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Sons Of The Forest Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

The second game from Endnight Games is all about survival once again. This time, however, you’re not alone in the forest but have to deal with dangerous mutants and demons. Find out how to survive this island adventure in our Sons of the Forest tips and tricks.

1) Pay attention to your basic needs and the weather

Like its predecessor, The Forest, the new game from the Canadian developers is a complex survival game at its core. You need to eat to stay alive, drink to stay hydrated, and keep an eye on the temperature and your health.

So make sure you have enough food on hand in Sons of the Forest and build your home near a water source. Having a supply of medicine is also important, as is getting enough sleep to prevent fatigue and exhaustion. The weather will also affect you. Be prepared for storms and rain, and be aware of the changing seasons.

2) Collect everything you find

From the very beginning, it’s important to collect everything you can. Examine your surroundings thoroughly and don’t leave anything lying around. Even if you can’t use certain items now, they may come in handy later. Fortunately, the inventory system is designed so that there is no global limit.

You can pick up as many different items as you want in Sons of the Forest. The only limitation is that you can only carry a certain amount of each item. For example, if you’ve reached the maximum number of flowers, you can still pick berries and other items. However, if you pick another flower, it will simply fall to the ground.

3) Sons of the Forest tips and tricks: Build a shelter

Before the first night falls on the island in Sons of the Forest, you should build a fort. Otherwise, the game will end for you before it has really begun, as the mutants will overrun you. So, find a convenient location that is close enough to sources of resources such as wood and plants, and has good access to water.

Once your fortress is built, you’ll need to build fences or ramparts to keep enemies out of your base. Your fortress can be expanded and customized as you progress through the game. The building system is even more complex than in The Forest.

4) Secure your base with traps

Fences alone will not be enough protection in the long run. The cannibals in Sons of the Forest are getting more aggressive every day. To prevent them from entering your home unexpectedly, it’s best to set traps in the surrounding area. But remember where you placed them. If you accidentally set them off, they can kill you as well.

5) Inventory Shortcut

One of the last updates added hotkey management. This allows you to set shortcuts to important items. Just open your inventory, move your mouse over the item, and press the number between 0 and 9 that you want to assign to it.

6) Watch your HP

Besides medicine and health recharges, food also replenishes your HP in Sons of the Forest. However, it’s slow, so you should only use it outside of combat. Speaking of combat, you should equip your character with armor. It’s much easier to regenerate than health.

7) Observe and plan

To survive in Sons of the Forest, you need to know what’s going on around you. If you roam the woods carelessly, you won’t grow old. So watch your surroundings carefully so you don’t run into your enemies unexpectedly. Also, remember where the danger points are on the map and plan your routes accordingly.

Press M to open your GPS. This will give you an overview of where crash sites, caves, and other important locations are located. You can also receive emergency alerts with your device. They will be highlighted in purple and will beep when you’re near them.

8) Help Kelvin

Of course, in our Sons of the Forest Tips and Tricks, we will also talk about the most important innovation compared to the previous game: The first NPC in the series. Kelvin acts as a companion who can perform some tasks for you. You shouldn’t leave him at the crash site, but help him to get to you.

Later, you can have him collect wood or other resources so you can focus on exploring. Used wisely, he will save you a lot of time. Keep in mind that he won’t fight for you. He can’t fight off enemies or kill them. So use him only for peaceful tasks.

9) Build a light source

Due to the day-night cycle in Sons of the Forest, it naturally gets dark in the evening. Therefore, build fireplaces to provide both heat and light. If you want to explore caves, you’ll soon find that you can’t see much without a light source. From the beginning, you can use UV light, which produces a violet glow. But it’s relatively weak.

The flashlight is a remedy. You can find it near the helicopter crash site. It needs batteries to work. So use it sparingly and only for your explorations.

10) Prepare for Winter

Seasons play a big role in Sons of the Forest. The most dangerous one is winter. Once the cold days arrive, food sources become scarce and lakes freeze over. The upside is that your enemies thin out and become fewer. However, you’ll have less stamina when it’s very cold. You can counteract this with the necessary equipment or a fire source.

To prepare for the winter, build drying racks and preserve meat and fish. Drying ensures that you can keep food for as long as you want. Simply hang the food on the racks. It’s best to fill several of them completely by winter so you don’t starve.

During winter, it’s advisable to have energy drinks with you so that you have enough stamina for emergencies despite the cold. You’ll just have to hold on for a few days, and then it’ll be spring again.

11) Combat tips

Use ammunition sparingly

The variety of weapons in Sons of the Forest is large, but the amount of ammunition is rather small. Think carefully about whether you want to use a ranged or melee weapon. When in doubt, save your bullets and use your knife, stick, or spear. Of course, against hordes of enemies you have no choice but to use a rifle, but against single enemies, you shouldn’t be wasteful.

Land head shots

Shooting mutants in the head will obviously do more damage than shooting them in the feet. Also, when you hit them in the head, they will stagger backward and may lose their balance. This makes it easy to kill them without them being able to fight back.

Sever their limbs

Sounds disgusting, but it’s necessary. The limbs of your opponents serve as a food source and can also be preserved on the aforementioned drying racks. After each battle, cut off your opponent’s arms and legs and bring them back to your base.

Anticipate attack patterns

As in the Souls games, each enemy has a very specific attack pattern. By learning their patterns, you can anticipate their movements and time your attacks and evasive maneuvers accordingly. Always observe and study the behavior of new enemies first, and then adjust your strategy.

Beware of hordes

As a beginner, you don’t stand a chance against hordes in Sons of the Forest. Before they reach you, flee through the trees and avoid them. To fight a horde effectively, you’ll have to rely on explosives and grenades. However, our first combat tip applies here as well: conserve ammunition and only use these weapons when you have no other choice.

Sneaking and hiding

Move carefully and sneak past groups of enemies. Take a longer route than a melee to reach your destination. Cannibals will be attracted to you mainly by sound. Also, look for hiding places where you can stay safe until the mutants have passed. Your tent is not the best place for this. Also, the save function in your tent will be disabled as long as there are enemies near you.

Tactical saving

There are two situations in the game when you should rest your weapons. The first is when your enemies are running away. When the mutants realize that you are superior, they will retreat. Don’t run after them, or you might reignite the fight or draw the attention of other enemies.

The second situation is your encounter with Virginia. She wears a bathing suit and has three legs and three arms. When you meet her, she will run away in fear. But don’t shoot her. As the game progresses, she can become a very useful companion, and unlike Kelvin, she can even fight.

Survive in Sons of the Forest with PLITCH!

The second part of the horror-survival series proves to be much more complex than its predecessor. Thanks to our Sons of the Forest tips and tricks, getting started shouldn’t be too difficult. Our PLITCH Sons of the Forest cheats will help you overcome such annoyances as running out of ammunition and losing your stamina in winter.

You can also use the codes to satisfy your basic needs at the touch of a button and increase the number of items you have. You can even negate fall damage and increase your running speed. With PLITCH, you can customize your adventure in the forest just the way you want it.

Happy Gaming!