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ICARUS Building Guide: Building tips and tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In ICARUS you fight for survival on an alien planet. It is essential to be prepared for your undertakings and to have a safe shelter from hostile outside influences. To get the most out of constructing buildings and other structures right from the start, you’ll find some helpful tips in our ICARUS Building Guide.

1) Which building materials are there?

For the construction of a building on ICARUS, you can choose between different materials. These materials are strongly related to your technology level. For example, you can build walls and roofs from combined branches and fibers.

However, if your technology level is higher, you can use the more modern aluminum-glass building technique as well as concrete. So, as your experience level increases so does your choice of options for building houses. In the beginning, you should use wood as the main building material, since it’s quite easy to obtain.

The building materials on ICARUS are divided into three different technology tiers.

Tier 1 building materials include the aforementioned twigs, straw, and wood. These materials catch fire quickly, and if your construction is made of them, wind can also damage it severely.

Tier 2 materials are interior wood, stone, and aluminum. The latter is fire resistant, while interior wood, again, is flammable.

Finally, glass and concrete are Tier 3 building materials, both of which are fire resistant, but glass is easily breakable.

2) ICARUS Building Guide tip: Level the floor

A flat surface as the foundation of your constructions, especially for tall buildings, is essential. You can use a color indicator to show the stability of the individual components. The color scale goes from blue to green to red.

The stability of the individual building elements is so important because, if they are unstable, they can collapse when heavily loaded with weight. Storms can also cause them to collapse. Stability can be increased, for example, by using poles.

3) How to build walls, doors, and windows in ICARUS

You construct unified walls to your liking by aligning them with the R key. Note that these constructions have both an inside and an outside, which you can distinguish thanks to the arrow from inside to outside.

Also listed in the wall construction category are door and window modifications. These can also be selected by using the R key during construction and then configured. After pressing the R key for the first time, all modifications of the building element will be displayed.

4) Avoid tearing down walls

If you make a mistake while building and the wall is in the wrong place or even in the wrong direction, you don’t have to despair. Under no circumstances should you tear down the wall. Simply use the Y-key to dismantle your building.

This means that your building element, e.g. your wall, will collapse into its individual parts. However, you won’t lose any items as you would when using an axe, but the building will be returned to your inventory and you can start again.

5) How to build as efficiently as possible in ICARUS

When you play ICARUS in single-player mode, you should think carefully about which blueprints or building plans you want to learn. For example, you should ask yourself if you really need straw or fiber elements as well as wood designs.

So, at the beginning of the game, you could first find shelter in a cave and get to level five as quickly as possible, so that you can directly build structures out of wood. This will save you unnecessary points spent on straw constructions, and a cave is better protected against storms than all the buildings in the early stages of the game anyway.

Later in the game, you’ll learn more constructions, such as those made of stone. Now you can easily dismantle walls and roofs made of wood and replace them with structures made of stone, i.e. a more robust material.

Floors are an exception to this procedure. You must first remove or clear out boxes or workbenches from these to be able to dismantle them. The new floor can then be constructed.

For a faster procedure, you can use the rebuilding hammer. To craft it, you need a total of 15 fibers, four sticks, and six stones. It saves you the trouble of dismantling the previous structures by replacing them directly.

6) ICARUS building tip: Pay attention to the statics of your buildings

As already briefly mentioned, the stability of the individual building elements of your construction is indicated by the colors blue, green as well as red. The color blue stands for a perfectly placed component, green for a component that is stable, but possibly not evenly protected against external influences, and yellow or red for insufficient stability. Especially the floor should shine blue throughout to ensure good statics of the building.

With stakes and other constructions such as pillars or posts, the statics can be significantly improved. Good statics not only protects against storms but also enable a high load capacity of the building.

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