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Redfall Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Redfall offers an intense gaming experience in which you’ll play as a vampire hunter battling terrifying creatures in the style of Dishonored. This open-world shooter offers gameplay that will make your blood run cold. To help you find your way out of the darkness, we’ve compiled the most important Redfall tips and tricks.

1) The Redfall Characters

In Redfall, the choice of character has to be well thought out. Each character has different strengths and a different play style. The character you choose is the one you’ll keep throughout the game.


  • A master of ranged combat.
  • His attacks come from the shadows, so if you like to play stealthy, he’s perfect for you.
  • He can mark hidden enemies with his raven.
  • His eagle eye allows you to take out multiple enemies at once.
  • The veil gives you temporary invisibility.
  • The veil is perfect for dodging or escaping from enemies.


  • An excellent supporter in co-op.
  • Ideal for mid-range battles
  • Her robot can easily decimate larger groups with C4 sticky charges.
  • Remi has healing abilities.


  • Adaptable Char
  • His lightning spear deals continuous damage
  • Also strong against groups of enemies


  • Art of telekinesis
  • Can use her abilities to build a shield or create items
  • High mobility
  • Strong in melee combat
  • Can summon vampire helpers

2) Activate Fast Travel Points

To help you survive in Redfall, you should activate quick travel points as soon as possible. The game has two types of fast-travel points: historical monuments and shelters. Historical landmarks primarily save you from having to walk long distances, thus speeding up the game.

Hideouts have a special role. They also serve as respawn points. You can also get new items from them at any time. But that’s not all: In each hideout, you’ll also receive two missions. In one of them, you’ll have to hunt down a vampire lieutenant. You’ll also receive open-world quests in the safe houses.

You can unlock safe houses as follows: Find the generator and the key you need to activate it. Both can be found near the safe house.

3) Always carry medipacks, lockpicks, and wiring kits

In Redfall, it’s important to always have enough resources with you. You should be conservative with certain items such as medipacks, lockpicks, and wiring kits. Especially the last two types of resources are very limited. Having the right tools at hand will make many missions much easier to complete.

Healing items are plentiful, but you won’t have a chance to replenish them in direct combat. Save your medipacks for more challenging fights against stronger enemy types. Pick up as much healing as you can along the way.

Redfall is full of locked doors, safes, and crates just waiting for you to open them. Safes and crates are particularly lucrative sources of loot. It’s best to use lockpicks and wiring kits on rare containers that will reward you with plenty of loot. Conversely, trunks usually contain low-value items, so cracking them isn’t worth the effort.

4) Redfall weapons: Which ones are best?

When it comes to choosing your weapons, you’ll have complete freedom in this game to take out your opponents in a variety of ways. However, regular weapons aren’t enough to kill vampires.

As we all know, vampires can be killed with a good old stake. However, you don’t have to run around with a wooden block like in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Most assault rifles and shotguns are some kind of bayonet. In the blood-red world of Redfall, they are a must in your arsenal.

The UV gun is especially useful in tricky situations and will also help you against a whole pack of vampires.

From a distance, the Stake Launcher is perfect for targeting vampires and delivering a deadly stab with a precise shot. For most vampires, one hit is enough to send them to the ground like a wet vampire cape.

A hot tip for those who like to see it crackle and flicker is the flare gun. This allows you to set vampires on fire and deal continuous fire damage.

5) Pay attention to the level of your weapons

Since you don’t want to fight steeled vampires with an old rust bucket, you should always match your weapon level to your character level. The higher your level, the higher the level of your enemies. Weapon upgrades aren’t available in Redfall, so the only option is to swap weapons directly.

An exception is the “Unrivaled” weapons. These are the best weapons in the game and can serve you a little longer. But even these shouldn’t be more than five levels different from your character’s level.

6) Redfall tips and tricks: Always have a stake ready

A well-aimed stake always helps against the bloodsucking creatures of Redfall. This isn’t new knowledge, but a proven remedy against vampires, which is also effective in this game world. One of the most important Redfall tips and tricks is to always have a peg-tuned shooting iron handy.

UV weapons are also an effective alternative. These will freeze the bloodthirsty beasts and then they will disintegrate into their particles.

7) Collect what you can

The collecting fever also comes into play in Redfall. As you explore the world and complete missions, you’ll constantly be rewarded with new weapons to keep you on your toes in this open-world shooter developed by Arkane Studios Austin and published by Bethesda. Along the way, you’ll find numerous other useful items, tools, healing items, and ammunition.

You’ll also be able to purchase items at the base in case you run out of resources. Redfall offers credits for this purpose. You’ll get these valuable goods by dismantling the weapons you no longer need. You’ll also collect them along with some items.

8) Follow the blood and the ravens

Redfall offers you an amazing game world to explore. It’s easy to get lost in the open world. When in doubt, just follow the blood trails to get to your destination. It’ll save you time and a lot of nerves that you’d rather save for challenging battles with enemies.

But it’s not all about the ground in Redfall. In the sky, you can often find another guide: the ravens. They will point out side missions to you. For a complete gameplay experience and lots of loot, such a diversion from the main path is well worth it.

9) Explore vampire nests and towers

Just when you think you’re getting to grips with the world of Redfall, the game throws you a curveball. After a certain point in the game, you’ll gain access to the vampire nests. These are other challenges that the shooter has in store for you. Vampire nests are like dungeons and can take more than one run.

Fortunately, your progress is saved. Even if your opponents keep kicking your character out of virtual life, you’ll be able to master the vampire nests bit by bit.

Blood portals await you at the end of the vampire nests. After destroying them, you’ll be rewarded with chests full of loot. However, you only have 60 seconds to loot and escape the cave. If you manage to escape through the exit, you’ll receive additional experience points. Vampire nests are the perfect place to fill your inventory and pick up valuable items.

The towers are also very rewarding. Not only do they provide a new challenge for the skills you have learned in the game, but the vampires are particularly strong. You’ll also get legendary weapons and other good loot.

10) How to get rid of the red fog

In Redfall, it’s not uncommon for an impenetrable red fog to block your progress. After all, the game is called that for a reason. In theory, no invisible wall will stop you from running through it. But the damage caused by the fog isn’t insignificant.

A little Redfall trick: If you look closely, you’ll see an object in the middle of the fog. It looks a bit like a pillar. Use your UV weapon to solidify the object. After that, the fog will disappear and you can continue your way through the vampire realms.

11) More Redfall Tips and Tricks

  • Activate the memorial tablets on your way to unlock the fast travel there.
  • Use your powers! There are passive and active abilities in Redfall. You should use them selectively to get the most out of your gameplay. Two of the active abilities are self-charging. The third active ability is your Ult. You can only use it when you have enough Psi Residue. Psi Residue is gained automatically by killing vampires, but you can also collect it. In the game, they appear as bottles of glowing blue liquid.
  • The world of Redfall is filled with mysteries and secrets. You should explore them to get a deeper insight into the game’s story. There are also items waiting for you.

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It’s fun to explore the dark corners of Redfall’s open world. The shooter offers an unforgettable gaming experience and absolute gory fun for fans of the genre. However, the vampire nests, hordes of enemies, and the vampire hunt for difficult enemies can also cause moments of frustration.

To make sure this doesn’t take away from your enjoyment of the game, PLITCH’s Redfall cheats allow you to adapt the game to your individual playstyle. Take care of infinite medkits, easy kills, or fill up your health in a flash.

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Happy Gaming!