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The Callisto Protocol Tips, Tricks, and Weapons

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Hardly any other game was more highly anticipated in 2022 than the new game from the creators of Dead Space. And as expected, the result was worth the wait. In our The Callisto Protocol tips, tricks, and weapons guide, we’ll show you how to survive in outer space, manage your inventory and get all the weapons you need.

1) Explore all areas

It sounds simple, but the story in the horror game will take you past many interesting and optional locations. It’s best to also go on the paths that lead away from your mission objective.

Open all the doors, explore all the corridors and look behind every corner. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on useful loot and new weapons. After all, the game is very linear, so it’s impossible to catch up on unvisited locations or meet missed prisoners later on.

2) The Callisto Protocol tips: How to heal yourself

You get a little healing from the health gel that enemies drop when you defeat them. However, the gels only restore a small amount of HP, and besides, you can’t add them to your inventory.

Therefore, pay attention to the first-aid boxes on the walls. They contain health injectors. You can store these and they give you a decent HP boost.

3) Discard items when your inventory is full

Especially in the beginning, your inventory in The Callisto Protocol is very limited and when it’s full, you can’t pick up anything. Not even health injectors. But there’s a trick: first, remove another item. This will place it on the ground and you can use the injector. Afterward, simply pick up the item again. However, you should not move too far away from it, otherwise, it’ll disappear.

4) Search for all audio messages

Similar to Bioshock and System Shock, there are audio logs in The Callisto Protocol. These contain valuable information about what happened on Black Iron. Throughout the chapters, they are distributed as follows:

  • Cargo: 1
  • Outbreak: 3
  • Aftermath: 8
  • Habitat: 7
  • Lost: 8
  • Down: 5
  • Colony: 7
  • Tower: 4

5) Use your money for upgrades, not supplies.

Callisto credits are an extremely scarce resource in The Callisto Protocol. You can use them to buy and craft all sorts of things at REFORGE terminals. This includes new weapons, ammunition, health injectors, as well as other tools. And this is where the survival aspect comes in: the amount of money is so limited that you’ll have to be strategic.

So, one of our The Callisto Protocol tips is: It’s best to avoid buying supplies altogether. You’ll get them for free in the game world anyway, by searching everything thoroughly and taking down enemies in close combat. It’s much more important to implement found blueprints to be superior to creatures in combat.

Of course, in case of extreme need, it can still be useful to invest a few credits in a health injector to avoid dying. However, if you want to use your funds as efficiently as possible, it might be better to reload the game from the last checkpoint.

6) Upgrade your equipment with REFORGE units

A REFORGE unit works like a 3D printer. For simple items, it already has blueprints (ammo, injectors, etc.), but for complex items, you need to find the blueprints first. It’s not uncommon to find them in the optional areas of the map in The Callisto Protocol. When you find one, you use it at the terminal, and thus either get new weapons or upgrade your existing ones.

Through upgrades, you do more damage, increase the magazine or improve the precision of your weapon. You can find the money for them on shelves, in cupboards and lockers, as well as obtain it by defeating enemies.

7) Use stealth when possible

As in Dead Space, the mutants are no walk in the park and can deal serious damage to Jacob. So, it’s best to take them out without them even noticing your presence.

When an enemy has his back turned, sneak up on them. To do this, crouch down and approach them at a slow pace. With one blow of your blade to the head, you can one-shot any minor threat.

In general, it’s a good idea to play stealthy in The Callisto Protocol. Enemies will only become aware of you when you enter their field of vision. If you use this cleverly, you’ll trigger them one by one, so you’ll never get too many of them into fights at once.

8) The Callisto Protocol tips on fighting

Learn to dodge

To defend yourself, you have to block and dodge. The problem with blocking, however, is that even if you’re successful, you’ll lose some HP. So, you should only do it when you have no other choice.

Therefore, master dodging in the game. Jump only once to the same side and then change direction. After a successful dodge jump, you’ll also have the opportunity to launch an effective counterattack. Similar to the Dark Souls games, you should internalize the timing well.

Melee combat is better in the beginning

Melee combat offers you some advantages in The Callisto Protocol: It doesn’t consume ammunition, it’s extremely effective, and it also lets you get items like the health gel and credits. Thus, especially at the beginning of the game, don’t fight from a distance, but rather give your opponents a well-aimed blow.

Don’t fire at distant enemies in the beginning

Ranged combat is a waste of ammunition due to the low precision of your weapons in the first levels. Rather use your baton or fire your guns at close range to counter the horror. Let your enemies get close to you to effectively fight them.

