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Saints Row 4 Tips, Tricks, and Weapons

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

With Saints Row 4, the developers released a leveled-up version of the previous series’ representatives. You can expect wacky action, incredibly bizarre moments, superpowers, thick weapons that make your opponents and cars dance, booming sounds, and tuned vehicles. However, as in every installment, there is a lot to look out for, miss, and find.

In this guide, you’ll find important Saints Row 4 tips and tricks as well as info on the different weapons in the game.

1) What’s special about Saints Row 4

In Saints Row 4 the story of Saints Row: The Third is continued. However, as the leader of the 3rd Street Saints, you now have to deal with an alien invasion.

What makes the game special?

In general, the action game from Deep Silver Volition is known for its bizarre setting as well as the crazy possibilities in the game. In the 4th part, publisher Deep Silver once again provides you with a multitude of freely selectable player characters, a large assortment of weapons and additional superpowers. These let you jump enormously high and far, fling things around, sprint or even float.

What are the highlights?

Saints Row IV doesn’t really offer any big changes compared to its predecessor since the spin-off still resembles the GTA series and presents itself in an open game world. In contrast to its “big brother” and the 3rd entry in the series, however, this installment is much funnier, more hard-boiled and more bizarre.

So, you can expect a wacky open world where you have to defeat freak aliens to save the world, and with means that could hardly be wackier.

Who is the game for?

Saints Row 4 doesn’t reinvent the game genre either. Those who find Grand Theft Auto 5 too stepmotherly or too “straight” will find an ingenious alternative in the wild ride that the game delivers. Even if the makers of Saints Row IV go overboard a few times – somehow that’s part of the special feeling of the game series.

2) Saints Row 4 tips for getting started

What should I pay attention to at the beginning?

Especially for newcomers to the series, Saints Row 4 might come as a surprise. This is because it is uncompromising in its ability to pull off nonsense ingame. It is particularly fatal to fixate exclusively on the story. For one thing, this makes the gameplay harder than it needs to be. And on the other hand, you miss out on a lot of fun.

To start with, it makes sense to travel around Steelport. Check out the different locations, find events and data clusters. An essential point is to upgrade your powers. This is not only particularly rewarding, but also really fun. Accordingly, it’s important to invest in the improvements at the beginning, which you’ll find under the item “Bonuses”. You should also make sure that your powers, such as sprinting and jumping, are always exhausted.

Where are the “tricky points” or challenges?

The main story of Saints Row 4 is quirky, varied and holds a few surprises, especially with your protagonist’s superpowers. However, you can’t access them outside of Steelport. Thus, you’ll have to find clever options to defend yourself against your opponents.

In this case, the mechanics of the human shield – as in previous parts – will come in handy. You can also duck away from bullets. The crux of the matter is often that you simply don’t have the experience points and money to upgrade your abilities, gangs, superpowers and more.

3) Special gadgets and weapons

What weapons do you start with?

Saints Row 4 is jam-packed with weapons. These are divided into melee weapons, pistols, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, explosives, and special weapons. At first, you’ll have to rely on the standard weapons, such as baseball bats or pistols. These are solid solutions.

But as Chief of Command, you should be able to build up a large arsenal as soon as possible. Here you’ll find familiar options as well as more specialized ones, such as the “Penetrator”.

You can find ammunition in the weapon store. It also drops when you kill enemies. Alien weapons, on the other hand, don’t need it. But this comes with the disadvantage that they have to cool down after a few shots. You can get weapons in the missions and also from your enemies. Or you can look for the nearest Friendly Fire weapon store. Here you can upgrade your weapons.

Which Easter Eggs are there?

There are several Easter Eggs in Saint Row IV. In “Rosen Oaks”, for example, you will find a high tower in the east of the district, on which there is a broom. This is called Salem and allows you to glide through the air.

The aforementioned “Penetrator” is a baseball bat in the shape of a dildo. It first appeared in the game series in Saints Row 3. To find it in the 4th installment, you have to go to Brickstone. It’s located in a secret cave.

Cabbits, the cute anime mixture of rabbit and cat, are also present in Saints Row 4. You’ll find a yellow Cabbit in Burns Hill. Go to the southwestern part of the district. It is sitting on a tower.

Which weapons are good and how do you get them?

Of course, Saints Row 4 wouldn’t be a Saints Row part if it didn’t have special weapons that went far beyond the whimsicality of the Penetrator. One of them is the Dubstep Gun. You get this “party gun” as one of the first special weapons during the 7th mission. It shoots an electric pulse, deals decent damage, and plays dubstep at the same time. Passersby and even vehicles start dancing to the rhythm.

Also interesting is the singularity launcher. You’ll get the weapon, which belongs to the Explosive category, during Johnny Gat’s mission “WWGD”. It allows you to create black holes. Where it hits its target, a singularity is created, which sucks in everything near it.

What gadgets, items, and the like are exciting and desirable?

Besides the weapons mentioned, the Energy Sword (Mission Three-Count Royale) or the Inflator (Mission Fun Trumps All) is extremely fun to earn. Likewise, you can unlock the ability to sprint infinitely in the same mission where you pick up the Dubstep Gun. The best way to double your hacking time is to get it in the 3rd mission of Keith David: The Situation Recognizes.

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