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The Best New Games of May 2024 | Monthly Wrap-Up

  • from PLITCH
  • 06.06.2024

Get ready to dive into the latest gaming adventures! Last month saw a wave of incredible new games, and we’ve got the ultimate roundup of the best new games of May 2024 for you. From epic Metroidvanias to intense horrors, here are the best new titles you simply can’t miss!

Ghost of Tsushima

The Best New Games of May 2024: Ghost of Tsushima

Let’s kick off this wrap-up with one of our most anticipated releases of the year: Ghost of Tsushima. After four long years, the epic samurai adventure finally made its way to our PCs, and it was definitely worth the wait.

Set in the late 13th century during the Mongol invasion of the East, you take on the role of Jin Sakai, a warrior who must protect his home, the island of Tsushima. Experience the Way of the Ghost and do whatever it takes to save the ones you love. And don’t forget to pet the cute foxes!

Hades II

One of the biggest surprises in May was the sudden release of Hades II. Without any announcement, the game entered Early Access and has already accumulated 37K reviews on Steam. It’s a worthy successor to Hades, one of the best dungeon crawlers we’ve ever played.

Return to the underworld as Melinoë, princess of the underworld and younger sister of Zagreus, and battle the Titan of Time. The new magick mechanic, enemies, and locations make the game extremely fun to play. If you liked the first game, you should definitely try this one!

Farm Together 2

Fans of cozy farming sims finally got the long-awaited sequel to 2018’s Farm Together.

An Early Access title, Farm Together 2 took everything we loved about the first game and made it even better by adding a lot of quality of life and unique features. In the game, you build your own farm from scratch and take care of your plants and animals.

Abiotic Factor

Abiotic Factor is another game that surprised us last month with how much we liked it. The game mixes survival horror, crafting, and FPS elements with an open-world sci-fi setting, and the result is amazing!

You find yourself in an underground research facility that has failed to contain anomalous entities. It’s up to you and your fellow scientists to escape this underground complex. Fans of the Half-Life games definitely need to check this one out!

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Almost seven years after the release of the first game, we finally got the chilling sequel to one of our favorite horror games! In Hellblade II, our fierce protagonist, Senua, plunges headlong into the icy grip of Viking Iceland. Amidst the savage clutches of tyranny, she embarks on a harrowing quest to rescue those ensnared by the vile tendrils of darkness.

The game is an immersive experience unlike any other, with stunning graphics, compelling storytelling, and near-flawless execution. The lack of an interface adds to the atmosphere – it’s just you, Senua, and the whispers of the world around you. Senua herself is the epitome of what a strong female character in a game should be. She is strong yet vulnerable – a human being with flaws. So if you like the first game or just surreal horror in general, Hellblade II is a game you shouldn’t miss!


Fans of factory-building games like Satisfactory or Factorio need to check out the Early Access title FOUNDRY! The game puts you in the role of a pioneering robot on an unexplored planet. Under the watchful eye of your AI companion, Carl, you’ll design and build a sprawling automated robot manufacturing facility.

You’ll mine and harvest resources, automate extensive production lines, and manage complex systems. The game’s mechanics offer a delightful blend of Minecraft’s creative freedom and Factorio’s complex automation. Unlike Satisfactory’s static landscape, FOUNDRY allows you to reshape the terrain, adding a whole new layer of strategic depth.

Homeworld 3

After years of waiting, a new installment in the Homeworld series was finally released in May. The anticipation was huge, but unfortunately, the game isn’t quite what fans were hoping for. It promises epic fleet battles in breathtaking, full 3D space with cinematic graphics. You’re put in the captain’s seat with complete strategic freedom.

The graphics are stunning, the ship designs are innovative, and the soundtrack is immersive. However, the story, writing, and cutscenes leave something to be desired. They don’t currently live up to the high standard set by the gameplay and visuals, which is disappointing for such a richly crafted universe. Still, we had a lot of fun commanding our fleet!