Blue markers show you weaknesses

When you wound an enemy sufficiently in The Callisto Protocol, a blue mark appears on their body. When you hit this, you effectively perform a critical hit. This mechanic is extremely important and you shouldn’t ignore the markings, but take advantage of them as soon as you see them.

Go on the offensive

Especially when several mutants come at you at the same time, going on the offense is the best defense. When you perform combos, you usually get invincibility frames that protect you from attacks. Besides, the melee combat in the game is even a bit overpowered. Don’t be afraid to exploit it.

Decapitated monsters can keep fighting

Unlike zombies in other games, mutants in The Callisto Protocol can be harmful even without their heads. Only when you crush them properly, they are really dead. So always use a finishing move even on headless creatures.

Tear off the limbs of enemies on the ground

As mentioned earlier, you get both credits and health gels in melee combat. This is especially the case when you tear off the limbs of enemies lying on the ground. Not only does this drop useful items, but it also enables you to disable enemies faster.

Kill as quietly as possible

It can’t be emphasized often enough. At best, sneak up on enemies and instead of using a loud gun, you should – if possible – use silent techniques. Hordes of enemies can eventually become a real problem, and stealth is the best way to avoid an early death.

Try to hit the tentacles

Especially in the later levels, you won’t stand a chance against the monsters if you’re not strategic. You must try to hit your opponent’s tentacles to weaken them and make sure they can’t mutate. Otherwise, it’s like you’re fighting windmills.

Use your telekinesis

As in Dead Space, telekinesis is available to you at a certain point in The Callisto Protocol. Not only is it a lot of fun (after all, it almost makes you feel like a Jedi or Sith), but it can also be very effective.

Examine your surroundings. Many areas are designed in such a way that you can hurl enemies into the abyss or make containers explode. Besides, it will give you an advantage if you start a duel by pulling the enemy towards you and giving them a solid welcome blow.

9) The Callisto Protocol Weapons Guide

General tips

Most of the weapons in the game are unlocked during the main story. So, you don’t have to worry about them. However, three of them can be easily missed and are optional. To use them, you’ll need their blueprints. In the following part of our The Callisto Protocol tips, tricks, and weapons guide, we’ll show you where to find them and what their characteristics are.

To be able to afford the construction, the motto is: If you want to have everything, you have to search thoroughly and only leave a level when everything has been found and every credit has been collected.

Stun Baton

At the beginning of the second chapter (“Outbreak”), your tool will be exchanged for the stun baton by itself during the main storyline. It’s a useful tool for saving ammo in combat and preparing your opponent for finishing. It will also serve you well in the later stages of the game and is definitely part of a strategic approach.

Hand Cannon

The revolver can be printed using a REFORGE unit in the third chapter (“Aftermath”). You don’t have to actively take care of its construction plan either and will receive it automatically. It’s your first gun and, like the stun baton, will serve you until the final credits. With it, you’ll regularly give targeted hits to the standard mutants in the turmoil.

Skunk Gun

The Skunk Gun – also found in the third chapter – is the first hidden weapon. You can find its blueprint in workshop D302. However, it is locked by a gate. To open it, you need the fuse located near the SHU access D303. With it, you can restore the power supply and then get the map from the workshop. In the beginning, the shotgun’s magazine only has room for two rounds. However, it can be expanded through upgrades.

Riot Gun

In the fifth chapter (“Lost”), you get the Riot Gun in an old garage from one of the other inmates named Danni. Before that, however, you have to take down a lot of monsters. Then, when the “Reach the Control Room” objective appears, she hands you the shotgun after you talk to her. It deals a lot of damage to limbs and is the ideal weapon for any situation. It is most effective when fired from a short distance.

Tactical pistol

The blueprint for the tactical pistol must be actively found by you. It’s located on a table in the sixth chapter. It’s in a room that’s covered by two monsters standing close to each other. Take down both of them and the passage will appear behind the right one. For the pistol, you need 600 credits to print it, and it’s best to invest another 300 units to make a bigger magazine.

Assault Rifle

In the seventh chapter, you’ll find the blueprint for the assault rifle behind the general store in a washroom. It’s right in front of the middle mirror. With the rifle, you can deal a lot of damage quickly and, unlike the shotgun, it’s also suitable for longer ranges.

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Surviving on Jupiter’s moon is challenging. But with our The Callisto Protocol tips, tricks, and weapons guide, getting started should be easy. Nevertheless, mutated enemies, bosses, and hordes of enemies can lead to moments of frustration and finish you off within seconds. Besides, lack of money can be a real problem if you want to implement a construction plan but you don’t have the credits.

Thanks to PLITCH’s The Callisto Protocol cheats, you can both refill your health and add money. In addition, we offer you a Godmode for invulnerability and the possibility to adjust your movement speed on the dead moon.

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