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Wild West Dynasty Tips and Tricks

  • from PLITCH
  • 08.01.2024

Wild West Dynasty is a strategy simulation game set in the Wild West of the 19th century. Take on the role of a ranger, build your own farm, and expand it by raising animals, managing your fields, and trading with your neighbors. In this guide, you’ll get some important Wild West Dynasty tips and tricks that will help you get started with the game.

1) The HUD – What do the icons mean?

When you first look at the head-up display (HUD) in Wild West Dynasty, which forms a frame around your active screen, it can be easy to get confused about the meaning of the symbols and their functions. Therefore, here’s a brief summary of the most important bars.

At the top center is a compass with waypoints. At the top right, you’ll see your current mission objectives, and at the bottom right, you’ll see the tool you’re currently equipped with and its current status, indicated by a white bar.


Your current body temperature is displayed at the bottom left of the screen, giving you an overview of whether you’re currently dressed according to the external conditions or should change clothes, for example. If it’s cold at the moment and you’re wearing relatively little clothing, the pointer will deflect and the small display will light up blue. Therefore, always keep the pointer centered.


The yellow stamina bar can be found to the right of your picture. Since you need your stamina mainly for sprinting or for using weapons or tools, you shouldn’t use it up completely. If you do so, you’ll be out of breath for a short time and the bar will turn red.


Eating raw or spoiled food in Wild West Dynasty can poison you. This won’t kill you, but it will reduce your health points over time. However, the amount of poison decreases over time, so you don’t need to take antidotes.


Throughout the game, you should make sure to drink water from your water bottle regularly. You can fill it up at various places along the way. You can also drink with your hands at a fountain if you don’t have a bottle at hand. If you’re particularly thirsty, you’ll also lose health points, as with poisoning.


If your hunger bar is particularly low, eat food to increase it again. Similar to your thirst bar and poisonings, you’ll lose health points if your hunger bar is too low. The red health bar, the hunger bar, and the blue thirst bar can also be found to the left of your image.


In your HUD, you’ll also be provided with a display of your overall health. This means that all factors that influence your health are included here and you have an overview of how your health is doing in general. So the bar will drop if other bars are low as well. If you take direct damage or notice that your health is dropping, you can prepare a healing potion with agave, consume it and then sleep.

2) Survival Tips


You’ll get your first revolver early in the game, but you’ll have to find ammunition for it on your own. Soon after, you’ll meet a farmer named Ed, whom you can help with repairs in exchange for a place to stay.

You’ll need a wooden hammer and a stone axe in Wild West Dynasty. If you use these tools to destroy the wooden door in the cave containing your mother’s grave, you’ll find a skeleton with a hat, a revolver, and a box of useful resources.

Building and resources

From now on, you’ll be able to construct buildings independently with your wooden hammer and focus on your various missions. To build in Wild West Dynasty, equip your hammer and press “B” to open the building menu. You’ll now see a list of all the possible buildings you can build at the moment, including the resources you’ll need.

First, you need a foundation, which you should align on a flat surface. Then use your hammer and all the resources you need to build the foundation, and go on to build the corner pillars and the walls.

Plan at least one door and several windows, and build the roof after the walls are finished. Once the shell is complete, you can enter your building and start decorating the interior. You can use the building menu to design and place the various pieces of furniture in the same way.

3) Beware of wild animals

At the beginning of Wild West Dynasty, you are in the desert and should first go to Ed’s farm. It won’t take you long to find it, and then you’ll visit the farm and help Ed. A short time later you’ll go to the tax office, which is not too far from the farm.

On your way you might encounter some wild animals, so make sure you have a weapon like a revolver with you. Since the animals often hide in the bushes, they can also attack you from ambush. So try to run as fast as you can and keep your weapon handy at all times. You can easily kill coyotes with the axe you got from Ed.

4) You died.

Dying is not bad in Wild West Dynasty, but it’s not exactly optimal either. If you die, don’t worry, because you’ll be resurrected in the wagon where you and your mother crashed. Ed’s farm and the tax office are therefore not far away and you can quickly run back there. So build your buildings near the farm if you don’t want to cover such long distances after the resurrection.

5) Wild West Dynasty tips: Take care of hunger and thirst

Just like in real life, you need food and water to survive in the game. However, it is relatively easy to get food in Wild West Dynasty. For example, there are bushes everywhere where you can pick berries to satisfy your hunger and thirst. You can also use a rabbit trap to get meat and fur.

You can cook the raw meat or eat it raw and use the rabbit fur to make a bed. However, eating raw meat can lead to poisoning, as mentioned above. You can also dig wells or use the well on Ed’s farm for free.

Survive in the Wild West with PLITCH

Thanks to our numerous Wild West Dynasty tips and tricks, getting started with the game should no longer be difficult for you. If you find yourself underpowered, you can use PLITCH’s Wild West Dynasty cheats to make your experience more challenging. For example, you can reduce your experience and skill points, or limit your food to 50% and 25% respectively.

Of course, you can also use the codes to make the game easier for yourself and progress faster. You have the option to permanently avoid poisoning or receive infinite health and food.

Happy Gaming!