less conspicuous in general if you move around crouched. In combat, the elemental damage that the hero deals in particular, as well as the elemental effects, are especially effective.


Batgirl can hack enemy turrets and cameras and generally can take a lot of damage. Thus, she is especially recommended for beginners. If she destroys an enemy, she partially regenerates her health points.

Also, once you’re defeated, you can revive yourself once. Life packs are also more effective while playing Batgirl.

Red Hood

The hero Red Hood deals raw blows and is a powerhouse. Furthermore, he’s considered a master marksman, making him the strongest ranged fighter in the group. These ranged skills can also be expanded and with further upgrades, the general damage can also be increased.

Another exclusive ability of the Red Hood is to stun enemies with his scary aura. An important weapon is the concussion mine, which is very effective, especially against groups of enemies.

2) Tips on fights

In the game, you can deal not only physical damage but also elemental damage. This is divided into cryogenic, incendiary, and concussive damage, as well as toxic and bioelectric damage.

There are also different enemy types of the different syndicates, which all have specific weaknesses and resistances. You can view these in the Batcomputer in the “Profiles” tab and the “Factions” item, and best prepare yourself for a fight with them using different elemental weapons.

3) Complete case files as soon as possible

Once you have access to the Case Files stories, you should tackle these complex missions as soon as possible. If you play them after the main story, your characters will already be too high-leveled and the tasks will be too easy.

The enemies remain at the same level, as the game does not include level scaling. This makes playing the case files after the main story very boring and you don’t get any more experience points for completing them.

4) Gotham Knights Tips for fast travel

At the beginning of Gotham Knights, you travel through the city with the Batcycle, which you get at the start. When you complete the first missions, you’ll receive a message from Lucius Fox that will unlock fast travel. This will let you teleport instantly from one point in the city to another at the touch of a button.

However, you must first save a possible fast travel point before you can use it. All available points are displayed on the map. If you are at such a point, you simply scan the drones of the GCPD, which are watching the area.

To do this, target them with the AR aimer until the bar is filled. If a drone has a shield activated, you’ll have to wait until it reaches a docking station before scanning it.

5) Use the workbench

With the workbench in the bell tower, your hideout, you can improve your armor as well as your weapons. You should make these improvements after each completed main mission if possible. Weapons and modifications can be made using different materials.

These modifications can then be installed and activated in all equipment items with a high degree of rarity. Through them you’ll get bonuses like elemental effects, making it easier to fight against your opponents.

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Now you have received some important tips and tricks that should make your start in Gotham Knights easier. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to explore the game yourself and to improve more and more.

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Happy Gaming!