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7 Need for Speed Unbound Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In Need for Speed™ Unbound, you’ll take part in fast-paced races against time, escape from the cops and fight for participation in The Grand in weekly races. In this guide, you’ll find some important Need for Speed Unbound tips and tricks with which you’ll be off to a good start.

1) Need for Speed Unbound: The best starting car

At the beginning of Need for Speed Unbound, you have three different starter cars at your disposal. However, these are not yet optimally prepared cars, but rather junk models that you’ll upgrade in the course of the game.

Among the selectable cars is the Lamborghini Countach in the 25th Anniversary Edition. This is strongly reminiscent of the models from previous Need for Speed titles and the era of classic supercars. For all tuners, the Nissan Silvia K‘s is recommended, and the American muscle car, the Dodge Charger is available.

With the car of your choice, you’ll then compete in the first races, where you can still get very little prize money for tuning or new parts. Probably the most sensible and effective choice to start with is the Lamborghini Countach.

It has the best handling, the best traction, and the best drifting abilities compared to the other two models. At the beginning of the game, the Countach reaches a maximum speed of 193 m/h, or about 311 km/h with solid acceleration. With it, you have a good chance to master the first races and at the same time, it gives you a 90s feeling while driving.

2) You don’t always have to end up in first place

In Need for Speed Unbound, it’s not important to finish first in every race. That’s because in this game you have lives, which you shouldn’t waste in any case. For example, if you play on the normal difficulty level, you’ll only have four attempts per day.

The lives buy you a starting place in a race and you should always try to get into the winning zone, i.e. to the first to third places. If you finish second or third, you’ve already earned relatively good rewards and don’t have to start another attempt with the goal of finishing first.

3) Don’t put your money on the weak ones

Your competitors will be ranked according to the upgrade or tuning level of their cars. Before a race, you can place bets against the other racers. Here you should keep in mind that drivers who are considered favorites to win the race will allow you to place bets with high stakes.

However, to be on the safe side, it’s best to bet against those you can imagine yourself beating. The profit will be lower, but you won’t risk your money unnecessarily, especially at the beginning of the game.

4) Don’t spend all your money

Don’t focus too much on improving your car at the beginning of the game. Make sure you always have at least a four-digit amount of money at your disposal to afford starting positions in the really good races.

In the free races, the prize money is much lower, and in the long run, you’ll advance more slowly with tuning your car than in the paid races, which are more rewarding. Nevertheless, upgrading your vehicles is essential for the game’s progress, so you shouldn’t disregard this under any circumstances.

5) Get off to a good start

At the beginning of each race, you’ll see a small indicator above your speedometer. In order not to let the AI get a big advantage at the start, you must bring this indicator into the white area by continuously accelerating and then holding this area.

If you do this, you’ll get a small boost for the start which gives you an advantage over your opponents. You’ll probably need a bit of practice time, as optimally pressing and especially holding the throttle may not work perfectly from the start.

6) Need for Speed Unbound tips: Upgrade the speed and acceleration

Since completing the races in Need for Speed Unbound is especially important, you should focus on improving the acceleration and speed of your cars.

A faster car will bring you more success in races if you drive well, and will also lead to more income from prize money. Therefore, you should prioritize these two features in your improvements at the beginning and only upgrade all other features later.

7) Giving up is not a disgrace

During a race, quitting should never be an option for you, because by voluntarily leaving the race you would’ve spent your stake for nothing. However, if you’re involved in a chase with the police and your health points have already dropped significantly or your screen is flickering red, then you should consider quitting.

If you’re caught by the cops, you’ll lose all your money. To quit, simply leave the game to open the menu, and afterward, the cops should be gone but your money reserves should still be untouched.

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In general, it’s a lot of fun to explore Need for Speed Unbound on your own and to constantly improve along the way. Moreover, with the given Need for Speed Unbound tips, getting started should no longer be difficult for you. Is the game still too difficult, do you currently have too little time to play, or are you simply too impatient? Then use PLICTH’s Need for Speed Unbound cheats!

For example, you can equip your vehicles with unlimited nitro to give you a huge advantage in races. In addition, you can increase your earnings such as saved or gained money, which will allow you to afford more improvements or new parts for your car.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can make the game harder for yourself by using, e.g., the codes “sub gained money,” “no nitro,” or “player max 1st gear.” In addition, the AI can be equipped with unlimited nitro or vehicle-godmode.

Happy Gaming!