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Slime Rancher 2 Tips, Tricks, and Slimes

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

In Slime Rancher 2, published by Monomi Park in 2022, you’ll continue Beatrix LeBeau’s adventures and travel across the Slime Sea to Rainbow Island. Discover the many new slimes and secrets and help Beatrix in her research.

In this guide, you’ll get important Slime Rancher 2 tips and tricks for a good start as well as an overview of the new slimes that await you.

1) Pay attention to your messages

Outside the conservatory, you’ll find a small kiosk right before you step outside. There you can see messages from your colleagues and they can interact with you. You can get important information for your journey from these messages. An exclamation mark on the kiosk indicates new messages. This messaging system is easy to miss but very useful.

2) Explore the world at all times of the day

Exploring the world is one of the most important elements of the game. This way you’ll advance in the story and also discover new slimes, food, and raw materials. However, you shouldn’t only explore during the day, but also at any time of the day or night, since some types of slime can only be found at night. These include, for example, Tarr Slimes, which earn you more money.

3) Feed Gordo Slimes

Gordo slimes are very large and immobile compared to other types of slime. They also often block paths and can only be removed by using food. If you feed them, they explode into many smaller slimes and the path is subsequently clear.

4) Build a farm

You can build a farm at a certain point in the game. Before that, you must first develop farms in your winter garden. Once you’ve built your farm, you’ll still have to travel to collect fruits and vegetables, but you’ll now receive food through your own farm.

With this, you can feed your slimes which will earn you Plorts, which in turn you can use to earn Newbucks. Furthermore, with the farm, you can maintain your slimes so that they bring you more money. They also run away less often when they’re happy.

5) Make your slimes happy

To prevent your slimes from escaping, you should constantly improve your enclosure while keeping your slimes happy so they don’t try to escape in the first place. Especially when slimes are hungry, the likelihood of escape increases.

Therefore, you should feed them as often as possible and promptly. At the same time, each species has a different favorite food and different types of slimes only eat specific foods.

Feeding them their favorite food will double the amount of slime and thus double the profit for you. However, getting the respective favorite foods turns out to be rather difficult, especially in the beginning. Building a music system has the same positive effect on your slimes as the food.

6) Grow Phosphor Slimes

Pink slime and cotton slime are probably the first types of slime you’ll encounter. You can only earn a bit of money with them; however, they are generally rather low maintenance. Therefore, at the beginning of the game, you should cultivate Phosphor Slimes. They will earn you a lot of money but only appear at night. In addition, setting up their enclosure or habitat requires a lot of effort.

The enclosure must be equipped with double height, an air net, and sun shields. Due to their nocturnal activity, Phosphor Slimes don’t survive in sunlight. Expanding the cave will also get you further in this process, but it’s very expensive at first.

7) Create Largo Slimes

Largo slimes earn you even more money than the previously described Phosphor Slimes. These special slimes are created when a slime eats the secretions of another slime. In doing so, they mutate into a mixture of the types and acquire the diet, favorite foods, and slime production of both species.

If they eat a third type of secretion, however, they become spoiled Tarr Slimes and are thus useless. They become aggressive if you don’t feed them for too long. Therefore, you should only create them if you can really feed them at regular intervals.

8) Slime Rancher 2 tips for handling and earning money

You should never rely on just one type of slime and its production. Keep an eye on the market at all times and don’t just offer one or two types. If you flood the market, prices will drop. Also, don’t forget to take into account waiting times between sales.

You can find the marketplace values on a big board behind your house. To create a good variety as easily as possible, you should simply have a different type of slime produced every day. For example, Pink Slimes one day and Phosphorus Slimes the next.

In the beginning, you shouldn’t expand directly, but rather use the available space optimally and only then invest further.

Wild slimes can be fed by simply throwing food at them. They produce Plorts just like captured slimes, and you don’t have to invest money in upgrading your conservatory due to the needed space for new slimes.

9) Upgrade your equipment

With the standard equipment, you aren’t optimally protected against all possible dangers of the world of Slime Rancher 2. Therefore, you can create weapons from raw materials, with money and slime, and get new materials or even more health or energy this way. These upgrades will make the game much easier, so you should constantly improve your equipment.

10) Defeat Tarr Slimes with water

At first, you can only absorb Tarr Slimes and then fling them away to defend yourself against them. Over time, however, you’ll unlock items based on water. Tarr Slimes are particularly sensitive to water and are therefore especially good at fighting them with these weapons. Tarr Slimes are created when Largo Slimes eat a third Plort. Therefore, you should preventively pick up all Plorts that are in the immediate vicinity.

11) What are the new Slimes in Slime Rancher 2?

Compared to its predecessor, there are several new slimes in Slime Rancher 2, but many of them have been taken over from the previous version.

Ringtail Slimes

Ringtail Slimes are only active at night, as they turn into stone statues during the day. However, this can be prevented by a sun shield upgrade, as described briefly earlier. If the Slimes are active, they are very fond of stealing. However, they are otherwise generally rather docile.

They are also rarely satiated and will eat anything. If they have just put on a mischievous expression, better not feed them. They spawn in the Starlight Strand region and produce Ringtail Plorts, which are extremely tough and harden in sunlight. The Plorts are important for certain items and also buildings.

Batty Slimes

The bat-like purple Batty Slimes feed exclusively on fruit. They spawn in dark as well as in cool places like caves in Ember Valley during the day as well as night. They hang from the ceiling like bats and are hungriest in the dark, where they eat more than other slimes.

Daylight makes them restless, however, they survive in it and are otherwise docile. Their favorite food is Pomegranite and their Plort is useful for navigation as well as sonar technology.

Angler Slimes

Blue Angler Slimes spawn during the day and at night on Starlight Beach and in Ember Valley. They are generally docile and feed on meat and their favorite food is Sea Hen.

The Angler Plort retains its shape even under water pressure, making it especially useful for deep-sea diving techniques. With their lightning, which they can generate, they can stun all Slimes except Tarr Slimes.

Flutter Slimes

The orange Flutter Slimes are mainly found on Starlight Beach during the day and at night. You feed them nectar and preferably their favorite food Moondew Nectar. If they eat their favorite food, they emit a cloud that calms the other Slimes nearby.

The Flutter Plorts will let you take off or float a bit if you carry enough of them in your hand. Due to their ability to fly, you’ll need to build a particularly safe enclosure.

Cotton Slimes

Yellow Cotton Slimes spawn in Rainbow Fields and Starlight Beach during the day and at night. They have rabbit ears and whiskers and jump very high. Therefore, they can easily escape from enclosures with low fences. They feed on vegetables and especially on Water Lettuce. Their Plort is great for pillows and sweaters, as it is especially fluffy and soft.

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With the Slime Rancher 2 tips and tricks you received in this article, you should now be able to get started in the game without any problems. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to keep exploring the game by yourself and constantly improve.

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