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Saints Row 2 Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

What was initially ridiculed as GTA‘s “little brother” has now developed into a massive and action-packed game series. Typical for the genre, you steal cars, shoot the smiles off of your opponents’ faces, and rise to become a leader. Of course, none of this is really earnest. Because Saints Row 2 is everything – except serious.

In this guide, we’ll show you some Saints Row 2 tips for beginners, so you’ll know what’s important when starting the game.

1) What’s special about Saints Row 2

As the 2nd installment of the game series, the action-adventure impresses players with many gameplay features in the open world and takes itself as well as its genre colleagues anything but seriously.

What makes the game special?

Besides the individual character creation or design of your gang, the open-world sandbox game delivers a large game world with crazy and fun content. In the process, it briefly seems like a ridiculed homage to GTA – but delivers something completely different. It can be played in a single-player campaign as well as in a cooperative two-player mode and online.

What are the highlights?

The highlight of Saints Row 2 is the possibility to rebuild the Saints. But not only recruiting and designing gang members is fun, but the “respect” system also fits perfectly into the gameplay. In addition, various vehicles, airplanes, and boats can be used (stolen), from old rusty ones to private jets. Plus, a variety of weapons can be used.

Who is the game for?

Saints Row 2 is primarily made for gamers who don’t take games like GTA too seriously. You also need a lot of humor to enjoy the story, but also the various game elements. Those who have trouble with senseless virtual violence, digital sexism, or often politically incorrect humor might want to look at beginner’s tips for another game.

2) Saints Row 2 tips for the start

Especially at the beginning, Saints Row 2 can seem complicated with all of the options available. However, with a few beginner tips, you’re off to an optimal start. We recommend taking a cab to the missions early on. This saves you an enormous amount of time. To do this, simply dial “555-455-8008” on your cell phone. Shortly after, a cab will be waiting at your side. You only have to enter the number once.

When “borrowing” a car, you can turn on speed control by pressing the LB button. If you press it once more, you switch it off again. It is especially useful in shootouts. Because when it’s activated, your vehicle doesn’t slow down by itself. So, you only have to make sure to drive faster or slower to rain bullets on your opponents.

Respect is an important factor in Saints Row 2 because with it you can start missions in the first place. You get respect through activities, crazy driving maneuvers, and later through more complicated gang kills. However, it’s important to work on your amount of respect before you even get into the missions.

Of course, you can do the mission in which you have to collect prostitutes. However, it makes more sense to explore the city first and collect respect, money, and weapons. You will also unlock the icons for stores and activities on the map.

What should you consider at the beginning?

As said before, you should first focus on exploring the city and not pay excessive attention to the missions. Because that’s how you get respect, some gang members, and weapons. For the samurai sword, for example, you’ll have to find a Ronin member and punch him with your fist. If he then draws his samurai sword, it’s time to kill him and you can grab the weapon.

The activities whipping boy (crosshair symbol/hitman mission) and workshop (stealing cars) are also important. These are usually easy for you to do alongside other missions. Even during the main and side missions, you can take care of these two.

Weapons, ammunition, and money are easily obtained by raiding other gangs, especially at the beginning of Saints Row 2. Since you can reach level 3 quite easily in the initial activities, that should be your goal at least.

To provide a reliable cash flow, it’s interesting to conquer territories and then buy stores there. These will deliver their daily profits to you. Domiciles can wait. If you start by stealing cars and doing a few hitman missions, you’ll initially earn enough money to properly “pimp” your style with outfits as well as a tuned vehicle like the Raycaster.

Finally, a beginner’s tip on combat: Remember to press the LB button to use an enemy as a shield. This is not only a fun feature implemented in Saints Row 2c. Where are the “sticking points” or challenges?

Especially in later missions, Saints Row 2 becomes challenging. Especially the mission Samedi: Assault on Precinct 31 is unfortunately still a matter of luck. The level design doesn’t work at times and it often takes several attempts until the mission can be completed.

In general, almost everything in Saints Row 2 depends on respect. Especially at the start of the game, it’s better to spend a few hours just gaining respect than doing main missions.

3) Special gadgets and weapons

What weapons do you start with?

You start Saints Row 2 with an extremely limited selection of weapons. As you progress, however, you’ll be able to decide which gun suits your playstyle best or which one is just the most fun at the moment. The pistol in particular is a solid option at the beginning, but also later in normal fights. It’s accurate, has decent damage and the shooting speed is also relatively good.

Which weapons are good and how do you get them?

You should put a special focus on the SMG. It serves you as an option for fighting against many enemies as well as for shooting at vehicles during chases. Because the spread is decent, it’s easier to hit a larger number of opponents as well as other road users.

The assault rifle is just as interesting. If you complete the hitman list, you’ll get infinite ammo for it – even though this still doesn’t work reliably in the long run. Sometimes it happens that ammunition is suddenly consumed. If this happens, buy or steal a new one and change the model with the one in the weapon cabinet.

The shotgun is also a fun weapon in Saints Row 2, but it takes some time to reload. So be ready to run and use others as shields. Also interesting is the K6 Krukov or the grenade launcher, for maximum mayhem and startling passersby.

Which gadgets, items & co are exciting and desirable?

In the course of Saints Row 2 and through the missions, you’ll find a lot of stuff that is more or less fun. For example, you can mow through your enemies with special weapons like the chainsaw. Or you can use the flamethrower as well as the minigun. Both are pretty cool. However, there is a high chance that you will hurt yourself with the flamethrower.

How can PLITCH improve your Saints Row experience?

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Happy Gaming!