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The Last Of Us Part 1 Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Ever since March 2023, the legendary action-adventure The Last Of Us Part 1 by developer Naughty Dog is finally available on PC. In our The Last Of Us Part 1 tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to survive the zombie apocalypse and deal with all types of enemies.

1) Explore the environment

The story of the game takes you across the remains of America. The game world is accordingly large and varied. However, dangers are lurking everywhere and you should be prepared for them. Also, as usual for a survival game, your ammunition is limited. Therefore, you should thoroughly search each area for resources to collect.

As you explore your surroundings in The Last Of Us Part 1, you’ll find upgrades for your weapons and equipment, as well as items that can be used to create consumables. These include healing medipacks, improvised knives, and traps. By the way, the 2023 remake has improved the listen mode for faster exploration.

2) Use the environment to your advantage

Aside from your weapons, you can also use the environment against your enemies. This not only saves ammunition and supplies but also gives you tactical advantages. For example, you can throw bricks or bottles to lure the infected in a certain direction or simply away from you. Of course, you can also throw both at them to keep them off balance.

Whenever you enter a new level in The Last Of Us Part 1, you should familiarize yourself with the environment, where everything is, and what tools you can use in combat. It’s also important to remember the quickest routes and where to window-jump if you need to. Climbing walls is also a good way to escape.

Finally, it doesn’t make much sense to fight particularly strong enemies if you want to survive. It’s much better to avoid them and shake them off during confrontations.

3) Stealth, stealth, stealth

Stealth is our number one survival tip for The Last Of Us Part 1, as the infected are sensitive to sound and will be attracted by loud walking, for example. What you want to avoid at all costs are multiple enemies coming at you at the same time. Ellie and Joel don’t stand a chance against groups. If you make the most of the stealth mechanic, it’s even possible to avoid a lot of confrontations.

However, because of the level design, this doesn’t work everywhere. There are some hot spots where you have no choice but to fight. But even here, stealth will help you. By sneaking up on individual enemies, you can take them out one by one without the others even noticing that you’re there.

4) Crafting Tips and Tricks

The crafting system in The Last Of Us Part 1 consists of ingredients and recipes. Whenever you collect a new item, it will automatically give you the recipe for it. For example, if you find a Molotov cocktail, you’ll only need alcohol and rags to make your own. You can make a new knife with the tape and blade, and the ingredients for the medkit are the same as for the Molotov cocktail.

When you want to make something, just open your backpack and you’re ready to go. In theory, this works at any point in the game. In practice, however, you won’t have time to do this in combat situations. This is because the game doesn’t pause in backpack mode, it continues to run in real-time. This makes you an easy target, so you should only craft when you’re alone or can take cover.

In addition to your melee weapon, you can also craft bombs for offense and defense. Nail bombs require blades and explosives, and smoke bombs consist of sugar and explosives. It’s best to always carry a small supply of each weapon, as well as enough materials to make supplies.

5) The Last Of Us Part 1 tips and tricks: Always have a plan B

As the old saying goes, few plans survive first contact with the enemy. And that’s how it is with Ellie and Joel’s adventure. In our The Last Of Us Part 1 tips and tricks, we recommend that you always have a Plan B ready. Think of alternatives if your original plan doesn’t work out. Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself facing multiple enemies at once or being backed into a corner.

Especially on the higher difficulty levels, this will happen from time to time, and your creativity will be called upon. So it’s best to always have several escape options in mind or be prepared for the inevitable fights with the right weapons and enough ammunition.

6) Weapon Tips

Let’s get to the heart of The Last Of Us Part 1‘s combat system: weapons. There are eight of them in total, and each of them can be upgraded and improved. They differ in their rate of fire, penetration, accuracy, volume, and range. The following list shows you all the weapons with their dominant characteristic.

  • Pistol (rate of fire)
  • Revolver (penetration)
  • Shorty (range and penetration)
  • El Diablo (accuracy)
  • Hunting Rifle (Penetration)
  • Shotgun (Dispersion and Penetration)
  • Bow (low volume)
  • Flamethrower (penetration)

An advantage in one characteristic naturally brings disadvantages in others. For example, the shotgun and flamethrower have high penetration but low range. The revolver and hunting rifle have a slow rate of fire, and the El Diablo takes a long time to reload. Therefore, in any combat situation, you should carefully consider which characteristic is needed and choose the appropriate weapon accordingly.

To make upgrades, you’ll need to visit a crafting shop. You’ll also need components and tools, which are scattered throughout the world of The Last Of Us Part 1. Picking up a toolbox will increase your tool level, allowing you to make better modifications. Possible modifications include magazine extensions or an extension to your holster.

7) Recover your arrows

Regarding the bow in The Last Of Us Part 1, you can pick up some of the arrows after you used them and reuse them. This saves ammunition and makes the weapon an extremely resource-efficient alternative. If you want to take down weaker enemies silently, you should definitely use a bow and arrow instead of wasting bullets.

Each time you hit an enemy, randomization will determine whether the arrow will break or remain intact. At the end of the battle, simply collect any arrows that didn’t break. With good aim, you’ll be able to kill several enemies in a row without being noticed.

8) How to survive the infected


Runners are the weakest enemy type in The Last Of Us Part 1. They do their name justice, as they don’t really do anything but run around all the time. They have good eyesight, but relatively poor hearing. As long as you don’t step into their line of sight, you can sneak past them without much effort.

You can also insta-kill a single runner from behind in melee combat by strangling them. However, they usually appear in groups, so it is best to avoid them.


Stalkers are a bit more powerful. They look almost the same as Runners, but their behavior is different. They don’t run around wildly but hide behind walls and in corners. They have the same HP as runners, but their stealth makes them much more dangerous.

To spot them in time, activate listen mode. Once you’ve spotted one, it’s best to take it out from behind. Compared to the other zombie types in The Last Of Us Part 1, stalkers are rare. So you won’t come across many of them.


Clickers are very different from runners and stalkers. They’re completely blind, but their hearing is much better. You can sneak past them in any direction – even right in front of them – but you have to be extra careful. The slower you sneak, the closer you can get to the clicker without it noticing you.

Our The Last Of Us Part 1 tip with the bottles and bricks will come in handy with them. By distracting them with these items, you can get away unheard. For groups of them, use the Molotov Cocktail. Throw it at the clicker closest to you and the others, attracted by the sound, will run into the fire and burn.


The most powerful enemies and the biggest threat to all survivors in The Last Of Us Part 1 are the bloaters. Being the oldest of the infected, the fungal virus is the most advanced in them. This makes them real bullet sponges that can also deal a lot of damage.

You don’t stand a chance against them in close combat. You have to keep them at a distance and use heavy weapons, bombs, and Molotov cocktails.

But be careful. Bloaters can throw spore pods that you have to dodge. They’ll also always come out for an attack, which you’ll also have to dodge.

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For example, you can activate the “inaudible” or “invisible” code so that Ellie and Joel aren’t making sounds or aren’t visible so they can walk past the infected unnoticed. Or you can change the damage factor, use the bullet time mode to aim and give yourself infinite health if you want.

Happy Gaming!