The Rogue Prince of Persia

After loving Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, we were excited to see another title in the franchise. Even though the game was released in Early Access, we’re already hooked and can’t wait to see where it goes from here. The action-packed roguelite combines thrilling platforming and acrobatic combat.

As the Prince, you’ll leap and fight your way through the capital city, facing off against an invasion of Huns wielding dark magic, with one goal in mind – save Persia. The fluid gameplay immerses you as you wall-run, climb, and chain perfect jumps with effortless grace. The combat is exhilarating and blends seamlessly with the platforming to create a unique, satisfying experience.


Along with Hellblade II, INDIKA is another horror title that impressed us last month. Set in an alternate Russia at the dawn of the 19th century, the world of this third-person story-driven adventure is eerie yet captivating. You play as Indika, a young nun on a journey of self-discovery, accompanied by the most unlikely of companions – the devil himself.

The game’s unique puzzle elements and dynamic transitions between gameplay styles will keep you on your toes – from first-person exploration to platforming to driving simulators. The game’s visuals are stunning, reminiscent of AAA titles, with lifelike facial models and meticulously detailed environments that authentically reflect 19th-century Russia. What really sets INDIKA apart is its postmodern take on faith, free will, and the struggle between good and evil.

Men of War II

Fifteen years after the release of the first installment, the World War II RTS Men of War II hit our PC screens in May. Immerse yourself in the chaos of World War II on both the Eastern and Western fronts with all-new units, locations, campaigns, and game modes. The game brings an unprecedented level of historical accuracy and action-packed gameplay perfect for both seasoned veterans and newcomers to the series.

Visually, Men of War II is stunning. The graphics strike a balance between realism and performance, ensuring smooth gameplay even when the battlefield is packed with units. The single-player campaigns are particularly engaging, with the American missions providing a balanced challenge and the Soviet missions pushing your skills to the limit. We recommend that new players start on Easy or Very Easy to get a feel for the controls without being overwhelmed.


If you like pixel graphics and dark Metroidvanias, ANIMAL WELL is the game for you. It’s an absolute masterpiece, brought to life with intricate audio and visual detail. Every corner of its dense, interconnected labyrinth is teeming with secrets waiting to be discovered. Collect items that allow you to manipulate your environment in surprising and meaningful ways, and explore at your own pace in this non-linear adventure.

Prioritizing puzzles and exploration over combat, the game’s refreshing mechanics will keep you hooked. Whether it’s the eerie, heart-pounding atmosphere, the smooth and satisfying movement, or the joy of discovering unconventional upgrades, ANIMAL WELL is an absolute blast.


May hasn’t disappointed when it comes to city-building games either! Synergy invites you to lead humanity’s adaptation to a fascinating yet unforgiving world. Unlike typical city builders, Synergy challenges you to deeply explore and analyze your environment. Your citizens depend on your ability to understand and interact with the strange natural elements that surround them.

One of the outstanding features of Synergy is the flexibility of building materials. Your citizens won’t be left homeless if you run out of wood or stone, because you can build houses from a variety of materials available in your environment. The game’s art and music are a real treat, adding to the immersive experience. The interface is sleek and minimalist, allowing you to focus on strategic building placement and workflow optimization.


Are you a fan of Ark, Conan Exiles, and/or Palworld? Then you should check out Soulmask! This sandbox game plunges you into a primitive land full of mysterious beliefs and harsh natural challenges. As the chosen one blessed with this powerful mask, your journey begins from scratch. Build, recruit, and lead your tribe to create a new civilization. Every decision matters as you gather resources, craft hundreds of items, and unlock the secrets of the mask.

Building a tribe is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. With each new follower, you gain unique traits and skills that increase your clan’s strength. The quality of the items you craft adds depth to your strategy, while the combat system keeps you on your toes, with each weapon offering unique moves and abilities. Soulmask delivers an authentic survival experience that is both challenging and deeply rewarding!

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Happy Gaming!