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Important ICARUS Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In ICARUS, a futuristic survival simulation, you’ll face a variety of challenges. Your goal is to mine valuable resources. However, the planet was poisoned during a failed terraforming project. Therefore, colonization is impossible. However, we provide you with the ultimate ICARUS tips and tricks to make your upcoming session on Planet Wolf 1061ca a success.

1) Vital indicators

When you first land on the planet, the main thing you should keep in mind is your vital indicators. As with any good survival game, these will determine whether or not you can engage in further activities at all.

Life meter

Your life meter gives you information about your state of health via the plus at the bottom left of the screen. It changes color the worse you feel.

Note: Since you land on the planet without being able to defend yourself seriously, many animals are a big problem early on. Earth-like wolves, for example, make short work of you quickly.

Oxygen meter

Since the atmosphere is toxic after the failed terraforming attempt, you have to watch your O₂ needs. For this purpose, the developers provide you with three square representations next to the temperature display. The left one of these represents your oxygen meter. To improve it, you need oxygen.


The other two symbols, the snowflake and the fire, are the temperature indicators. A white line shows you the current temperature. Make sure the temperature is neither too high nor too low.

Buffs & Debuffs

There are a lot of different buffs in ICARUS. Negative buffs are indicated by a red symbol and positive buffs by a green symbol. Debuffs, therefore, have a negative effect on your life or stamina. Positive effects, on the other hand, benefit you. For example, you get helpful buffs from food intake. On the other hand, debuffs come from attacks and resulting animal injuries.


As in any good survival game, you need food to survive. So, make sure you have food with you at all times. In case of emergency, you can eat something raw.

Thirst meter

Water is also essential for survival. You can eat food containing water or drink from bottles and other containers. Water from the polluted waters on the planet often leads to debuffs.

2) Essential environment indicators

In addition to the essential indicators for survival in ICARUS, there’s also some helpful information about the world you’re in.


How loud you are at what you’re doing is shown by the funnel-shaped volume icon. Your volume determines how likely hostile animals are to attack you.

XP bar

Everything you do in the game is credited to your experience bar. You can see your progress simply by looking at the XP bar. When it’s full, you advance to the next level. If you die before you reach the next level, your entire progress is lost and you start again at the beginning of the level.

Mission Overview

With the help of the mission overview, you can always keep track of your current status. You can find it on the left side of the screen in the center. There you can see the current tasks as well as the ones you’ve already completed. Completed missions are indicated by yellow check marks.


The compass helps you find your way in the world. Not only the cardinal points are displayed, but also markers. It’s also helpful in ICARUS to create your own markers to find interesting or important points again.

Temperature, time, and weather

Another helpful indicator is the one for temperature and weather. The interaction of both displays allows you to estimate how long you’ll last under certain weather conditions.

3) ICARUS tips and tricks on raw materials

Of course, there are several resources available to you in ICARUS. Our PLITCH ICARUS beginner’s tips and tricks show you which ones you need and where to find them.

Liquid pitch

Liquid pitch serves you as a material. First, you have to cut down a tree with an axe. Then you make sticks out of it at the workbench, which you then process in the mortar to obtain tree gum.


A very important resource in ICARUS is iron. It can be used not only to construct processing stations but also to make various items. Usually, you’ll find iron in caves in the rock walls during your missions.

To open up such a cave, the entrance often has to be uncovered first. To be able to see anything at all in them, you shouldn’t forget torches. Otherwise, you’ll easily run past iron veins.

Steel production

Steel is not directly available as a resource. You need three units of iron and one unit of coal ore. Both are processed in the mortar to form a so-called steel ladle. This is an intermediate product of steel production. Afterward, you turn it into a steel ingot in the concrete furnace.


Next to oxygen, water is the most important raw material. Without it, you have no chance on the planet. Accordingly, you need a water source. If you are in the forest biome, the task is quite simple. However, your missions will also take you to the desert.

You can get water from the shores of lakes or streams. Don’t forget to fill up your containers. In snowy areas, you’ll find snow globes. However, you’ll have to melt them over a campfire first. In the desert, on the other hand, you need to be careful with the liquids you bring with you – always bring enough to survive.


To always have enough air to breathe, you have to collect the small and large blue stones, Oxites, right from the start. They contain oxygen. To use said oxygen, you must put the stones in your suit or fill it with them manually.

Later you can build an oxidizer. This extracts the oxygen from the stones and collects it in a bubble. From this bubble, you can extract it easily. Always equipped with Oxites, this fills up while you’re on missions.

4) Build tools and a shelter

You already have the blueprints for your first tools at the beginning – the pickaxe and axe. With these, you can quickly cut down rocks and trees and open up more options. In addition, you need to quickly build something an emergency weapon. Because usually, the first animals aren’t far away. Since their attacks and thus the injuries quickly turn deadly for you, it makes sense to be prepared, true to the motto “Better safe than sorry.”

Furthermore, a shelter also provides safety. Even if it’s only temporary in ICARUS and you never really feel like coming home, you still need it for protection, especially from storms. In addition, you can sort everything into boxes there and produce higher-value resources safely.

Note: If you don’t care so much about immersion in the game, you can take advantage of the campfire made at the beginning. You can place some items in it and use it as a sort of crate. These slots are actually intended for your food – however, they aren’t tied to just that. And in case you’re worried, the things you put down won’t burn in it either.

5) Make a campfire and protect it

One of your first “official acts” in ICARUS should be to build a campfire. It should be as close to your bed as possible to keep you warm. However, under no circumstances should it be built in your hut itself. Consequently, the fire should be at a safe distance from the outer wall of your sleeping place, but still close enough so that the warmth brings you a bonus.

However, if it starts to rain, the heat-giving fire will also go out very quickly. To avoid this, you should choose your building site carefully. It would be practical to have a larger stone nearby. You can hollow it out so that there’s a place for a fire, but at the same time, a small roof remains. This way your campfire will be protected from the various weather conditions.

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