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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales you step into the shoes of Miles and continue Peter Parker’s legacy. Your new home is involved in a power struggle that could destroy New York. True to the motto “from great power comes great responsibility,” you’ll try to protect your home from villains. In this article, you’ll get important Spider-Man: Miles Morales tips and tricks for the beginning of the game so that you’re off to a good start.

1) Which skills are the best?

If you want to acquire a new ability in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it’ll cost you one point each time. You should note that the third skill tree, which includes Camouflage skills, is unlocked only after completing a certain mission.

Among the most important and strongest skills are the Venom skills, such as Synaptic Breakdown, or the combat skills, such as In For A Shock. With the latter, you’ll extend the duration of your opponents’ shock state and continue to inflict twice as much damage on them. Due to the high effectiveness of these skills, you should unlock them as early as possible in the game.

You can also unlock more skills in Spider-Man: Miles Morales by completing the challenges. Useful skills for faster movement, such as the Quick Zip, can be unlocked in the Traversal challenges. It lets you perform a Web Zip twice in a row in the air, throwing you forward. In addition, some combat skills are also very useful for moving around.

2) How to swing through New York quickly

The Venom Jump skill, which you unlock after some time in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, can also be used when swinging through the streets of New York. If you equip the visor modification Trick Master beforehand, you can charge up venom power while swinging. You can get the modification with the Brooklyn Visions Academy suit.

Now, to charge Venom Power, you’ll have to perform various tricks in the air. Combos will make you faster and you’ll charge up the power you need quicker. Therefore, perform different tricks right after each other.

3) Spider-Man: Miles Morales tips on underground caches

The underground caches in Spider-Man: Miles Morales are hidden all over New York and contain various crafting parts. You can see the corresponding areas where underground caches are hidden with the help of a marker on the map.  Make your way there and use your spider vision which creates a radar that will help you find the crate.

If you’re near an underground cache, scan the area again and then highlight the cache. Note that it can also be behind walls, which is why it’s not immediately visible to you. However, you can usually tear down the walls that have a mark with the underground logo.

If a cache is located near a gas station, it can be found in garages. To get into the garage, operate the rotating mechanism and hold the garage open with net shots. An underground crate can also be found in all enemy bases, i.e. underground hideouts and Roxxon labs.

4) Tips for fights in Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Stay in the air as long as possible

Always make sure to do most of your fighting in the air, if possible. Your opponents in Spider-Man: Miles Morales are powerless in the air and can’t defend themselves against your attacks. Furthermore, enemies who are on the ground can’t attack you in the air. If they shoot at you, you can also dodge these shots.

If the enemies are airborne, you can also pull them towards you with nets to attack them as effectively as possible. If you’re dealing with a large group of villains, you can fire them into the air with the Venom Jump which will make a fight much easier.

Use the right attacks for certain enemies

You can’t effectively fight all your enemies with the same attacks. Therefore, use the appropriate attacks for your adversaries. For example, you can use nets against enemies who use a club to limit their abilities. The same applies to enemies with a shield. Some of your enemies have huge fists, against which you can use Venom attacks especially well.

Especially when you’re fighting a large number of enemies, you can easily lose track of the most suitable attack. So, make sure that you always use the appropriate attack so that your attacks and counterattacks are not ineffective.

Prioritize the right enemies

At all times, try to think about which enemy can cause you the most trouble and always fight those first. After that, you can turn to the others whom you know how to destroy as quickly as possible. Especially big, heavy, and trigger-happy baddies are potentially a great danger to you.

Against them, you’ll often need special attacks and the Venom Smash which are sometimes difficult to carry out among a group of opponents. Furthermore, ranged fighters are very dangerous while you’re fighting other enemies, as they can shoot at you from a distance.

Cover your enemies with your webs

Once you’ve covered your enemies with cobwebs in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, you can then stick them to almost any surface. They’ll stick there permanently and you’ll have one less problem. Miles has web shots, which you can use on your enemies.

If necessary, you can also use the web shot on an enemy covered in cobwebs. This way you can take out even strong enemies and thugs that normally would’ve given you a particularly hard time.

Master the art of stealth attacks

You often have the opportunity to ambush your opponents before the upcoming battle and thus already eliminate some of your adversaries as silently as possible. Stealth attacks are divided into two different types.

Melee attacks and silent knockdowns can only be detected by your enemies in Spider-Man: Miles Morales if they’re in sight. On the other hand, the other stealth attacks work from a distance.

So, silent knockdowns are most suitable when you’re facing an isolated enemy. If you’re fighting several isolated enemies, you can take them out with a net attack. However, be sure to ping them with the AR targeting function beforehand to make sure they don’t request support and thus don’t pose any additional danger.

There’s no shame in running away

Especially later in the game, it happens more often that you’re attacked by numerous enemies, all of whom perform different combos and are equipped with different weapons such as clubs, firearms, or shields.

If you’re surrounded by them and have very limited options to fight them, just flee and get some space. You can fight back much better when the enemies are coming at you instead of them surrounding you. Also, this way they don’t all come at once but are usually more spread out, which also makes it easier for you to attack.

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With the given Spider-Man: Miles Morales tips and tricks, getting started in the game shouldn’t be difficult anymore. In addition, it’s a lot of fun to explore the game and constantly improve. However, is the game too difficult for you, are you too impatient, or do you simply not have enough time to play? Then use our PLITCH Spider-Man: Miles Morales cheats!

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Happy Gaming!