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Stardew Valley Money Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Life as a farmer in Stardew Valley begins without great financial means. In any case, you have far too little gold to expand your own house, renovate the interior or build stables for the animals. In our Stardew Valley money tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to quickly earn money early on.

1) How to earn money in Stardew Valley

You can earn money in many different ways in Stardew Valley. You can grow vegetables and fruits, keep animals and process their products or trade them for hard currency. Likewise, you are free to sell anything that can be found or mined in the game world. So you won’t be in real need of money.

What do I need money for in Stardew Valley?

In Stardew Valley, money is primarily used to buy everything you want to grow on your farm. For this purpose, you will find a variety of seasonal seeds. But you can also grow fruit trees, berries, and much more.

Likewise, building extensions to your home cost money – the prerequisite for getting married later – as does changing the interior design. Gold is also important for improving tools, building farm buildings and stables, or getting equipment for the upcoming cave trip.

How much money do you start the game with?

You start Stardew Valley with just 500 gold. Gold is the main currency in the game. For that, you’ll get only 10 potato seeds from Pierre, who offers a lot of seeds each season. These, however, are extremely well invested starting capital.

Which achievements can be unlocked with them?

If you are in the process of earning decent money in Stardew Valley, you’ll unlock achievements with it. There are 5; each is linked to the amount of money earned. In addition to the corresponding achievement, your farmer also receives a special headgear, which can be bought at the “Hat Mouse.”

  • 15.000 Gold – Greenhorn – Good old hat
  • 50.000 Gold – Cowboy – Lucky Bow Tie
  • 250.000 Gold – Homesteader – Cool cap
  • 1.000.000 Gold – Millionaire – Bowler hat
  • 10.000.000 Gold – Legend – Sombrero

2) Stardew Valley Money Tips: How to Earn Money Fast

As already mentioned, you can earn money with almost everything in Stardew Valley. We have summarized the individual options for you clearly and compactly.

Sell plants

As a farmer, the most obvious way to earn a living is to grow vegetables and fruits. Since you start in spring with 500 gold in your pocket, you should definitely invest in potatoes. At Pierre’s, you can buy 10 packs of potato seeds at the beginning.

After only 6 days they will be ready for harvesting. You have a 20% chance of getting more than one potato and you can sell them for 80 gold.

Harvested crops and fruit can be sold in the general store. Alternatively, you can simply put everything in the box on your farm. Mayor Lewis comes at night and collects everything so that you already have the money for the goods in your pocket when you get up in the morning. Likewise, it’s worth selling all that grows in the wilderness during the four seasons to Pierre.

Hint: A little extra income is offered by the respective wild seeds of the season. You can get these from weeding.

Tea tree trick

Besides the regular methods, you can earn money in Stardew Valley by using a little trick. This is commonly known as the “tea tree trick”.

To implement it, you either need to be lucky enough to be offered it by the witch in the paddy wagon, or make Caroline your friend. After the 2 Hearts event you will receive mail from her. In it, she will tell you the secret of the tea trees.

Once planted, you will hardly have to worry about them. Unlike your other sowing, it is mainly the watering that is omitted. In addition, after planting, they provide you with 7 tea trees per season. The only exception to this is of course the winter.

Collecting resources

As already mentioned, you can find all kinds of things in the open game world of Stardew Valley. You can simply put the collected resources into the box on your farm and earn a decent amount of pocket money with it. In addition, you can also unlock various achievements.


Fishing in Stardew Valley is enormously disliked by many players. Understandable, since the game mechanics are annoying in many ways. Anyone who has ever spent a day at the river and only received garbage and always the same fish knows what we’re talking about.

That’s why we at PLITCH have put together a separate article for you. Our Stardew Valley fishing tips and tricks should make your life much easier.

You can earn money in Stardew Valley with continuous fishing and the resulting catches. Also, the treasure chests you can find while fishing are often filled with interesting and valuable things. However, who that joker in the village is that constantly drops stones or other useless trinkets in there is unknown. Our money is on Shane.

Villager quests

Admittedly, the quests of the inhabitants of Stardew Valley are often rather mundane. But they bring you two advantages. First, you always get paid well for completing the quests posted next to Pierre’s general store. Secondly, your “help” always has a positive effect on the friendship level of the client.

Collect and sell corals

When you are in Stardew Valley, you should stop by the beach from time to time. There are often corals and shells lying around. You can collect them and sell them for good money. If you bring 300 pieces of wood, you can also repair the small bridge to the right of Elliot’s hut.

On the other side there are some more corals. In addition, the jetty on this side is great for fishing.

Sell ores/ increase productivity

Collecting and selling ores is also lucrative. Apart from copper, silver, gold, quartz, and iridium, which you should keep for improving your tools and constructing farm buildings, you will find various minerals in the 120 levels of the mine and later in the skull cave and the quarry.

You should bring a large part of them to Gunther in the museum. With them, you can build a collection that will bring various rewards.

Most of these minerals, however, you can sell afterward. Only the ones you might need for making things or as gifts for villagers or the wizard should be kept.

Don’t sell everything blindly!

An important tip is not to sell all the things you find or create at Pierre’s or through the crate. Some things can serve as gifts or are needed for the completion of the bundles in the community center.

Thus, it makes sense to always keep a few of the finds, crops, minerals, fish, etc. At the same time, this stock is a kind of “reserve” that can be quickly gilded in case of a lack of funds.

At least as important to get gold in Stardew Valley is to improve your skills. With higher levels you not only become more efficient and can produce more yourself but also get more money for your products.

3) Be more efficient and reduce costs

Not only earning money in Stardew Valley is important, but also minimizing your costs, and this is quite simple.

Reduce costs

Generally, you have no running costs on your farm. So, you don’t have to pay for water or electricity. However, you can spend your gold on a variety of things. If you want to earn as much money as possible and as fast as possible in Stardew Valley, you should go for the alternative, because items can usually be made easily and early in the game with the necessary ingredients.

One tip to save a lot of money, especially in the beginning, is to take care of your food yourself. Since you have little energy and quickly lose stamina, especially in the mine, food is a good way to push it up again. However, this is very expensive. For example, a pizza will cost you 300 gold but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you collect a lot of things right at the beginning of the game – which also includes what falls to the ground when you cut down trees – your gathering skill will quickly increase to level 1. From this point on, you can make a granola bar yourself from 1 x acorn, 1 x maple seed, and 1 x pine cone.

You can find the three mentioned ingredients near trees and you can easily dig them up with your axe. This will give you quick and cheap energy.

Improve productivity of tools

In Stardew Valley, your farmer has various tools:

  • Hoe
  • Watering can
  • Axe
  • Fishing rod
  • Pickaxe
  • Scythe

You can improve them at the blacksmith for 5 metal bars each, depending on the level (copper, silver, gold, iridium) and gold, which allows you to work more effectively and consume less energy. However, you can only buy fishing rods. Later, weapons, milking bucket and sheep shear, and crab trap are also added. However, these cannot be optimized via upgrade.

Likewise, you can upgrade the trash can which you can use in the inventory to throw away items. Thus, when you delete things in the highest upgrade level, the Iridium trash can, you’ll get 60 percent of the gold value.

In addition, you should invest in a large backpack, which comes in 2 levels. At the beginning you only have 12 slots to carry tools and stow collected items. The first backpack expansion gives you 24 slots and the second one 36.

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