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11 Enshrouded Tips and Tricks For Beginners

  • from PLITCH
  • 02.02.2024

After a very well-received demo of Enshrouded, the Early Access version from German developer Keen Games looks like a graphically impressive mix of the survival aspects of Valheim and the puzzle elements of Zelda. In our Enshrouded tips and tricks, we show you how to survive in Embervale, which skills are important, what the Miasma is all about, and how to master the battles.

1) Build a survivor shelter

One of your first steps in Enshrouded is to build a comfortable shelter for yourself and the other five survivors. This will be your retreat and hub for questing and crafting for the next 50 to 100 hours (that’s how much content the Early Access version currently offers).

When it comes to design, you can be creative and free. The building menu is grid-based, and the individual elements can be combined seamlessly. You will receive a Rested buff if your avatar feels comfortable in your house. It’s best to plan the building as large as possible. This is because you’ll be setting up various workbenches, all of which must be within sight of your companions.

2) You’re not hungry or thirsty

Enshrouded is a survival game. However, your character won’t feel hungry, thirsty, or stressed. Therefore, you can fully concentrate on the essential elements such as exploring the game world, your quests, gathering resources, and defeating your enemies. However, there is food. This can increase your comfort level or give you various buffs.

Food is divided into three categories so that you can trigger up to three status effects at once. To make food, you take the raw ingredients to a campfire, assign them to your hotkeys, and then cook whatever your culinary heart desires.

Temperature also affects your comfort level. Use the campfire to warm up so your avatar doesn’t freeze. To rest, lie down in your bed at home and get some sleep. Side effect: Time passes 60 times faster during this time, so you can skip the dark hours relatively quickly.

3) Collect XP

You get experience points for almost everything you do in Enshrouded. This includes completing missions for the NPCs, mining with the pickaxe, killing your enemies, and more. As you progress, you’ll earn skill points that you can invest in your character’s talents.

There’s no weight limit, so don’t hold back when it comes to exploring. Take your glider to any area you can reach that is not deadly. Outside of a certain radius, all resources and enemies will respawn as soon as you enter the main menu. This allows you to farm any item as many times as you want if you need to grind.

4) Enshrouded tips and tricks: How to heal yourself

Unlike other survival games, sleep doesn’t regenerate your health in Enshrouded. And even on-screen death doesn’t completely replenish your HP bar. Instead, you heal yourself by using bandages or eating food. Search through all the crates and rummage through all the scrap metal to get bandages.

When used, they will restore 4% of your health every second for 10 seconds. Note, however, that the recovery process will be interrupted as soon as you take damage. If you choose to consume purple berries, you’ll receive 2% per second for half a minute. If you need to heal quickly or are in a combat situation, only potions will help. For example, a simple healing potion will give you 200 HP immediately.

To get potions, you must find the alchemist and add him to your party. By completing his quests, you will eventually unlock healing items that will not only give you 200 HP but 400 HP at once.

5) Important skills to start with

The Enshrouded skill tree is divided into several categories, which can be confusing at first glance. Since you only get a limited amount of skill points each time you level up, it is important to focus on the most important upgrades at the beginning.

As part of our Enshrouded tips and tricks, we recommend that you start by unlocking the Lumberjack and Mason skills, as well as other talents that make gathering resources faster and more efficient. In the Survival section, we recommend the Double Jump to reach higher areas more easily.

As for the Wizard, Tank, Warrior, Beast Master, etc. sections, it all depends on your personal play style. It’s best to think about which direction you want your skills to go in and then allocate your points accordingly.

6) Increase the size of your backpack

There is no weight limit. However, your backpack inventory will initially only have 24 slots for items such as plant fibers, yarn, etc. Items of the same type can be stacked as many times as you like. If you want to carry more than 24 items, you’ll need a backpack extension. This requires a huntress.

Once she’s part of your living community, you’ll be able to build a drying rack. You can then use it to make dried pelts. Kill wild animals in the area and skin them. Combine this with salt, using three parts of salt per unit of animal fur. Once you have four pieces of dried fur, you can increase the size of your backpack.

7) Enshrouded Tips for the Miasma

Much of Embervale is covered in a dangerous fog known as the Miasma. In the beginning, you can only stay in it for five minutes before you die. What’s more, there are powerful enemies within the Miasma that are out to get you. The world of Enshrouded is open and free to explore. However, the developers guide your path by making certain places more dangerous for you than others and only allowing you to travel to them once you’ve progressed far enough in the story.

As part of the story, you’ll have to travel deeper and deeper into the Miasma until you reach its core. To survive the journey there, there are several ways to increase the 5-minute timer. Firstly, there are the hourglasses scattered throughout the Miasma itself, and secondly, beacons can help you. The latter will recharge your damage-free time and also serve as respawn points if you die in the Miasma.

Other things you can do if you plan on spending a lot of time in the Miasma include taking special potions and upgrading your flame altar. These potions can be obtained from your alchemist. We’ll get to the altar in a moment. But first, let’s talk about the blacksmith.

8) Get the blacksmith

The blacksmith is one of the most important NPCs in Enshrouded, and you should add him to your camp ASAP. To do this, follow the Find the Sleeping Survivor quest. You can always check the goal and content of your quests in your journal. The blacksmith will give you access to useful crafting recipes, such as new weapons, better armor, etc. He will also provide you with lock picks to help you loot your surroundings.

enshrouded tips and tricks: get the blacksmith

What’s more, the blacksmith can both improve your weapons and break them down into their components. Of the five survivors you can find in Embervale, you should rescue him first. After all, many chests and crates are locked, and it would be a shame to leave valuable loot lying around just because you don’t have a lockpick.

9) Fight at a distance

Compared to melee combat, ranged combat in Enshrouded is not only more effective but also less dangerous. Try to keep your enemies at a distance using your wand or bow and arrow, and defeat them before they get too close. Each attack by an enemy can cause a huge amount of damage, and every time you try to heal yourself, you use up resources.

In the first few hours of the game, you can craft the wand at a workbench. Its advantage is that it requires no ammunition, unlike the bow and arrow. Although it doesn’t do much damage, it doesn’t use up any of your stamina, so you can fall back on the dodge roll if an enemy gets a little too close. Even against the first mid-bosses, you’ll be well-equipped with the wand.

10) Upgrade the flame altar

Right at the beginning of Enshrouded, one of your main quests is to build a flame altar. It’s the foundation of your base and determines the radius in which you can build and the bonuses you receive. When you defeat the first boss in the game, you’ll receive a Shroud Core. This will allow you to upgrade the altar for the first time. But don’t stop there. Try to unlock the second upgrade as soon as possible.

Not only will you double your building radius, but you’ll also receive global bonuses for your character. To increase the flames, you’ll need a rare spark (which you can find on a beacon, for example) and various collectibles. Collect five units each of Shroud Liquid, resin, animal fur, red mushrooms, and bones. Once you’ve completed the upgrade, you’ll also be rewarded with an additional minute of damage-free miasma.

11) Unlock the rested buff

You may be familiar with the rested buff from similar games such as Valheim. If you have a comfortable roof over your head and are warm enough, your stamina will increase. This works similarly to the last two Zelda games and is essential if you want to explore.

For your home to be considered cozy, it must be more than just a simple wooden hut. Decorate the inside of your house with furniture and create an atmosphere that makes you feel at home. Once your character receives the buff, it lasts for twelve minutes.

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With our Enshrouded tips and tricks, you should find it easy to get started in Embervale. PLITCH’s Enshrouded cheats will help you customize your experience even more. For example, give your character infinite skill points to unlock all talents instantly. You can also replenish your health, mana, and stamina at the touch of a button.

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