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Important Stray Tips and Tricks For a Good Start

  • from PLITCH
  • 09.01.2024

Cat lovers looking for a new game have come to the right place with Stray. The game even excites people who are more into dogs. In our Stray tips and tricks, we tell you how to successfully play through the game and not miss any of the cool content.

1) Game time

Stray isn’t that long and can be played through in a manageable amount of time. If you leave out the side quests, you can already see the credits of the indie title after 6 hours. Including all the side quests, however, you’ll end up with just over 10 hours of gameplay.

Stray is divided into the following 12 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Inside the Wall
  • Chapter 2: Dead City
  • Chapter 3: The Flat
  • Chapter 4: The Slums
  • Chapter 5: Rooftops
  • Chapter 6: The Slums Part 2
  • Chapter 7: Dead End
  • Chapter 8: The Sewers
  • Chapter 9: Antvillage
  • Chapter 10: Midtown
  • Chapter 11: Jail
  • Chapter 12: Control Room

2) Where to Find the Energy Drinks

As a trophy hunter, you can’t avoid the energy drinks. There is a total of four of them that you can pull out of vending machines. In a way, they are the currency of the game. With them, you will be able to complete the side quests for Morusque and B-12. In our Stray tips and tricks, we will explain where to find all of them and how to use them to complete the quests.

stray tips and tricks

You will find the first vending machine near Morusque. After talking to him, go in the opposite direction and take the left path at The Guardian. And there you are. Equipped with the can, you can then go to the merchant in the slums and buy the music sheet the robot is looking for. Once you have it, go back to him with your four-legged friend and give him the item.

To get the second can, go to the alley that leads to the slums. There you climb up and look around. When you see a crate, jump to it. From it, you can jump to a balcony where the second vending machine is located. However, for the B-12 quest, you will also need the remaining two cans.

So, jump back to the crate and then to the alley and take the first path on the right. After a few feet, you will walk directly to the third vending machine. The fourth and last vending machine is a bit more complicated to find. Go back along the path you just took and then head towards the slums. Opposite the bar, you will find a crate, which you can use to jump upwards. Then jump over all the air conditioning units. After a few jumps, you will see the vending machine.

Buy the painting with the three energy drinks in the slums and bring the object to B-12. This will give the robot back his memories and his quest is completed.

3) Where are all the plants in Stray?

In the 9th chapter, you’ll meet the quest giver Malo in the ant village. He gives your cat the order to bring him three plants that are distributed in the game world. The plants are divided by color into purple, red and yellow.

The purple plant is the easiest to find. Between the ant village memory and the two robots sitting on a bunk bed, the branch of a large tree sticks out. Climb it and walk along it. At its end, you can collect the first of the three plants.

For the red one, go to the robots playing mahjong. At their side, there’s a bucket hanging in the air. Jump on it to sink to the ground. Once you’re down, use the pipe and the barrels to make it to a small island where you’ll see two robots. Next to them, you’ll find the tree with the plant.

After that, go back to the ant village and pass the bar in the upper area. At the far end of the path, you’ll see a pipe. If you walk on it to the end, you’ll find the yellow plant. After that, bring all three plant samples to Malo and get your reward.

4) More Stray tips and tricks

Climbing is necessary but limited

To uncover every secret in Stray and explore the city extensively, climbing is necessary. After all, your protagonist is an estray who is a stranger to the cyberpunk world and has to discover everything first. Developer BlueTwelve Studio also makes it very easy for you. The fact that the environment is created by hand and scripted saves you the trouble of falling from roofs or other heights.

For each jump, you first have to press the corresponding button on the controller or keyboard. Otherwise, when you’re on the edge of something, it’s like you’re running into an invisible wall. This might be a design sin in other games, but it enhances Stray immensely and ensures a minimum of frustrating moments. It also invites you to explore the world, since you know that, apart from the Zurks, nothing can happen to you.

Try to avoid Zurks

And speaking of Zurks. You should stay away from them. Because when they see you, they run at you and attack you. If one sticks to your back, you’ll get a notification and can fight it off by pressing a button. But if the Zurk does too much damage, then it means the end of your cat adventure and you have to start from the last checkpoint.

At some points in the game, however, you can’t get past the Zurks, and some moments are also designed in a way that you’ll be attacked no matter what. We recommend that you best run away from them in a zigzag pattern and keep a good eye on your surroundings to escape through the alleys.

If you want to pass through a place with Zurks, it’s best to roughly plan your escape route beforehand. The less you have to improvise, the more likely you are to get through the danger zone unharmed.

Explore all the places in Stray

In Stray, you should carefully explore all the places. After all, there are items to discover everywhere that can be useful to you later. Some of them you’ll be able to add directly to your inventory, and others you’ll be able to carry from A to B with your mouth to solve small puzzles.

Besides, by exploring thoroughly you’ll get practical devices that will help you and find robots with which you’ll be able to interact and communicate via your drone. They, in turn, can give you new quests or information to help you advance in the game.

Show your items to friendly robots

You’ll have the option to show your items to each robot. This will allow you to unlock clues. For example, by showing photos, you can be given information about their whereabouts, or a robot invites you to trade with them. You can also solve various side quests through item gifts (such as the music sheet to Morusque).

Don’t explore the huge slums all at once

Our last tip concerns the slums in Stray. They are very large and extensive. However, you don’t have to explore them completely right away, but go one by one. Since you can move around freely in them, you can visit only certain buildings at first and come back later to discover the rest.

In the buildings, you’ll encounter optional collectibles and activities. Especially if you plan to unlock all 24 Steam trophies, you shouldn’t miss out on anything in the slums.

How can PLITCH improve your nine lives as a cat?

The PC version of the cat adventure is great fun and the achievements are an exciting challenge. Thanks to our Stray tips and tricks, you’ll have the tools to find anything in the world and fully complete the game.

Our PLITCH Stray cheats will help you keep the game fun while hunting for trophies. Sometimes the Zurks can be really nasty. So that they can’t harm you anymore, we give you the option to simply switch to Godmode or make yourself untouchable from them.

This will make your way through the sewers a breeze and you’ll be reunited with your cuddly family in no time. In addition, the movement speed can be changed so that you can get through the sprawling city even faster.

If you want to see our cheats in action, check out our video!

Happy Gaming!