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10 Xenonauts 2 Tips and Tricks to Get Started

  • from PLITCH
  • 12.06.2024

Already with the first part, developer Goldhawk Interactive delivered a great game. The sequel continues the path of an alternative story in which the Cold War never ended and aliens threaten the Earth. In our Xenonauts 2 tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to manage your bases and soldiers and how to fight battles.

1) Get a third plane

The first thing you should do after starting the game is to place your base in a suitable location on the strategy map. After that, go to the base menu tab and build yourself a training center and another hangar. You’ll need the latter to order the production of a third interceptor.

Xenonauts 2 tips: Get a third plane

Although you won’t see any shortage in the left menu, we recommend you upgrade your air fleet right at the beginning. This is necessary so that you can cope with the dangerous UFOs of your alien enemies. They can be quite annoying, especially at the beginning, and require some shooting attempts.

2) MARS unit tips

By far the most important unit in Xenonauts 2 is the MARS combat platform. To be able to build it, you must first research combat vehicles. The platform costs $5,000 to maintain as well as a one-time $250,000 to manufacture but is definitely worth that money. The same applies to the guardian cannon, which you should order after the MARS unit.

To do this, go to the Technology tab and click Start Production. The construction will take 4 days and 23 hours. However, in the end, you’ll get the most powerful unit in the whole game, which you can equip with a missile turret or a heavy armor-piercing cannon. It will effectively support your troops and take a lot of work off your hands early on.

3) Xenonauts 2 tips on soldiers and their stats

The first column in the soldiers tab shows you the number of health points they have. These are given in absolute numbers. For example, 100 health points equals 100 hit points. Basically, you should never hire a unit that has less than 40 health points. Usually, a well-aimed shot from the invaders in Xenonauts 2 is enough to kill them.

The second column with the time units is also important. These are your action points. Xenonauts 2 is turn-based. The more time units a soldier has, the more he can do per turn on the battlefield. Precision indicates your accuracy. If one of your soldiers has low precision, give him a weapon with a high scatter effect (e.g. a shotgun).

4) Replacing your soldiers

A defeated soldier can’t be resurrected in Xenonauts 2. So you’ll have to think carefully about every step you take in the combat missions so that you don’t lose anyone. Your initial squad consists of seven riflemen, one heavy fighter, one shield unit, one sniper, and two assault units. There are two reasons why this setup is unfavorable and should be changed.

On the one hand, a single sniper is far too few, and on the other hand, you run the risk of losing your assaulters on your first command. Therefore, exchange them for snipers at the beginning by changing their status in the Weapons tab. Of course, you should add assaulters later on. However, while you’re new to the game and unfamiliar with combat, it’s better to have your people shoot from cover.

Alternatively, instead of hiring two snipers, you can hire just one and make the other attacker a marksman. Both classes are good for the early enemy types.

5) Get additional soldiers

No matter how good your tactics are, the game will always throw you a surprise. To be prepared for the worst, extra soldiers are key. One of our top Xenonauts 2 tips and tricks that will keep you from quitting the game early is to have more soldiers in your military organization than you send into battle per mission.

As units come back wounded or even dead, you can replenish your battalion. It’s best not to send the same soldiers into battle all the time, but to rotate the rosters. Xenonauts 2 is a role-playing game, after all, and in order to be armed against the alien threat in the long run, all units need to gain experience.

6) Building layout tips

In the first tip, we recommended that you build a training center right at the beginning. Other buildings that are essential at the beginning are the medical center and the research center. Research is the most important pillar in the strategy game to advance and make progress for humanity.

Some buildings get bonuses when placed next to matching structures. So your layout should be adjusted accordingly. Build hangars next to hangars, shelters next to shelters, etc. This will increase the efficiency of your base. When you build a building type for the first time, it’s a good idea to leave space to the left or right of it so that you can collect the bonus when you build the same unit later.

7) How to increase your income

Money makes the world go round. This is also true in the alternate history of Xenonauts 2. At almost every point in the game, you won’t be able to afford everything you want, and you’ll have to prioritize your investment plans. However, in order not to limit yourself too much, it’s important to maximize your income. You’ll be at a disadvantage against the aliens from the start. They are more powerful and more advanced than you. You must compensate for this disadvantage as best you can during the game.

Make sure you keep researching things and skills that generate monthly income. Xenobiology is one of them. It brings in an extra $240,000. It’s also important to keep an eye on your terror level. Basically, you shouldn’t spend a dollar frivolously, but always consider if what you’re about to buy is really needed or can be postponed until later.

8) Defense systems are a must

The components of your base in Xenonauts 2 are destructible and sooner or later the aliens will start shooting at it. So you definitely need defense systems to keep your losses as low as possible. However, you should not overdo it and always maintain a reasonable level.

Instead of completely filling the slots of a base, it often makes more sense to build another one. It’s best to coordinate your buildings so that you get the most neighborhood bonuses from each base.

9) Good armor is important

Cleaning up crash sites is a dangerous endeavor in any biome, and your soldiers have limited health. Good armor will increase their tenacity and the likelihood that they will return from the mission safe and sound. Of course, effective armor is also important for combat. However, we recommend that you focus on the armor first and then improve your attack stats.

Early in the game, it’s not as important to kill enemies with as few actions as possible. Instead, you’ll want to make sure you survive the battles. Early on in Xenonauts 2, you’ll encounter enemy types capable of killing most of your companions with a single attack. Be prepared for this.

10) Other combat tips

The battles in the game are merciless and depending on the tactics you choose, can quickly go in an unfavorable direction. So there’s no shame in saving often and reloading after a failed action to undo a mistake. It’s also wise not to use up all of your fighters’ time units. It can happen that enemies attack from ambush and you have to react quickly. However, if you use up all of your time units, your soldier will be a sitting duck for the aliens.

Use your environment to your advantage. Walls and many other things can be destroyed to influence the battle. You should also keep in mind that weapons have different firing modes. Experiment a bit to see which ones make the most sense in a given situation, and just reload the game if you make a wrong decision. That’s not a problem in single-player mode.

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