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Knights of Honor II: Sovereign Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

If you find the Paradox games too complex, the new title from Black Sea Games is a good introduction to the genre of real-time global strategy. With our Knights of Honor II: Sovereign tips and tricks, you’ll succeed in making your empire the most powerful in the world and building both powerful armies and a thriving economy.

1) General tips for a good start

Having one or two merchants in your court is important to earn money in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. You send them to the countries with which you want to make trade agreements. However, the agreement alone doesn’t earn you money. Only when your merchant is commissioned to trade with the respective country, the business can be done.

At the beginning of a game, you should definitely build a village militia. With this militia, you can effectively defend your kingdom without having to use barracks. You can also send your armies through neutral countries. However, this will change their opinion of you. It’s best to make non-aggression pacts and trade agreements with nations you want to live in peace with.

If you dismiss a knight in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, he never returns and is gone forever. If a knight gives you a request, you don’t have to act on it or refuse it immediately, but you can think about it first. Also, a knight – unlike a king – can’t die of old age. As long as he’s not assassinated, dies on the battlefield, or manages to become king in a complicated way, he’ll stay with you forever.

Organize at least one marshal as early as possible to protect your country and make sure to build your knights into governors. This will allow them to rule your provinces and earn good gold for your treasury. You should send a diplomat to empires with which you do not have good relations to avoid war and stabilize the situation. In your own territories, it’s important to keep corruption low and authority high.

Any knight who’s not a marshal does not need military skills in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. They would be wasted on diplomats and spies. Unless you’re in an exceptional situation and your provinces are being overrun. Skills are acquired by investing in books and gold. In the same menu where you buy them, you can also level them up. Just click on the respective skill again.

2) How does the knight system work?

There are five types of knights in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. In addition to your sovereign, you have eight free slots to use during the campaign. Marshals command your armies and are essential for battles. They also maintain the order of your lands and increase troop morale.

Diplomats improve and support your relations with other kingdoms. They also make defense and attack pacts with them. Provinces ruled by diplomats also receive a bonus on food and trade production.

Merchants are your cash cow, so to speak. They conclude trade agreements and take care of importing goods into your empire. They also search for new riches and bring you a continuous income.

Clerics improve the faith and knowledge of your kingdom in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. Thanks to them, it is possible to peacefully settle rebellions and persuade the population of a province to convert to another religion. They safeguard the culture and provide satisfaction by taking care of all spiritual needs.

Spies are used to infiltrate enemies as well as neutral empires. Through them, you can get valuable information about enemy armies, the goods offered by other countries, and their production conditions. Provinces ruled by spies have more tax and gold bonuses. Besides, with them, you can initiate wars, start rebellions and bribe your enemies’ knights.

3) Knights of Honor II: Sovereign tips: Province management

As long as you don’t control more than nine provinces, it’s a good idea to hire a knight as governor in each of them. This increases the production rates there by a factor of 10. As the game progresses, you’ll have to distribute your governors to strategically important areas.

In provinces bordering on enemy territory, you should build barracks to build strong army units. Landlocked countries of your empire, on the other hand, don’t need their own military.

In the first hours of Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, it’s important to get things going that will increase your population, food stock, and gold. Therefore, it’s best to focus on the production of goods that are available in the respective province. For instance, if one has wheat, you should improve and push the production of it to get useful bonuses on the product.

4) Tips on the economy

The next point of our Knights of Honor II: Sovereign tips and tricks concerns the economy. Your ultimate goal must be that your income from farming and food production buildings is okay.

After all, your people need to eat, and nothing reduces troop morale and your authority more drastically than when they go hungry. You can export surplus food to other countries through the trade contracts of your merchants.

Every good you either produce or import gives you a passive bonus. Resources like books or traditions also give you bonuses. Even when the stock cap is reached. For some building upgrades, not only gold is due, but also goods like ink or wool.

When all your knight slots are occupied, you should place governors where you have the strongest production conditions. An exception is of course times of war when you need your marshals at the front.

5) Tips on wars and battles in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign


And speaking of times of war: It’s best to have your troops commanded exclusively by marshals. Other knights in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign are not very suitable for this and should only be used in case of emergency. As long as you don’t have enough money for barracks, you can build village militias. These are better than the peasant mobs available at the beginning.

When sending your soldiers, keep in mind that crossing rivers takes significantly more time than a pure land route. For supplies along the way, you can raid and pillage villages. This also increases your gold supply. The number of coin symbols above the land shows you how rewarding the destination is. If there are three or more, looting is extremely lucrative.

If you’ve just conquered a province, not all the features of the place will be available to you yet. You must first end the rebellion. This works either through your army or in a more elegant way via a cleric. Your troops and supplies are not automatically replenished during the campaign. You can get supplies in cities that are friendly to you.


Battles are fought in real-time in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, just like in a Total War game. Lost battles mean a complete loss of your army. If it becomes apparent that your enemy has the upper hand, it is best to retreat manually. A battle is considered lost or won when one side has no general left. Generals don’t die immediately, however, but only when all the soldiers in their unit have been eliminated.

You can close your ranks by ordering soldiers. You do this either to protect yourself from cavalry attacks or to surround and heckle your opponent. You use ranged units for sieges and melee units for the open battlefield. Up to four armies of over 100 military units can fight simultaneously in real-time.

6) Diplomacy Tips

As in Paradox games, it strengthens relations with a friendly kingdom if you marry children into them. The death of a king also means the loss of any non-aggression pacts and other types of alliances. These must therefore be renegotiated with the successor. If you have successfully married a child into another country and its king passes away, you can claim his kingdom and receive it for free.

However, if you don’t claim a kingdom after his death in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign, you get a strong bonus on relations with the heir to the throne. Freeing prisoners also has such an effect and strengthens the relationship with the nobility. Diplomats don’t necessarily have to be sent to other countries. You still have access to most alliance options. They also strengthen your reputation with the people if you leave them at home.

Your authority value depends primarily on the success of your actions. However, you can also help the AI with gold. To do so, click on the crown icon and invest accordingly. Each population class favors certain activities. For soldiers, of course, victories are crucial, and for merchants, the economic situation is. Regularly check your territories for spies. Not only you can send them, but also your enemies. So, find out who’s tailing you.

7) Earn money in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Here’s your way to make money again. To be successful, you should implement the three points as early as possible.

  1. Sign a trade contract with the most powerful empire
  2. Appoint knights as governors in all provinces
  3. Minimize corruption and strengthen the authority

8) Tips on buildings

Focus first on buildings that primarily produce food or provide for local population growth. Scan your territories in Knights of Honor II: Sovereign for useful features, such as the presence of a gold or salt mine, and then focus on mining the resource in question. You can safely ignore buildings like universities or castles at the beginning of the game. Much more important are housing, sources of income, and production of goods.

During construction, the number in front of a building shows you how many of them already exist in your realm. Besides gold and goods, the requirements for construction can also be linked to a certain faith value. When you upgrade, this automatically applies to all similar buildings throughout the empire.

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Especially for beginners in global strategy, the game from Black Sea Games is a good alternative to Total War or Crusader Kings. And with our Knights of Honor II: Sovereign tips and tricks, you’ll be able to find your way around in the first few hours of play.

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