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Medieval Dynasty Tips: Resources and Money

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Inflation is also raging in Medieval Dynasty. How else can the horrendous prices in the game world of the popular genre mix be explained? To survive in the strategy game with role-playing and survival elements, you’ll have to pinch gold coins at the beginning.

In this guide, we provide you with Medieval Dynasty tips that will show you how you can quickly and easily earn money and find resources.

1) All beginnings are hard: Earn money with backbreaking work

In the Middle Ages, craftsmanship was still valued – and well paid. In the beginning, you could make axes and stone knives from a few materials and sell them to merchants. If you are a skilled hunter, craft simple leather bags. Adelina, whom you can find in the starting area of Gostovia, will pay you a whopping 14 gold for a bag.

The easiest way to earn gold in Medieval Dynasty is to collect and sell berries and mushrooms. In the forest, you’ll find the delicious ingredients that will not only fill your in-game stomach but also make your coin purse ring. In spring, look for edible morels which you can sell for very good prices almost everywhere.

If you’re still short on cash, pick up some unripe berries along the way. They give you a few extra pennies, which are especially helpful in the early game. However, it is best to wait for summer. Then the berries are ripe and fetch much higher prices.

As summer draws to a close, many mushrooms shoot up in the forest. Look out for parasols – they are especially valuable.

Tip: The “Survival Skills” skill visually highlights plants and mushrooms. This makes collecting them noticeably easier.

2) Medieval Dynasty Tips on Resources

To create buildings, weapons, and tools, you need resources. In Medieval Dynasty, you mainly use stones and wood but there are also feathers and plant materials such as straw.

Tip: If you find rare resources like clay, you should always take as much as you can. If you don’t have enough room, drop some branches along the way to find them again later. Like Hansel and Gretel, remember?


Stones are scattered all over the game world in Medieval Dynasty and can be easily picked up from the ground. Unless you’re traveling in a mountainous region or snow covers the landscape, picking up stones turns out to be problematic despite their abundance.

In the tall, green grass, the small stones can only be discovered with eagle eyes. Not impossible, but time-consuming. So, use your time in the winter to collect stones in the snow.

Alternatively, you can craft a pickaxe and use it on stone deposits. However, this is less worthwhile because it’s time-consuming, you usually get limestone, and your pickaxe will eventually break.


Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees – and not all wood is the same. In Medieval Dynasty you’ll find three types of trees: Maple, Birch, and Pine. They differ in the amount of wood they drop. While maple trees drop four logs, pine trees drop three and white birch trees drop only two. So, focus on maple trees when farming for wood to maximize your yield. Your hired lumberjacks will take care of the other trees.


Bow and arrow become essential later in the game. However, many players don’t pick up the necessary feathers for arrow production in the early game. Therefore, you should pick up feathers as soon as you find any.

When cutting down trees, up to three feathers can spawn, but they are difficult to spot in the dense foliage. The “Survival Skills” ability also helps to make them stand out. In addition, later in the game, you can build bird traps and even keep ducks or geese.


You’ll need straw for the roof of your first shack in Medieval Dynasty. Plus, even after many hours of playing, you’ll need the dried grass for all kinds of construction. Keep in mind that you won’t find straw the same way you found stones, wood, and feathers. Instead, straw is a component of grasses and grains.

In the beginning, you‘ll help yourself to reed, which grows on the shore north of Gostovia, for example. Later you will get straw (as a by-product) from growing and harvesting flax (linseed), oat, rye, and wheat.

3) Medieval Dynasty mining tips

Resources such as salt, copper, tin, and iron are rare and can only be found in caves. You’ll need a pickaxe to mine them. In the beginning, you’ll only have a stone pickaxe at your disposal, but it will quickly break. You’ll have more success with a bronze pickaxe (Forge II) and finally with an iron tool (Forge III). To craft them, you need a log and four ingots or stones.

The easiest way to get the coveted raw materials in Medieval Dynasty is by working in the mine. However, to upgrade a cave to a mining building, you need 5,000 construction technology points. So don’t count on automated ore mining until later in the game. A small consolation is that with the excavation shed, which is unlocked earlier, you can generate stone, limestone, and clay.

Recruit people with the miner profession for your village. You can let them work in the mine and the excavation shed.

Up to six villagers can work in the mine. If you need a lot of copper at some point, you can set the mining priority in the building management. Since iron is the most valuable material, the yield is always lower than other ores.

By the way, don’t worry about the long distances between your village and the mine. Production starts regardless of the distance to the material storage as soon as workers are assigned and enough picks are available.

Earn money and find resources faster with PLITCH

Life in the Middle Ages can be hard and exhausting. But with our Medieval Dynasty tips and tricks, you’ll always have enough money and resources at your disposal. It’s best to plan in advance what to do during the seasons. In spring and summer, you should always use a few days for gathering mushrooms, plants, and berries. In winter, you can only go hunting and mining. Gathering enough supplies will help you survive the cold season.

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For example, you can turn off the carrying weight so you don’t have to run back and forth with full bags all the time. Or simply increase the number of an item if something is missing during construction or you urgently need straw.

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Happy Gaming!